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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohini confesses being the culprit in hiding the passport

Dil Se Dil Tak 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Teni comes to Mohini and asks whom she must doubt. Mohini says she is clueless, Teni promises to come to her with a proof now.
Bharat returns home and makes up that his flight was delayed. He asks if Jalpa’s trainer didn’t reach. Jalpa says she was also waiting for him. As the trainer reaches home, Bharat points towards the stress over his face and sends her to bring tea for him.
Teni says she wants the finger prints of Passport’s thief. She asks Parth to try and trace the finger prints from the passport. Parth was ready to speak to commissioner. Dada ji says Teni is suspicious of the whole family, who can be responsible for this. Teni replies that it’s the same person who wants to break their relation. Parth qualifies that its Teni’s concern to keep the family safe. Dada ji agrees.

Parth speaks to the inspector and informs that forensic investigator would soon be here. Teni notices Mohini’s nervousness, and says they must appreciate Mohini. Mohini gave Parth the suggestion to look into the drawer, now police would get the culprit. Mohini was afraid to hear the police. Teni says whoever it was ruined her plan. Now she will get that person punished for sure. Mohini was afraid of being locked up. She fells on her feet and apologizes Dada ji, confessing her crime. Baa was furious over her, but she accepts her mistake. Dada ji shouts that they only wanted to testify the three, they didn’t intend to create misunderstandings between them. Mohini says she only intensified the testimony, what was wrong in it. Dada ji blames her for creating tension in the family.
Parth says Mohini is elder but she left them in shock today. Shorvari says everyone in the house must have blamed her if she didn’t reveal herself. She had turned Shorvari into a criminal. She only wanted a relief from her and Teni’s argument. This could have brought distances between the three, if Mohini intended to break their interesting relation. Mohini thinks their relation isn’t interesting, it’s sinful. Mohini accepts that her innocence always get her killed. She boasts about showing how strong Teni and Shorvari’s relation is. Dada ji was angry at her for not being able to see how it hurt their children and wasted their vacation. Indu complains Mohini for destroying the peace of family. Baa curses Mohini for being relieved at other’s pain. What she has done today cannot be forgiven, she crossed her limits and the whole Bhanushali family could have shattered. Dada ji curses Mohini for considering relations as toys and playing with them. Teni agrees that Mohini did all wrong, but at least it’s shown today that no one can create misunderstanding between them three.
Bharat winks at the trainer when Jalpa brings green tea to serve everyone. Bharat complains to Jalpa for not serving him with any snacks. He sends her to get papra and biscuit. Jalpa calls it all really fatty. Bharat looks towards the trainer, he agrees to take Papra. Jalpa agrees to go and bring Papra. Bharat mixes a pack of medicine into Jalpa’s cup of green tea.
Shorvari tells Mohini that she has hurt her, but she must never mistake again to consider their relation as weak. She and Indu are real sisters; she and Teni aren’t true sisters but hold a strong relation connected by hearts and their relation would also live until this heart beats. Mohini thinks its their time, but soon it will be her time and she won’t let their interesting relation to end for long.

PRECAP: Mohini decides to make the whole Bhanushali family suffer for her insult. She tears a photo and decides to break their interesting relation just like this photo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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