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Ek Deewana Tha 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Sharanya fight

Ek Deewana Tha 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shiv apologizes to Sharanya for that day. I was so bitter with you.

Flashback shows Sharanya trying to say something but Shiv refuses to hear anything further. You know that my parents are dead and I am an orphan. Entire college knows about it. I am poor. This acting, this sympathy, these gifts are some charity right? I don’t want any of it. Keep it to your blo*dy self! I know that you want to tell me the same thing that every student of this college tries to say something. How do you guys do it? We will stay together forever? Let’s see what charity you brought for me. He picks the chocolate box. Am I a kid? Stuffed toy? What world are you living in? A pen would have been better than roses. Who did you say this to last year? This year it’s me and next year it would be someone else.

This is with you rich people!

Sharanya slaps him. I thought you are only rude but you have crossed your limits. You know why you are alone? It isn’t because of the fact that you are 6 feet 4 inch tall and different from others or poor! It is because you lack emotions. You fight with people. You think I have said to someone before you and will say it to someone else after you? For your kind information, I haven’t felt this way for anyone before. I liked you the moment you helped my dad for the first time. I liked you then also when I spoiled your shirt during exam. You could have complained but you dint. I liked you when you were helping me to save the cat. I fell in love with you every single time. I feel alone whenever you are absent. When you removed thorns from my hands, you actually took my heart! You say it is still not love? I used to fight with Vyom whenever he would say anything ill about you. I only wanted to see you. My week went well whenever you speak nicely to me. I cry when you get upset with me. you call it timepass? You wont understand the pain as you do not have feelings or heart. you will remain the way you are! You don’t want anyone to love you! I am sorry. I made a mistake. First love and that too with the wrong guy! Thank you though for breaking my dream. You opened my eyes. I will take care of it in future. She turns to go but stops. Play is tomorrow. you can come only if you want or it will be ok. This Heer will manage it without the Ranjha! She leaves. Shiv looks stunned. Flashback ends.

Shiv apologizes to Sharanya. I made a very big mistake that day. It was the same day 3 years ago. She nods. You felt guilty afterwards so it is ok. Sun is about to set. Shiv takes her leave but she requests him to stay for tonight. Shiv is helpless. She offers to come along but he tells her against it. There is very less time left. Just pack your bags. He vanishes before he can complete his sentence.

Shiv reaches the lakeside. The mysterious woman is struggling with the chains. Shiv paces by the lakeside. This is so strange. This place pulls me towards it daily. Why is it such an important part of my life? The mysterious woman walks around the room. Shiv thinks there is surely some connection of this place with him but he cannot quite figure it out yet. The lady looks at a photo. It’s been 25 years but the wound is still fresh. I am at peace seeing you in pain. I feel there is God. You have begun to get punishment for your karmas. The son, who you think to be the key to your bright future, is the biggest reason of your doom, Rajan Bedi. Karma is a b*t*h Rajan and its coming to bite you! She throws the photo away and laughs.

Vyom thinks of sudden change in Sharanya’s behaviour. I don’t doubt you but your intentions are different always. You played your move. I could have lost to you but how can I let that Shiv win?

Sharanya calls Aditya and tells him to follow her instructions. I have to plan something for Vyom on Valentine’s Day. He agrees. She ends the call. Sharanya thinks I said it for Shiv’s sake that I wont chase proof but how to give up so easily after coming so far! I have to go but only after getting your killer punished! Tonight will be the night of decision. All the secrets will come out today. Vyom will either be proved the killer tonight or Vym will instead kill me! Whatever it may be, this will be the last night of the blo*dy game.

Sharanya is packing her bags. She looks at a parandi and gets emotional. Shiv notices her thus. Are you thinking of that day? I hurt you so much that the pain is still there? She turns. You get hurt from the words of those you love. I was no less. I handled the play on my own! He nods. Everyone saw that.

Flashback shows Sharanya presenting the story. One lover kept waiting while the other one wont turn up. Ranjha wont come. She wipes her tears. He dint come even after knowing that this love story will be incomplete without him! Maybe that Ranjha does not need this Heer.

Vyom thinks this was the same night 3 years ago. I cried that day but I wont cry again. I will send that Shiv so far away from you that he wont return in your life ever!

Flashback shows Vyom deciding to propose Sharanya on Valentine’s Day. Now only I will be Sharanya’s Ranjha. I have got roses from all the shops in the town. No one has roses now. I can get her anything. Roses are nothing. I will go down on my knees and propose Sharanya – Vyom loves you very much, so much that he can do anything for you.

Vyom thinks this is Vyom and Sharanya’s story. Only the ghost will die in with this story. And they lived happily ever after. I was dreaming of spending my life with you but you have killed me instead!

Sharanya says that Ranjha does not understand anyone else’s feelings. Heer may give him flowers or gifts to confess her love but he would throw it all away. He couldn’t read Heer’s eyes. He found it all to be a lie. Maybe he could not understand her love. No problem. Today’s Heer is very strong. She will live without him. Her Ranjha wont come. She cries. She looks at the door with hopeful eyes and Vyom enters. He thinks he will confess his feelings to her in front of everyone. Now no one can come between us. He walks up to the stage when Sharanya looks in the other direction. Shiv enters. Sharanya smiles whereas Vyom is disappointed. Shiv says how your Ranjha could not come. Everyone claps and shouts at Vyom to move aside. Vyom steps back in shock. Shiv says you are right. Ranjha could not read her eyes as his eyes were only filled with hopelessness. He couldn’t understand the happiness coming his way. It taught him to live again and filled his life with life again. She tells him he came late. This Heer has left. Shiv holds her parandi. Vyom mutters that Shiv shouldn’t snatch his madness from him. Sharanya is only mine!

Vyom breaks the mirror. That was just a play where you made Shiv your life and threw me out of your life but tonight will be different. That Shiv will have to get out of your life for forever tonight!

Precap: Sharanya asks Vyom what he can do for her. You love me right? You can even die for me right? He nods. She asks him if he can also kill someone for her sake. He nods. She asks him if it was he only who killed Shiv. Vyom accepts killing Shiv.

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