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A True Love Story Never Ends (Anrica, Amiel, Ragsan) Chp: 13 Party Time:2


Nahum and Veronica’s first meet.

Beginning of Ragsan relationship.

Alex’s entry.

Andrew’s growing concern for Veronica.

Nahum confessed he had crush on Veronica.

Amber and Daniel finally decided to talk to their parents.

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Chapter 13:

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Ragini’s POV:

I was standing near the floor processing what Sanky has just said. I was shocked to hear such things from his mouth. Suddenly, one hand was on my shoulder. I got afraid and turned to see whose hand was that.

“Sanky. You have freaked me out.” I said and take sigh of relief.

“Oh sorry baby doll. I didn’t mean to do that.” Sanky said.

“So what are you doing here?” Sanky asked out of nowhere.

“Ummm. Ac–Actual–Actually. Just random thing. Why you wan to know? Would you have something to do with it.” I said trying to hide my nervousness.

“Nope. Not at all. But why are you stammering?” Sanky asked.

“Actually we are talking normally like this for the fast time that to in such environment like this. So I became little nervous.” I said trying to hide my nervousness.

“Just leave it. I think we should spend some more time together. So would you like to have some drink?” Sanky asked me.

I nodded my head and walked with him. As we reached the bar Sanky and I settled on one chair far from Veronica’s chair.

“Red wine or White wine?” Sanky asked me.

“One Tequila please.” I said and looked at him. His mouth was hung open.

“What? Haven’t you think that I can also drink.” I said looking at Sanky.

“Umm. Nothing actually I am just shocked to hear that from you.” Sanky said.

I just smiled at him and received my Tequila, Salt and Lemon.

“So, what do you think about me?” I suddenly asked feeling an urge to know what he thinks about me.

“Umm. Like what?” Sanky said getting nervous.

“Nervous. Sanky and nervous! Oh my. I mean to say what do you think about me like how’s my nature is ? or how I am as a human being?.”I asked.

“I have told you that girls like you are meant for love. And about nature I haven’t seen girl like you till now except two girls.” He said.

“Who’s this two?” I felt something burning inside me.

“Who two?” I asked trying to hide anger which is occupying my mind.

“Duh. Veronica and Amber.” He said.

“Oh.” I felt so relief inside me. I don’t know what happened to me at that time but something was not okay for me.

“Why what have you thought?” Sanky said.

“Oh nothing. Just thought how this flirt can have this much deep feeling about girls.” I said.

I  looked at him and felt so stupid that why I have brought that topic now. But the very next moment

“Haha. Actually even I have a heart.” He said and looked at me. His gaze was intense. I felt like I will burn by his gaze only.

“Sorry.” I just say and looked into his eyes.

“It’s ok.” He said and softens his gaze.

“Ok come let’s go to Veronica.” I said diverting the topic as I felt some weird feeling arousing in my stomach.

“Wait.” He said and hold my wrist and stopped me.

“Yeah.” I said.

End of Ragini’s POV:

Veronica’s POV:

“Haha.” I laughed joined by Nahum.

“That was so silly of me.” I said.

“Even me too.” Nahum said.

“We fought in canteen, lectures, reading hours and what not?” I said.

“Seriously.” Nahum said.

“Would you mind asking me something to you?” I asked.

“Sure.” Nahum said.

“Is it true that you had crush for me in high school?” I asked but in the next moment I regret it.

“Who told you?” He asked.

“Angie.” I said.

“Honestly, I had.” Nahum said.

“Is it?” I asked curiously wanting to know that does he seriously done  over me.

“Honestly no but I think I will.” He said and I was little bit stunned.

“Yup. Maybe.” I said and smiled with confidence.

“Want another Tequila?” He asked diverting uneasiness between us.

“Yup sure. Handsome, give me another shot. And yeah give me more salt and lime wedge.” I told to Alex.

“Do you have a crush for anyone in high school?” Nahum asked out of blue.

“Yup I have.” I replied.

“Who’s that lucky guy?” He asked.

“Umm. Some special one I guess.” I said.

“Then also if you want to tell?” He forced me little.

“It’s Andrew.” I said and closed my eyes.

“What? Lucky me.” Someone from behind said and chuckled.

We  looked behind and that’s…

“Andrew.” We both yelled at the same time.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Andrew’s POV:

When I came to bar to accompany Veronica I found Veronica and Nahum talking to each other while laughing loudly. Something burned deep inside me. I don’t know why? Is that jealously?But when she took my name when Nahum asked her that who’s her High-school crush. Something inside me felt so happy.

“What? Lucky me?” I said from behind. They both looked at me and said in unison “Andrew.”

“Yup.” I said sitting on the right side of Veronica.

“So are you serious? Like Veronica Johnson had a crush for me.” I said being little bit dramatic.

“Yup. You both were bad boys of the high school. But you were more kind and loving and helpful according to me.” Veronica said.

“Thank you.” I said with little blush.

“In my dreams.” Veronica continued.

“Haha. White lies.” Nahum said and chuckled.

“Very funny.” I said and rolled my eyes.

“You know we both were right that you were total bada**.” Nahum said.

“Yup.” I said.

“What? Seriously?” She said and pouted little.

I don’t know but suddenly I felt urge to kiss that pout of her but I can’t. I don’t know why I am getting this kinds of feeling?

“So what’s the reason for crush?” I asked.

“Honestly there were no other choices left for me. So I have to choose you. Haha.” Veronica replied.

“Is that so?” I said and crossed my arms around my chest and looked intensely in her eyes.

She was laughing but suddenly stopped and looked at me. She was lost in my eyes maybe.

I can say  that my gaze affect her. I don’t know why but I like this effect of mine on her.

“Yup.” She said.

“No actually. You were the kind, helpful and loving bada**. So that’s why maybe.” Veronica replied.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah. As I was helpful and kind b*t*h. So, we were compatible. Haha.” Veronica said.

“Her laugh is so genuine. She has pretty laugh.” I thought.

“You know you have a pretty laugh.” I said and she stopped herself.

“Thank you.” She said and asked “Want something to drink?”

“Yup. White wine.” I said.

“I must say nice taste. Ok. Handsome.” Veronica said looking at bartender.

“What’s this?” I asked.

” Yup even I want to know from so much time?” Nahum asked.

“Oh. He is just my favorite bartender. You know every time he gives me any kind of shots and  if sometimes I overdo the shots he makes sure that I reach my home safely. So, he is like trustworthy friend. ” Veronica replied.

“Oh. Ok. That’s good.” I said.

“Yup. Thank you handsome.” Veronica said to Alex.

“Not needed beauty bubble.” He said.

“Is there some kind of story behind this handsome and beauty bubble?” Nahum asked curiously.

End of Andrew’s POV:


V:Actually one day I was sitting on the same seat over here. At that day I was so pissed of because I dumped my boyfriend sorry cheater boyfriend. I was just pissed off and want to have Tequila to forget everything.

Alex:So I was there and I figure out that she is pissed off. So, I thought to lighten her mood.

” So, what do you want pretty lady?” Alex asked with bright smile.

“Umm. One Tequila please.” Veronica said.

“Would you mind telling why this beauty bubble is so pale? Did someone burst it or what?” Alex asked.

“Yup. It’s horrible.” Veronica said and narrate whole incident.

“So here is the shot. Just leave that crap. Maybe that man don’t deserve such diamond.” Alex said.

“Thank you for lightening up my mood. I felt relaxed.” Veronica replied.

“Are you feeling alright?” Alex asked.

“Of course. When I have such handsome in front of me then how can I stay mad!” Veronica said and chuckled.

End of Flashback:

Andrew’s POV:

“Oh that’s the matter.” I said.

“So Andrew who was your crush in high school?” Veronica asked me out of nowhere.

“Ummm. I had a crush for a special girl.” I said and smiled little bit.

“Who’s that?” She said with little anger. Maybe she was jealous.

“I mean who’s that lucky woman?” Veronica asked curiously.

“Angie.” I said and looked at Veronica. She looked little sad.

“Seriously Angie!!!” Nahum asked.

“Angie’s friend. She is so pretty.” I said and looked at Veronica again.

She was still the same and said “Ohh ok.” I rolled my eyes and thought “Dumbo.”

“Wait! What? You have crush for Angie’s friend. That’s me.” Veronica said cheerfully.

“Finally tube light glows.” I said and chuckled.

“But seriously you had crush for me?” Veronica asked.

“Yup. Won’t you believe me?” I asked her with hurt in my tone.

“Nope. I believe you more than I do myself.” She said and smiled at me.

At that time I felt happiness rising in my body.

“But.” She began but cut off by Ragini.

“Hey Veronica.” Ragini said.

“Hi Rags. Come here.” Veronica said and began to stand up from her chair.

Am and Dany also came with Ezekiel, Micah, Jason.

“No. You sit over there only. I will sit over here.” Ragini said.

“Ok. Want Tequila?” Veronica asked.

I looked at Nahum and he at me and we both gave confuse look to each other.

“Stop it. You have already taken around  2 shots.” Sanky said preventing Ragini from drinking.

“Don’t care for us. We can hold around 4. Right Ragini?” Veronica asked her while I rolled my eyes.

“Made two more handsome.”  Veronica asked Alex.

“Handsome?” Sanky asked being confused.

“Yup. What’s this?” Ezekiel asked us being confused. While the rest also have the same look except Daniel. Duh he knew the reason.

“Will tell you all later.” I said diverting the topic for that time.

“Hey Ragini and Dany, do you know one thing?” Veronica began.

“What?” They asked in unison while confusion occupied in their mind.

“Somebody has confessed today that he had a crush on me in high school.” Veronica said and chirped.

I and Nahum both looked at each other and hit our head.

“Who’s that poor guy?” Ragini said and laughed.

“Yup. Who’s that unlucky fellow?” Dany asked and joined Ragini while we also joined them.

“Shut up. They are here only. They are Andrew and Nahum.” Veronica said and we both again hit our head.

“Whaaaatt?” Sanky began while other also joined them.

“They have confessed it today.” Veronica said.

“You know even I too have a crush on Andrew.” Veronica blabbered and all looked at me.

“What?” I said looking at every one.

“La la la la la……” All  started singing.

“Shut up.” I said being little annoyed.

“Ok now just cut this crap. We should go to dance floor.” Veronica said and dragged Jason and Micah with him.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Jason’s POV:

Veronica dragged me and Micah with her. We both were looking at her.

“Veronica. Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Yup. What will happen to me?” She said.

“Are you sure?” Micah said and stopped her holding her wrist.

“Yes. I am ok.” She said.

“I don’t think so.” Micah said.

“Even I too.” I said adding to Micah’s statement.

“Yup. Actually I feel little bit awkward when I found that Andrew too had a crush on me in high school.” Veronica finally said.

“Oh. So that’s the matter. What is wrong in this? Even you have had crush on him.” Micah said.

“Yup Veronica. It’s a common thing.” I said.

“Yeah I know. But then also finding that the person on whom you had crush also had crush on you feels different. ” Veronica said.

There was silence for sometime.

“Leave it and let’s enjoy on the dance floor.” Veronica said.

“Let’s enjoy.” I said and we three went on the dance floor.

End of Jason’s POV:

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End of Chapter

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Effect of confession on Andrew.

Entry of Micheal Martins

First Kiss…

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