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Badho Bahu 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli drinks Bhaang

Badho Bahu 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Komal says everything is done. Malti ji asks her to tell Bharpayi to bring laddoos. Komal applies colour on her to wish her Holi. Malti ji reciprocates in similar manner. Kamla ji asks Komal to bring herbal colours for her. I don’t want anyone to apply any other colour on my face. Malti ji sends Bharpayi to bring it. Komal and Bharpayi wish each other Holi first before Bharpayi goes inside. Pinki ji joins them. Komal applies small dab of colour on her nose. Kamla ji asks her about the oil. Pinki explains that she applied oil to protect her skin from colours. Lucky calls out for Komal and she heads inside.

The Panch’s wish Raghubir ji and Kailash ji Happy Holi. Komal also wishes them Holi and takes the bucket of water inside for Lucky. A kid drenches Ex-Sarpanch ji.

Lucky tells the

kids to take as much colour or water as they want but no one should be left today. The kids nod. Komal keeps the bucket there. He is about to apply colour on her when she smartly tells him it isn’t so easy to colour her in his colour. He tells her he will do it for sure. She signals a kid who throws water on Lucky with his Pichkari. Lucky teases the kid who runs away from there. Komal applies colour on his face. He diverts her attention thereby managing to put colour on her face. She smiles. I was giving you a chance you know. He smiles. Titli watches Komal and Lucky talking. I don’t know why I can say thank you when everyone can say it so easily. She tells herself to stop all the drama and thank Lucky today.

A kid comes to ask Lucky to give him balloons. Lucky teases him for throwing them on him only but fills his Pichkari sweetly. Titli comes there. Lucky mumbles that he told Komal to keep this Kabootari away from me. She asks him if he said anything. He declines. You came here. Say it. Titli thinks to thank him and leave. Lucky teases her and so does the kids. Titli fails in saying thank you to Lucky and ends up taking a packet of colours from him. Lucky says Happy Holi. She smiles but he tells her she is saying it to the packet in her hand. She makes faces.

Titli reprimands herself for not being able to thank Lucky. Komal and Lucky talk to each other daily. She practices saying thank you when 2 guys say you are welcome. They tease her and try to apply colour on her face but she slaps them. I turned your faces red without applying colour. Say thank you to me now. You ruined my mood. She heads in another direction. One of the guys decides to teach Titli a lesson for daring to slap him.

Komal is in the kitchen. Teji and Pragya come there. Pragya tells her she isn’t doing the right thing. You aren’t playing Holi with me. It is wrong. She applies colour on Komal’s face. Komal smiles in relief. She wishes Happy Holi to them and hugs Pragya.

Payal thanks Ahlawat Family for taking such good care of her and her mother. Happy Holi. Kamla ji says we dint say / do anything and you are thanking us already. Payal tells her she will say it now. I have become businesswoman and I don’t waste a minute. Thank you in advance. Malti ji says welcome to her (in advance). Payal asks her mother if it is too dark here that she is wearing her shades. Payal’s mother does not want the colour to go in her eyes. Kamla ji says who will throw it in your eyes.

Pragya compliments Komal. You know how to bring smiles on everyone’s face on Holi. We have learnt it from you only. They apologize next for popping the idea of shifting to a new house. Pragya requests Komal not to let Lucky create any issue of it. Komal assures them about it. Have faith in your life. Bharpayi comes to tell Komal that Payal Bhabhi and her mother are here. Komal applies colours on her face and rushes outside. Teji thinks it is good that both Pragya and Bhabhi have understood things the way I wanted to.

Komal meets her Bhabhi. Payal tells her she is a businesswoman now. Kamla ji asks her about her business. Payal proudly tells her this business will continue till she is alive. I have chosen to do wedding business. Pragya and Teji join them. Payal looks at them pointedly and remarks that wedding is not a game. It is done for lifetime. Pragya wishes her Happy Holi. Payal replies and asks for Vardaan. Vardaan greets her just then. They wish each other Happy Holi. Payal tells him not to worry about anything now. I am here. Everything will be fine. He nods. Komal goes to bring sweets. Payal looks at Pragya and then nods at Vardaan.

Rana tells Jitesh to make amazing bhang this time. Jitesh assures her that the sky and earth look alike after taking this bhang. Their friend warns them to be careful. Hope no elder or kid gets hold of it. Jitesh says it is ok. We will simply say – Bura Na Maano Holi Hai. Rana coughs after drinking thandai. He tells Jitesh to fix it. It is thick.

Payal asks her mother to remove the shades. Payal’s mother tells her not to get angry on her for no reason. How will your business surface when Vardaan is about to be divorced! How will people trust you? Payal assures her now that she is here, she will not let the divorce happen. Payal’s mother says any girl would be ready to marry Teji. I already know of such a beautiful girl. Payal asks her about the girl when her mother takes her own name. Payal looks at her in shock.

Titli is asking everyone about Lucky. She drinks glasses of bhang wali thandai and looks at Lucky. Her vision is blurred. She falls while walking and Lucky holds her. She is unable to stand still with her eyes open.

Precap: Lucky is with Titli. Latthmaar Toli is here. Lucky ties Titli to a tree and goes to enjoy Holi. The same guys who got slapped by her earlier. Lucky reaches there in time and beats them. Titli thanks Lucky for saving him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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