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My Ideas About The Current Track Of YHM.

Totally this serial is dragging too much. If this dragging would have ended in a couple of days or maybe few weeks, I won’t say anything because it’s normal. But now this is too much. Now they are going to make Raman remarry! Seriously! This show is unbelievable!

1) Many sit back and watch a serial just to relax their mind. But after we ( yhm fans ) watch this horrible story line , our mind gets more troubled and dreadful ! Instead of getting relaxed we get a mental pain !

2) This lost memory track is so much dragging! Beyond it is the kidnapping track which is not yet solved! They have totally forgotten that Pihu was actually KIDNAPPED AND THE KIDNAPPER HAS NOT YET BEING CAUGHT. OF COURSE WE(fans) KNOW IT’S NIKHIL BUT NOT THE PEOPLE IN THE SHOW. They should have atleast given a clue to arrest Nikhil and give an end to that track. Even the police has forgotten this , wow amazing! A normal person like Nikhil can easily slip away from master trained police officers!

3) Next point is Raman loosing a part of his memory! Lol! He does remember he has a daughter but not even a single effort is done to think who her mom is! Is this realistic? How can Raman even say the word ‘ remarry’ without knowing who the heck he married before! Maybe Simmi is a witch who can control which part of Raman’s memory should lose ! What a logic .😈

4) Now .. these days the moral of this track is like this.

GOOD speaks to the EVIL :

GOOD:- I will never let you win. I’ll fight till my end . You can never win when I’m here .

EVIL:- Get away you idiot ! It was a long time ago. Now only evil wins. ( EVIL GIVES A KICK TO GOOD AND GOOD FALLS DOWN )

GOOD:-(crying) Ok then. Only this time? Agree?


Who has got a bad headache after watching this track? Raise your hands 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 Wah wah 💃💃 this show can make us ill too ! Supernatural!!

5) Next point is that the whole Bhalla family getting opposed to Ishitha except Romi. All of them used to praise her and she was their saviour. Ishitha did alot for them! She even risked her own life in that Sarika’s track! These Bhallas have forgotten all of them all of a sudden and now jumping saying , “You are no one in this house. Don’t even step in. GET OUT” . How could they? How could Mr.Bhalla and Mrs.Bhalla say these things. They are elder than everyone and so must have done the correct thing. They could have even get Raman’s memory back if they don’t get opposed to Ishitha. They will only remember if Raman forgets them too. The one who is in trouble only understands her pain. Not others!

6) Now , in future , if Ishitha takes back Raman’s memory, Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla will come to her! ( We can’t see even a small shadow of this thing happening right now )

7) A TV serial should have given more values to the present society but instead of morals what do we get? Nothing ! We get raged on anger for Simmi and Param ! And ha Mihika dear too !!!

8) This show was once a nice show which showed the mom and daughter bond between Ishitha and Ruhi. That was so realistic and heart touching and also had a good moral of mother’s love. But right now this show is giving morals like getting divorced, remarrying,and good ones suffering, good ones failing in each and every time, evil win all the time etc.

9) This track ran too far! NOW what does Mihika want by making Raman and Ishitha divorced? She has forgotten that Ishitha has helped her to come to Bhalla house! And as a retreat , Mihika is throwing away her own sister from Bhalla house! How very ridiculous! Sister’s love is not like this! How could it change suddenly!

10) Now , coming to Ishitha. She is a dentist and she is an educated person. She surely knows that Pihu and Ruhi are not safe in that Bhalla house. Ishitha has their custody right. So why doesn’t she take her children to her. At least then Raman will start thinking how she took his children like this. Then he might realize she has to be his wife. But UNFORTUNATELY , NOTHING WILL HAPPEN LIKE THAT !

11) Next if Adi and Ruhi really want their Ishimaa to come back, then at least they would have tried to make Raman remember Ishitha. In this only Ishu is trying to make Raman remember everything! Not even her children are helping her! Really sad of her state!

12) Raman’s stubbornness is even much more! Even if Ishitha tells him that she is his wife, he would never believe! I remember that once she told it by mistake, but he didn’t believe it before too so now it’s not a surprise even if he doesn’t accept!

13) After this Shanno’s track, Raman has become too harsh to Ishitha! And Ishitha is afraid that Raman would separate her and Pihu! How strange! She should not be afraid at this time! Not even Ruhi is trying to make Raman understand! Really had enough of this lost memory track! Raman has gone nuts!

Thanks for hearing this! Divyanka and Karan play their roles really well but just this dragging story line is destroying their talent! HAD ENOUGH OF THIS TRACK!


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