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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul loves Gauri

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Namrata getting glad that she will get money and also nine shivling. She says I will become the powerful woman, I will become Lord, I can get even Rahul’s love. She smiles. She sees Aditya’s pic. Jeet gets scared seeing dogs. The man says its your imagination. He informs boss they will reach soon, no one is following them. He says boss is foolish to get after these stones, and Jeet is seeing dogs, don’t know what happened to him. Jeet sees dogs. A truck speeds. They get shocked. The truck hits the car and kills them. Dogs sit guarding the shivlings. Raghu reaches there and gets shocked seeing the disaster. He sees the men dead. He gets a shivling and thinks where are other shivlings. Yashpal reaches there and says hands up, your game is over. Raghu turns and

gets shocked seeing the dogs. Yashpal says you used to torture me, right. He shoots Raghu. Raghu gets caught.

Namrata comes to meet Rahul and asks where are you planning to go. He says my work to come here is over, so I m planning to do city, don’t worry, still there are some days left, Preeti isn’t talking to me. Preeti asks what will I do if he doesn’t answer. She tells Namrata that Rahul was going to tell her whom will he marry, whom does he love. Namrata asks Rahul to tell Preeti. She smiles. Rahul says fine, I will keep my promise, you know I m foolish, you have to go and talk to that girl about alliance. Preeti asks who is that girl. He says that’s Gauri. Namrata gets shocked. Preeti asks what, pujari got Gauri’s alliance some days back, he won’t refuse, I didn’t tell you as you didn’t wish to marry. Namrata cries. Rahul hugs Minty. Namrata says Rahul loves Gauri, why, he refused to me, its fine, I will get Rahul by those shivling, you will just take my name.

Raghu gets treated. Inspector says some master ji is calling him. Yashpal answers the cal. Namrata scolds him and says why didn’t you get shivling. Yashpal says sorry, I will get it now, where are you. He says Raghu is in custody, along with shivling, surrender to police, I will try to lessen your punishment. She gets angry. He asks inspector to trace the call. Namrata says control, I was doing big mistake, police caught Raghu, I have to solve this matter before.

Preeti takes Rahul’s alliance for Gauri. Pujari gets happy and welcomes them. He says I will start marriage preparations. Preeti says we want to make Gauri our bahu and take her to city, Rahul wants to marry in court. Rahul says Gauri has devotion, so I want marriage to happen by rituals, I don’t want to force my opinion on her. Gauri looks on. She says sorry, but the situation isn’t right, everyone is falling ill, I truly love Rahul, but I can’t marry now. Pujari says what are you saying. Rahul says Gauri is right, we won’t talk till things get fine. They leave. Namrata sees a truck and thinks her work will be done. She stops by and throws her phone inside the truck. She says Yashpal can’t reach me.

Yashpal asks constable to be alert. Namrata comes to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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