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Laado 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej refuses to remarry

Laado 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka and her team keeping the man in the pit. Man asks them not to do gundagiri and behave like girls. He says we can talk. Anu says you would have thought about this before locking Santu in cupboard.. They cover plastic on the pit and walks off. woman tells Anu that they have reached there on time else Santu would have died. Jhunki says there might be many women who are tortured, we have to be careful. Anu recalls Rantej torturing her and says I have to start from my home.

Meera tells Malhari that she tried to woo Rantej, but he didn’t touch her and behaved as if she is a stranger. Malhari says you are useless woman who can’t woo your husband and asks her to go and drown in water. She says it is written in Shashtras and asks her to die. Meera asks what to do? Malhari

says my son hates you and his destiny is broken to marry you. Anu comes there and suggests that they shall get Rantej remarry with whom he wants to have baby. Meera asks what are you saying? Anu says we shall end this matter for once and all. Malhari laughs and tells Meera that Anu has ruined her. She asks Rajjo to get girls’ pics and kundalis.

Anushka tells Meera that this is the best way to get rid of Rantej. Meera says that she loves Rantej and is sure that he will love her one day, although he has interest in other women. She says it is her mistake and she couldn’t understand Rantej. Anushka asks her to stop it and tells that it will be good if she better understands.

Rantej plays arm wrestling with a man and is about to lose, but Malhari comes and holds his hand. Rantej wins. Malhari says he is the real man of Veerpur. She asks him to come home and says there is a surprise at home for you. Rantej says he don’t want party. Malhari asks him to come and says nobody can make you lose.

Meera comes to Yuvraj in office and tells about Anu’s suggestion to Malhari. She says girls came with their fathers. Yuvraj is shocked. He comes home and asks what is happening. Malhari says it is Anu’s idea. Anu comes and confirms it. Yuvraj asks girls and their fathers to go. Malhari tells him that Meera is useless for him. She asks girls and their fathers to have something. Rantej comes home. Malhari tells him that she has selected girls for him and they are all virgins, whoever you select, I will get you marry that girl. Rantej gets tensed and asks what do you mean?Malhari asks him to select. Anu thinks tell fast Rantej that you are not a man, all Veerpur shall know. Girls give Intro. Rantej asks them to stop their nonsense. He says I….and recalls romancing with Trisha and then undergoing procedure in unconscious state.

Rantej says I….loves my wife Meera very much, she has named her life for me. He says I have done many mistakes, but will not do again. Meera cries happily. Malhari says you don’t like her. Rantej says you will not get bahu like Meera even if you search with lamp. He asks Meera to come to room. Rajjo asks everyone to leave. Anu talks to her team and says Rantej stopped while saying. Yuvraj tells Anu that you might have understood by now and thanks her. Meera thanks Rantej for respecting her. Rantej says you are innocent and asks when she will get some mind. He pushes her to the wall. Meera gets hurt.

Rantej, Tej and Ranvir come to the cave and confess to each other that Trisha have made them impotent. They see blanket there and realizes Anu is behin them. Rantej says he will kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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