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Piya Albela 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren apologizes to Pooja

Piya Albela 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naren telling Chandrika that car is waiting for Pooja. Chandrika asks him to ask driver to go, and says Pooja will go to Vyas Mansion to pack her bags. Supriya prays to God and asks him why did he make her son indebted to Pooja. She says she will hide the truth and is ready to tell 1000’s lies. Naren holds Pooja as she is brought out from the hospital. Chandrika says this is the last day for you in this car. Naren asks Pooja to come with him. Chandrika says Pooja will not go. Pooja says I will go and wants to see if this bullet benefitted us. Naina sees them wearing burqa and thinks she shall take advantage of the situation.

Ghanshyam and his wife asks Harish to get Rahul and Naina marry. Harish says it can’t happen as of now. Neelima convinces them. Supriya

says Babu ji will like it. Naina acts and recalls threatening Ghamshyam and his wife and sharing their plan.

Ghamshyam says Pooja shall not attend this marriage. Supriya says ok, this is my promise. Pooja asks Naren to stop the car and says I knew that press conference is an excuse. She gets down from the car. Naren says he lied so that he can talk to her. He asks if she wants to go far away from him. He asks her to look in his eyes and says I will get answers. Pooja says I needs answer for my tears, broken bangles etc. Naren sits down on his knees and cries. Pooja says it is too late now. She says I loved you, but not more than my self respect. She says Pooja is standing now, not your puja. Naren cries as she walks towards car. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji…..plays….She sits in car. Naren drives the car. Naren’s security guard smiles and calls Naina, tells that Pooja is very angry on Naren, he fell on her feet and cried.

Naina wonders what happened between them. She sees Rahul giving measurement for his clothes and says you are getting your kafan stitched, she will kill him and get his property. Rahul thinks he is marrying her wealth and not her.

Naren and Pooja comes home. Rahul says it is good that you are fine else our marriage wouldn’t have happen. Naina says behna and asks her if she will not congratulate her. Naren asks you both are happy na.

Naina asks pooja if she will not apply mehendi on her hands and says may be someone else will get your husband’s mehendi written. She shows her hand. Pooja wipes Naren written on her hand and says your love for Mayank was fake and today you have showed how serious you are for Rahul. She says she can be upset with Naren, but can’t let anyone get him.

Naren apologizes to Pooja and asks her to stop for their love. Pooja gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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