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Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter -30)

A/N : I am very sorry once again for taking a loooooooooooooong break! I was engaged last month was busy with that and then cold and fever came my way all that fun stuff. Finally I am back but I can’t assure to update daily since you all know that I am getting married so I will disappear in between from time to time for it’s preparation and all that. Sorry in advance for that, Hope you guys understand.


Chapter 30 –  Locked In


Happy care Hospital 5:30 PM


Pragya, Sid, Raj, Divya and Bulbul are seen discussing still about their plan. A doctor came in to check Bulbul and said, “She is a little weak take care of her you can take her home around 6.” Pragya looked relieved, Doctor left them after telling some details about Bulbul. Pragya told Divi to take care of her and was about to leave With Raj and Sid. That is when Sid silently gestured Bulbul, Divi, Raj and Pragya something and started to speak *Standing up*, “So, here’s the plan listen carefully guys, but before that tell me something you know about Sneha?” *Moving backward towards the door which is covered by a curtain* He suddenly pulled a guy not older than 18 years in front of all them.


That guy struggled to escape from Sid’s firm hold, but wasn’t able to, he was held firmly by Sid in a chokehold. Finally, he gave in  *Sid loosens his grip* and said, choking, “ You can’t catch my sister this time, she has planned everything. No one can win my sister this time *ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha*” He continued laughing hysterically. Divya thought, ‘Is her whole family like this? Or is it just the siblings? Oh my! He looks scary.’ All Pragya could think was, ‘She pushed her young brother in all this mess? For what? Just for the sake of revenge? She can take revenge on me alone ok, but her brother. Why is she so mean towards her brother? Why does she want to spoil his life? And from the way he laughs, I think he definitely needs medical attention.’


The others looked shocked and dint know what to say, even the most talkative Bulbul went mum and dint utter a word. Sid was the one to break the silence and he revealed that, “Ok, Now since we caught her brother, we can use him as a bait if she has something else planned. *Looking at that guy* I don’t think your sister would want to lose you too.” That guy’s expression changed from soft to terrified. Raj suddenly asked, “ I have a doubt, is there anyone else left in your family or just you two?” That guy smirks and said, “Only us! But my sister is enough for you all. She will kill you all, and I will never give her a chance to worry about me.” Raj thought, ‘Thank God I don’t want  this to be a saga continues…’


The Godown (Aaliya and Sneha) 6:35 PM


A secluded place covered by steel truss at top and various empty boxes is seen scattered around. Aaliya is positioned in between fully loaded boxes in rows of 6 and 3 columns, creating an illusion of being in between few towers (not pointed ones). Dark yet arranged with few fluorescent lights so that the surroundings can be seen clearly. The place where Aaliya is placed has a light above her head and illuminates only her, the surrounding tower’s silhouette alone can be seen.


Aaliya looks at Sneha who is seen walking to and fro impatiently waiting for Pragya to arrive, she hears a Car’s halting sound, then followed by a pair of footsteps running towards her. She comes face to face with Pragya and walks swiftly towards Aaliya and places a knife on her neck from behind and says, “Welcome Ms. Pragya Welcome aboard! Here to meet Aaliya ? Here she is in my hold and you must definitely be knowing that I have a knife to her neck right now. And you are five minutes late I was thinking of injecting the poison into her, but I dint want to miss the show. You know if it is in front of I would enjoy your reactions. Now it’s time for him to arrive, where is he? My dear Prince. You know I have a fully loaded Gun too with me so no funny business.” *Showing a gun with her free hand*


A voice is heard saying, “Here is your prince.” and two person’s silhouette is seen nearing Pragya. Pragya could only say one word, “Abhi” And Aaliya who saw this said, “Bhai! How could you do this? You brought him here? Why Bhai? Why?” Abhi replied with tears tracing his cheeks, “Because I Love you Aaliya.” Sneha sighed and said, “Stop! Enough of your emotional drama, now since Pragya is here and also my Prince *Looking at Abhi* you can take your sister from here.” She took a syringe filled with poison and injected Aaliya and untied her. Aaliya ran towards her brother and hugged her tight.


All this while Aaditya dint utter a word to Sneha or anyone else, Sneha found that something is fishy and thought, ‘My brother should be here by now, where is he?’


Pragya slightly moved backwards and reached Abhi and whispered in his ears, “Her brother is in our custody, we need to leave soon before she realizes her brother is missing.” Abhi replied, “Wow! My dear Fuggi, you did all that? Anyway an ambulance is waiting just a 10 minutes walk from here and police will also arrive now.” Pragya’s eyes widened and said, “You! How dare you play with Aaliya’s life like this? If she comes to know about that? She has a freaking Gun Abhi she might shoot us or shoot Aaliya.” Abhi replied, “How do I know that, that crazy woman owns a gun?” Aaliya replied, “ So typical of you bhai.” *Rolling her eyes*


Sneha tried calling her brother so many times only to hear a single comment, ‘The number you are trying is switched off.’ She was desperately trying to reach her brother. Here Abhi, Pragya and Aaliya are moving backwards inch by inch so that they can escape from Sneha. Aaditya shook Sneha and showed her their movement, she just smirked and said, “Not so fast.” Abhi, Pragya and Aaliya could hear the shutters come down and close the Godown completely leaving all of them inside it. All 3 were puzzled about how this could have happened? That is when Sneha showed them a remote and said, “This remote is used to open and close this Godown my Father owned this *wiping away a lone tear from her left eye* He still owns this.”


Outside the Godown


Raj, Sid along with Sneha’s brother are hiding conveniently behind an overgrown bush. When they heard the sound of shutters, rolling down, Raj and Sid are shocked and dint know what to do about it. Sneha’s brother, let out a chuckle and said, “I told you guys she has planned everything and you dint believe me.” Raj, who was irritated by him smacked him on his head and said, “What did you say, except for the fact that she has planned everything? Nothing, right? Then how would we know the danger lurking behind this?” Sneha’s brother was about to give a reply, but Sid stopped them and said, “Come let’s go.”


Sid and Raj were holding Sneha’s brother on either side and stood in front of the Godown staring at a camera. Sid held a pocket knife on Sneha’s brother’s neck and motioned the camera to open the shutters. The shutters opened up immediately letting them in, Sid held Sneha’s brother strongly in his vice grip along with a pocket knife to his neck. Raj followed Sid and Sneha’s brother towards Sneha to find Aaliya, Pragya and Abhi tied to 3 chairs and blindfolded. Sneha immediately closed the shutters and said, “Suhaar.”


A/N : Thought to finish off this Godown scene in this update but what to do my Dad came and asked, ” what are you doing ?” and I had to say, “Just staring at my laptop screen.” There ended the update.


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