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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti resembles Aunindo.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena says why did you do this,vibhu says shut up this chair had screwed our lives,Tiwari says can someone tell me what had happened,anu says you were behaving so weird,vibhu says yes you I’ll treated me and not just once but many times,anguri says I have no issues with what you did to him because you two are 24*7 troubling each other but you slapped my daddy and he is hurt and I’m too,tiwrai says oh god,don’t worry I will go and apologies and do a thing organise a party and call daddy and I will apologise him there,vibhu says me too,Tiwari says yes,anu says cmon let’s go now.

In the party,boys ask why is this party for,Vibhu says apologies for last few days,happu says good,Tiwari walks to them and says everyone I apologise to everyone for al that I did past few days,happu

says in the floor bend and apologise,Tiwari bends,anguri and anu walks,anguri asks what are you doing,Tiwari says they asked me to apologies this way,anu says this isn’t fare he is sorry,vibhu says really he I’ll treated us specially me,anguri says he didn’t do,it was Mukherji.

Daddy calls anguri from the gate,Tiwari and anguri rush to him,Tiwari touch his feet and request him to get in,vibhu offers him a drink,Tiwari says daddy I’m very sorry,anu and anguri say please forgive him,daddy says look at my face look how hard he slapped me,saxena says very bad,Vibhu says you are right,anguri says daddy please,daddy says ok on one condition if he falls in my feet and apologise,Tiwari says ok and does so.

The lights starts blinking,happu says looks like electricity problem,Mukherjee gets into Tiwari and he slaps daddy again.vibhu says oh both your cheeks look same now.daddy gets angry and leaves.all look at Tiwari and he says Aunindo and mishti what did you do and leaves.saxena says my dada is back.tiwrai goes and sits on the chair,anu says oh no chair,Mukherjee says begin the rehearsals.

Anu anguri and Vibhu in a office,anu says he is a old man he must be here,a old man walks in,and says sorry I was late I was at gym,Vibhu says at this age,he says I also go swim and run too,anguri says prof we are here for some info on Director Abhinit Mukherjee,prof says we were friends,we struggled together but he married a producers daughter and then turned to director,anu asks what’s her name,prof says mishti,anguri says Tiwari keeps saying this name,vibhu says and aunindo too,prof says aunindo and mishti had an affair,Abhinit had given aunindo break in a film and big light fell on him and he died,anguri says sad and where is mishti,prof says meet mishti she is in Kolkata she will give you more info about Mukherjee.

Mishti water plants,anu anguri and Vibhu walk to her,Vibhu says this old lady sings so well,anguri and Vibhu start discussing about sweets,anu says Vibhu stop wasting time go talk to her,Vibhu says ok and walks to her and asks can you please tell me about mishti,she says I’m mishti and looks and Vibhu and says my aunindo,vibhu says no I’m Vibhuti Mishra,she says come with me,anguri says why did she call him aunindo,anu says let’s find out.

Anu anguri and Vibhu look at an album,vibhu says Aunty oh no,mishti says I’m not your Aunty I’m you girlfriend,anus and I’m his wife,mishti says aunindo you got married,Vibhu says you are mistaken,anu looks at the pictures and so so similar just moustaches missing.

Mishti says in 1960 I married abhinit and he was directing a film with me and aunindo was my hero.


Aunindo and mishti acting,Abhinit says mishti your hero’s name is Shubhankar and not Aunindo focus,mishti says sorry dada,Abhinit says I’m your husband you call me dada,aunindo starts laughing and says oh mishti you got so nervous,mishti says sorry and calls Abhinit love,aunindo says mishti take it easy.

Pre cap:anu says i have a plan let’s dress vibhu as aunindo and send him to Tiwari.
Vibhu and aunindo walks to Mukherjee.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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