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Kasam 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj questions Tanuja why did she leave Rishi

Kasam 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Tanuja coming back home and Maasi to tell her if she needs anything. Myra says it is good that you came. Door bell rings. Tanuja opens the door and asks Rishi to go. She sees Raj and asks him to come. She asks if everything is fine. Raj says we came to see AK’s maasi. Servant takes them. Tanuja gets upset with Rishi and goes. AK comes there. Rishi asks him if there is CCTV anywhere in the house. AK says I need to talk to you. Rishi says there is all life to talk and takes him. Raj meets Maasi and says he came to see her. Rishi comes and greets Maasi. He gives her flowers and says why did you fell from stairs so that I meet you. He laughs. He asks Tanuja to make tea for Raj.

Tanuja goes to kitchen and thinks Rishi says anything without thinking and make her embarrassed. Raj

comes to her and says I know Rishi troubles you a lot. He says I came to talk to you. He says when you left, I tried to ask you, but you gave me promise asking me not to ask you anything. He says if you respect me then you shall tell me. Tanuja thinks if she tells the truth then Raj and Rishi’s relation will get bitter and thinks to hide it. Rishi comes there and sees Tanuja upset. He asks what happened? Raj asks him to go and says he is talking to her.

Raj says I don’t want to talk to you infront of everyone and asks her to tell why she left home. Tanuja says whatever she thought right, she has done. Raj says vanvas got longer and asks her to return. Tanuja says I will always be your daughter, but can’t return in that house. Rishi thinks Raj has stolen his time and says he will talk to her. When AK comes and says just 2 mins, I don’t hate you as I don’t want to upset her. Rishi says I am cute and good, but I will always dislike you. AK says we shall be friend. Rishi refuses and misunderstands him, says your birth is wrong. AK tells Myra that he tried, but….Rishi comes to Manpreet and says Raj is not letting him talk to Tanuja. Tanuja tells Raj that she can’t tell him anything.

Rishi comes to Tanuja. Tanuja asks him to go and asks not to irritate him. AK comes there and says sorry. Tanuja asks why you are saying sorry. Rishi says he is asking her, but she is not saying. He says you don’t know anything. AK says Tanuja knows everything. Rishi says she scolds you all day, isn’t it. He goes.

Raj tells Rishi and Manpreet that Tanuja is hiding something from them. Tanuja thanks AK. AK says you feels good whenever someone talks nicely with Rishi, it shows on your face.

Tanuja tells Rishi that Rano was dragging Natasha out. She tells Natasha that Mr. Handsome is her father. Natasha gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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