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Meri Durga 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Durga gets robbed

Meri Durga 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Durga seeing some men seeing Gayatri. She asks Gayatri to see those men. She asks her to keep her jewelry in bag. Gayatri says they will know it. Durga asks Sanjay and Neelkant to cover Gayatri. Gayatri removes jewelry and keeps it in kerchief. They come to some estate agent. The man says I know you, your house got auctioned today. Durga says yes, else why would we come here. The man says I can find any home. Gayatri says we want a small house close to sports ground. The man says it will cost double.

Gayatri says nothing is imp than Durga’s practice. The man shows the house. Gayatri says we like this house. The man says I will come in evening and take deposit. He goes. Neelkant taunts Durga over their fate. Gayatri, Sanjay and Durga try to be positive. Gayatri gives

her jewelry and says we have no other option, we have to give them deposit. She asks Durga and Sanjay to be careful and go. Yashpal sees Durga’s idol. Villagers praise her. Yashpal says we didn’t think Durga will earn big name. Dadi says yes, I didn’t think she will give us much peace. Durga says we will give house deposit, you love me right. Sanjay asks do you think of romance at this time.

She says yes, I m getting sure that you shouldn’t leave me, I don’t know decorating the house. He says its fine, I will help you, we will do everything together, give me bag, I will manage. She says no. He takes bag and says I m your slave, I m more like BF than husband. The goons steal the bag and run away. Durga and Sanjay get shocked and run after them. Durga manages to get back. The goon attacks Sanjay. Durga comes back. The goon snatches bag and flees. Durga and Sanjay get tensed. They come home. Gayatri asks for money. Durga says money got stolen.

They get shocked. Durga says yes, its stolen. Gayatri asks how can you both be careless, you should have taken care of money. She gets stressed. She realizes their wounds, and asks when did this happen. Sanjay tells everything. Durga says I couldn’t catch the goons. Gayatri says how can i forget this, just one person can benefit from our loss, its Purushottam, he had sent the man, we have to be careful and plan things to face him. Yashpal and Dadi see the news. They miss the auction news. The agent comes to collect deposit. Durga asks him to wait for few days. The man starts arguing.

Yashpal is made one of the panch. Durga shows Gayatri’s medals and smiles. Bhagat meets Yashpal and says Durga’s inlaws house is sold.

Update Credit to: Amena

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