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A tribute to Neela Maa

Kudos to sayantani manisha for playing neela maa to us. I don’t know what the CVS are planning by killing such a beautiful character of neela.
Neela maa’s character will remain in the heart of every naamkaran viewer forever.

Guys please watch the vm. It’s beautiful and the vm is done by samitasays 22 who is twitter. I’m just sharing it here.

She was in love with her childhood friend and had a perfect dreams of happy family. Rich, independent and confident that was what neela parekh was all.
One day she was travelling in her car and it was quite dark when her eyes met another pair of eyes which was filled with pain. She could not see the face but could see the depth of pain in that eyes. She stopped the car to see the face of the child but she could not find her. That pain in that eyes captured her soul that’s how neela parekh met avni ayesha the first time.
Pain connected them together.
She got connected with avni and her pain. She helped her with all her heart to achieve her goals. She was heart broken when her best friend truth came out in front of her. She was ready to sacrifice her dreams for avni’s perfect family but destiny planned something else and she ended up marrying Ashish mehta . She still remained strong and went against everyone for avni and her ayesha.When avni’s mother died she was the one who took care of avni and amol as own mother.

She protected avni against cruel world risking her life. She was even ready to spare her father’s murderer for avni’s future.
After avni got shot by bullet ,she saved her fighting against death and became a mother for her a strong mother who would do anything for her daughter.
She took care of avni and made her both physically and mentally strong. The weak avni was replaced by a strong tigeress who would fight anyone with her courage.
Afraid that revenge would spoil her daughter’s life forever she forcefully got avni married to Neil and made a decision for her daughter. She played all types of games to make her daughter’s marriage work.
She received all accusations from nanno for using avni as a pawn in the revenge game but she stood firm in her decision and claimed her rights as avni’s mother.
When it came to her daughter’s safety she had crossed all her limits even it means putting her life in risk. Never did avni feel that she was her step mother. Whenever avni feel weak she was there with her to hold her.
She was the friend whom avni and Neil could confront anything .
she was guide who would show both avni and Neil right path whenever they took a wrong path in their relationship.
She was mother who supported both of them when they were emotionally drained. She was mother who protected her children like tigress does.
Neela parekh redefined step mother and is truly a nayi soch. The dreams which she could not fulfil for herself she fulfilled for her daughter. Avni was right when she thanked her mom for getting her married to Neil. Avni was right when she said that her identity is because of neela today. Bebe was right when she said that neela had made avni tigress who would fight the whole world because of her upbringing. Yes she was selfish for her children happiness. For her avni was always her first priority.

We are finally bidding a farewell to her. I’m in tears now. I had watched naamkaran from starting this breaks my heart. Neela and avni was the only reason I watched naamkaran before avneil entered. A character like neela is truly nayi soch. A mother is not who gives you birth but she is the one who makes you who you are today that’s what neela proved to the world. Maybe ayesha gave birth to avni but it was neela because of whom avni is strong enough to fight the world alone. Neela could have probably hated avni for breaking her house like most of the people assumed but she looked the other way and showered all her love on her.
Avni’s happiness was neela’s aim. She wanted her daughter to have everything which she could not have .
She was successful in her efforts. Today avni has everything which she carved for.
She is leaving her daughter and is going away with a smile on her face as she has the assurance that her daughter would not be alone now.

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