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I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 40

Here i’m with 40 episode hope so you guys will like it. If you do so than you know what you have to do dears

Ignore spelling, grammatical and typo mistakes


Aarohi” Anu jaldi aao na”

Aarohi voice brings Anika out of thoughts she step ahead ” with broken soul.

Song plays

Tere Bin Ho Na Sakega Guzara
Mil Bhi Gaye To Bhi Tay Hai Kinara
Na Doori, Na Nazdeeki..
Na Doori, Na Nazdeeki….

Dev” come sit”

Anika” walk near her highlighted seat stares it”

Shivavy” passes flying kiss to Anika”

Aarohi” Anu come sit .What you are thinking?”

“Anika passes from the back of Aarohi. Settle next to Vanhi stealing gazes Aarohi”

Hai Agar Tujhse Juda Hona Kismat Meri

Hai Agar Tanhaaiyaan Hi Sohbat Meri

All faces gets black and white and gazes Anika with shock

Dev” open his palm colors fall down”

“Vanhi Anni what you are looking at me. Can’t i sit with you? Anika cracking but still with compose voice reporting to her”

Vanhi” smiles offcoures beta you can and i’m so happy”

“Same as Anika Singh Rajput is Anni” Anika speaks out in taunting voice

Aarohi” close her eyes to control her tears”

“Anni i think they are waiting for GSR shankarji to come and serve breakfast to them. But ASR is not waiting for ANYONE so think we both should start our breakfast” Anika rise her voice.

Vanhi” beta but jiji…..( Anika stop her for saying more”

Anika “Anni why you care for others just think about yourself now i can’t take it more i’m hungry”

Shivavy( thinking)” why you are doing this with yourself Anika why giving this much pain to yourself. Why??

Anika( thinking)” why you people can hurt me than why not i hurt myself?”

Vanhi” Anika beta! What you will have see jiji cooked Aloo puri for you”

Anika” And what you cooked for me?”

Vanhi” pancakes”

Anika” then i’ll have pancakes you know i really like pancakes because i hate that Aloo puri it’s so tasteless”

Aarohi” eyes gets watery”

Chanda” Anika what you are doing?”

Anika” kya chanda humnaye kya kiya? Anni you ask your jiji have ASR done anything wrong.

Aarohi” Nope!

Anika” see you got your answer”

Dev” about to leave but Aarohi press his hand stop him and others”

All with mosit eyes having their breakfast except Aarohi who’s gazing Anu”

“Anni my hand aching will you please feed me” Anika place hand on Vanhi cheek”

Aarohi” turns her face to other side as she can’t see Anu closeness with Vanhi

Vanhi” Anika beta why you didn’t told me before”

“Anika staring Gayu rudely” exactly why you didn’t told me before

Gayu” knows what Anika talking about they feel sorry for hiding truth from Anika”

Vanhi” Anika beta open your mouth and have it”

Anika” open her mouth eats first bite from Vanhi hand and gazes Aarohi stealingly with pain visible from her eye but still hard like rock”

To Lo Ho Gaye, Juda Tujhse
Khafa Khud Se

Aarohi” Dev! Let me get tea for you saying this Aarohi stepping from there but glancing Anu and Vanhi with watery eyes”

Vanhi” open you mouth Anika”

Anika” i’m done Anni. She moves near Aarohi and in composing voice speaks.

I came two minutes before but as Anika Singh Rajput and by end of sixth minute the story of that duffer Anu from where it took place today it ended

That’s what i’m Anika Singh Rajput”

All stood up from their seats with shock

Aarohi” foot get fix with floor after listening that”

And one more thing ” Aaj ap k honaye yeha na honaye say humaye koi farq nahe parhta.

Aarohi” pull Anika close to herself” koi farq nahe parhta?

Anika” Nahe”

Gauri” Anika di kyun kar rahi hai yeh sab”

Anika” kyun k humara zameer maar kuch hai GSR

From now onwards you are going to call me by my name Anikaaaaa”

Aarohi cup Anika face ” what’s troubling you? Anu”

Anika remove Aarohi hands close her eyes tightly “who you are to question ASR?” she shouts at the top of her voice. Anika start having headaching but she keep herself ASR.

Shivavy” Anika don’t shout”

Aarohi” you are question me that who i’m to you?

Anika” No…t..hing” saying this she in full anger stepping out of mansion.

Ab Na Milenge Tujhe Hum Kabhi

Devi g” Anika beta”

Lady” smirks ufff uff jo kal tak chand aur chandi thy aj grahan ho gay” she smiles and text someone

Dev” fone beeps he gets shocked reading it shouts Anu and runs out”

Scene shift outside mansion

Anika” with heavy heart stepping towards car she’s about 20 step back from car when car blast boommmmm. It fly high up in the sky and then again with the huge thud landed on ground”

Shivavy” shouts Anikaaaaaaa”

Anika” falls on the ground”

Aarohi” gets numb to her place”

All run to Anika except Aarohi

“Shivavy hug Anika tightly ” Anika are you fine? Shivavy pressing Anika in him

“Anika stealing gazing Aarohi” she faints in shivavy arms”

Shivavy” takes her in arms walk in”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Anika” laying on bed unconsciously”

Dev” getting angry just once that person comes infront of me i will give this much pain that who ever she/ he will plead for death but i won’t give death.

Someone is continously playing with my life last night too she was targeted and now again”

Chanda” dev uncle why you don’t send her out of country for sometime till you don’t find who’s after her”

Dev” No! The mistake i did years before i won’t repeat it again. She will stay close to me ,my life now. Aarohi is here nothing will happen to her.

Chanda” dev uncle! Yeh phir say kaal ka din bhool gayi hai”

Dev” main kya karu chanda? Agar main Aarohi ko sab sach batata hoon k Anu nay khud k sath kya kiya hai toh woh is ko nahe chhodega”

Shivavy” what’s the problem it that it will be good if Maa pull her ears now”

Dev” No!

“Shivavy put hand on dev shoulder” sab theek toh hai na?

“Dev hug him tightly” cries

“Shivavy glances Chanda shockingly rubbing dev back ” Anika theek toh hai na? Shivavy question dev.

Dev” her anger is increasing day by day shivavy if it will continue more than ” ls ki yaadein chali jaye ge aur yeh khud ko bhi bhool jaye ge”

“Shivavy breaks the hug ” Dev uncle what you are saying. He say in anger tone

Chanda” why you did told us before”

Dev” jeet gave me time of this week Shivavy.” Dev keenly down

“Shivavy too kneely down” why you hide from me?

Dev” i don’t want to trouble you kids. I know shivavy you are SSO but for me you are kid too for months you have suffered alot you are too away from your family, business and staying here with us and i don’t want you to suffer more.

Shivavy” why you both father and daughter are like this? Both hide their pains from us and tries to concer happiness for other alone.

Atleast if you both want to be the ruler than make me commander of yours”

I know i’m not stonger like your daughter but i’m not weaker too it’s only that your daughter makes SSO falls on his knees otherwise this world falls for me”

Dev” i’m so……

“Shivavy stops dev from futher saying” jab tadibaaz beti k baba hai toh sorry kyun bol rahy hai.

“Chanda eyes filled with water” And me solider”

Dev” smiles”

Shivavy” day by day getting weak nor eat properly i tought seeing maa she will recover faster but she is still the same.

Chanda” shivavy! She stealingly gazes aunty g. Today when she was in your embrace i saw her she was gazing aunty g”

Shivavy” where’s Maa?

Dev” she’s in her room”

Scene shifts to devohi room

Why Anu gets angry? I question all but none telling me anything everyone saying don’t stress her and when she shouts ,dev immediately say don’t shout Anu.

Did Anu meet with some accident that she’s bandaged? But it’s just accident dev or anyone has simply said that but no. When ever i question about that all swtich the topic.

Is that someone before too tried to kill my Anu? And dev is not telling me about that person.

Or is that Anu tries to commit suicide? No it can’t be my Anu is not this much weak that she will try to do suicide.

Shall i question my princess and doll about their di or maa g?

Aarohi closes her eyes tears cover her cheeks

I didn’t knew it that your life is still in danger guru maa was right that you will have to face problems if i didn’t perform that puja. Anu i went far from you for your good but see i never reached their and all your life became puzzel.

I wish i’ve could take all your pains and give you all the happiness of this unverise.

Anu please for once hug your maa and give peace to my heart that’s dying without you. Everyone is here but i only want you my Anu only mine.

After few hours

I had nothing with me accept this all my life that i spend away from you but this give peace to me more than peace it showed me light in darkness “you know why?” Beacuse this became you for me. I always kept it close to myself as i was close to you close to my heart.

People always question me about this” that why it’s so important for me”? But i was all lost than how can i justify myself? And i only use to say “YES IT IS” but didn’t knew why it was so important just important for me.

I feel myself incomplete without it when it’s not with me i felt i’m not with me.

You knew it i can’t sleep without you so you give it to me i didn’t told nor i was fully awear about this but yes” IT HAS THE SAME TOUCH” that you have.

You know today for the first time still you where there but i chose someone else instead of you.

But you tell what should i do? Seeing you only that whole moment flashes infront of my eyes and i can’t control my anger.

I was pleading you not to go but you without looking back into my eyes free yourself from me and went so far from me you for once did look back that i was standing for you.

But you made yourself away from me that i got far from myself but still you were so close to me but look my two rupees fate that today you are so near to me yet i’m so far.

You know I don’t know why it’s happens with me? I don’t want to get angry but my anger is getting on my nerves…….

Screen freezes

( note:make your guys whats happening)


Percape evil face to be reveal. What will happen after this. Will Rajputs and Oberoi’s will be able to protect Anika.


Thanks for your comments and likes dear. I know many are disappointed but just two epsoides more and you will get you will get your khirkitod Anika back with her nok jhok with Shivavy and her security for her maa”

Thanks to all active and salient reads i’ll try to update next one as soon as possible.


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