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Would Anami-Adhiraj’s love track in RKC interest you?

Star Plus’ Rishton Ka Chakravyuh brings many dramas filled with conspiracies, cheats and battles. After much chaos in Lal Mahal, Anami has returned to take revenge from Satrupa. She holds the latter responsible for planning the attack on her foster parents. Anami wants to punish Satrupa for her huge mistake. Satrupa gets away from everything with ease. She doesn’t know Anami’s intentions to return home. Anami decides to wait till she turns 18. She wants to leave Lal Mahal by her consent, going the legal way. Anami protects her friend from Lal Mahal’s plotting. Anami is grateful to Adhiraj for protecting her and keeping her family safe from Satrupa’s sight.

Anami and Adhiraj plan surprises for each other. Anami will soon learn about Adhiraj’s feelings for her. She will be falling in a big dilemma over accepting his love or limiting their relation till friendship. Adhiraj is sure of Anami’s genuine concern and love. He will attempt to help Anami realize her feelings. The show will bring a love track. Anami and Adhiraj’s love tale will add more twists to the power-driven drama. Would Anami-Adhiraj’s love track in RKC interest you? Let us know your opinion.

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