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Letter To Brother About Her Boyfriend By TuttiFrutti

Dear Bro,

    I know you are missing your Twinkle  so much but it’s matter of only two weeks then I am coming with my boyfriend Kunj , surprise na I know you must be tensed after reading this but trust me he is carbon copy of you lil shy lil naughty lil protective towards me but not more than you, you gave me all freedom never try to stop me until it was dangerous for me today I take most important decision of my life “TO CHOOSE PERFECT BOY FOR ME” WE are dating from last one month , I met him at during Job Training…Bro I am so happy don’t know how I will say u face to face so I am writing here.

  • He will never be the “perfect boyfriend”.
  • He is sometimes impatient.


  • He is sometimes low in effort.


  • He is sometimes hard-headed.


  • He sometimes take Me for granted.


  • He sometimes make me feel that I am unwanted. 
  • He feels sorry that he cannot be the boyfriend that I expect him to be.


  • He feels sorry that my expectations were not met.


  • But I trust him, because he is trying.


  • He is trying to be enough for me.


  • He is doing his best to make me feel special.


  • He might not be an ideal boyfriend any girl would love to have, but surely he will not give up on ME.



I am coming soon…see you soo Bro….Love You so much & Don’t be jealous of him !!


                                                                                                                          Only Yours


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