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Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Real robbers break in Luthra’s house

Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Karan tells Preeta that she gets tear eyed in every little matter. Preeta laughs calling him as a great actor. Karan says he is hero for every girl, only Preeta likes that Prithvi. He conditions that if Preeta calls him – The Karan Luthra as his hero; he won’t call Prithvi a bearded goat again. Preeta agrees. Karan calls a waiter and tells Preeta to begin. Preeta genuinely says that Karan Luthra is her hero, then regrets having said that. They share an eye lock with each other. The waiter takes a permission to go. Karan tells the waiter to announce in front of everyone that Preeta called him as hero. Preeta forbids him tell anyone. They have an argument over the matter. Rishab comes to stop the argument, he makes the waiter leave. He asks Karan to come with him, Preeta calls him a crazy person

who must be locked somewhere. He is genuinely ill mannered.
Dadi shouts Rishab and Karan for help while she was gathered and held hostage by the robbers. They clutch her mouth tightly and attempt to remove his mask off. She successfully runs outside the room. The robbers decide to loot on the whole house now.
Rakhi decides to go and look for Dadi and Rishab. Dadi comes running downstairs and tells Mahesh about robbers in the house. The robbers had run downstairs and held everyone at gun point. They instructs to shut the windows and doors of the house. Sherlin and Prithvi were happy about it. Shrishti thinks about calling police. One of the goons spot her. Shrishti was offensive but the goons snatches everyone’s phone. Prithvi murmurs to the goons that their acting is on point, the goon thinks he seems to be crazy. Prithvi thinks he never expected these bribed robbers to act so well.
Rakhi requests the goons to spare their guests. They hold her and Mahesh hostage, they warn if anyone takes a step forward he will fire a shot and kill her.
Upstairs in the room, Karan was curt over Preeta and decides not to help her, she always show him an attitude. Rishab says he is right, it has been proven and Kareena also says so. Karan changes his consent. Rishab laughs at him, and says he can’t bear a single word against Preeta. Karan thinks why he feels bad when someone speaks against him. Karan says he is confused, why this happens to him. Rishab tells Karan that he considers her a true friend, and they can’t hear a single word against her. Rishab shows a gift to Karan and asks about his consent. Karan doesn’t like the design, but says its right for Sherlin. She doesn’t deserve any better. Rishab asks why he is taunting over Sherlin. Karan thinks he is afraid she will ruin his life. Rishab warns that he will do the same with Karan’s bride to be. Karan taunts him for being too nice. They go downstairs.
The goons checked on everyone’s bags and cellphones. Rishab and Karan were shocked to see Rakhi crying and pleading in front of the goons. They run downstairs to help. Kareena warns the goons against hurting her family. The goons fire a gun shot. Mahesh calms everyone down and allows the goons to take away anything, but only behave well with the ladies. As the goon warns to kill Rakhi if someone interferes in their work, Rishab charges over him. Mahesh furiously holds him back, joins hands to everyone and allows the goons to take away everything.
Prithvi asks Sherlin if he must show his heroism to them. Sherlin says he must move on when they go to Preeta.
Prithvi’s hired goons arrive at the Luthra’s house. They discuss if the gun seems to be real, as they were fake. They watch Karan’s photo as they have to beat him today and wear masks before entering into the house.
Prithvi signals the robber to go towards Preeta. Janki wonders why Prithvi is signaling the goon. Prithvi thinks that everything look real, the robbers must hurry to Preeta. Prithvi was now worried that they aren’t doing what he instructed them to, he will cut their price. He decides to whisper In the goon’s ear so that none can realize.

PRECAP: Sarla slaps the goon for touching Preeta. He attempts to attack Sarla with a stabber, but Karan holds his hand and points a gun towards him .

Update Credit to: Sona

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