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Twin Love (Abhigya) SS Part 4

Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Jasmine and Jeya shree. CONTINUATION:   Abhishek and Abhinav enters the home. Pragya walk towards him. Abhishek is surprised and become emotional to see her infront of him.Meri ho na kaha tou hu naToh pher si kaho naHmm hm hm ah ha

Swaragini – HER Story (Few Shots) – Shot 38

Ragini made eye contact with Sanskaar and said-“In this universe, each of us are just mere specks.” “Wow, way to make the proposal romantic, this is just sad.”-Kunj whispered and Twinkle just gave his ribs a slight jab.  Ragini continued, without paying any heed to the weird looks she was getting from everyone.  “We are

Swaragini – HER Story (Few Shots) – Shot 37

Hi guys! I don’t know if you guys remember this story or me, but I’m updating anyway! Sorry for disappearing! Here’s a link of the previous shot:   “You aren’t just an upgrade Sanskaar, you’re everything.” *** Flashback  Ragini and Sanskaar were on their way to have dinner with his parents, sorry, their parents and


GOOD MORNING MY LOVELY READERS THANKS ALOT DEAR JASMINE sia anuva anu tanshi Thanks for all appreciation regarding last episode I hope u will enjoy all the twists n turns i have planned Thanks a tonne silent readers Recap-Harshvardan’s lawyer is unable to prove Harshvardan innocent during hearing Infact wasim too speaks against Harshvardan Harshvardan

Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 8)

Laksh removed his hands from her shoulder; he was looking at her keenly. Ragini stood there rooted. She as too shocked to react. She heard that thing from Laksh, which her always carved to hear from him, but she was sure that this will never happen. And now he confessed, he said “I love you”