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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: andhkasura is killed.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The episode starts with parvati opening her eyes in anger, she takes form of mata kali. There andhkasura says none of you gods could do anything to me, mahadev is angry. Andhkasura says mahadev, brahma dev and Vishnu dev tried, even you cannot do anything. Mahadev takes position and aims his trishul with anger. Andhkasura laughs and stands steady and says attack me. There mata kali comes running and she stands beside mahadev. Andhkasura gets scared but says no one can kill me, mata has come but you cannot do anything. Mata kali holds mahadev’s trishul. The trishul gets lightning and mahadev gets a new power, he looks at kali as she looks at him and smiles. Andhkasura is scared. Parvati walks with mahadev both holding the trishul. They walk towards andhkasura and then start running, they both

jump and thrust the trishul inside andhkasura’s chest. Andhkasura screams loudly with pain and his mouth opens, all gods trapped in his dark stomach come out. Andhkasura screams and becomes normal sized. He falls down. Mahadev and parvati pick the trishul and mahadev holds andhkasura on his trishul. Ganesh comes to mahadev and says father, andhkasura has been punished. Mahadev says to andhkasura, you will be punished dreadfully, I will keep you on this trishul until you bleed out and die. Mahadev thinks lord Vishnu telling him that now devi laxmi has come and everything is good so he should also bring back devi parvati. Mahadev looks at parvati and says uma! Parvati shows her hand and makes him stop, she then disappears. Ganesh is sad and thinks why is mother still angry? Mahadev is sad and shocked, he goes. Indra dev says to lord Vishnu, prabhu we shall go now. The gods go. Lord Vishnu and brahma dev look at each other and say we should go too! Both bless ganesh and kartikeya and go. Ganesh then has tears and kartikeya says brother don’t cry. Ganesh says no brother, I wanted to tell you before but I will tell you what happened between father and mother, ganesh tells everything how andhkasura is born, and parvati sent from Kailash. Kartikeya says so much happened. Ganesh says yes but mother has decided to pray to father and fight for the women in the world and she will go to Kailash only when he comes and marries her again. Ganesh says you tell her once, maybe she will listen to you.
Ganesh and kartikeya go to parvati who is praying to shiv ling. There mahadev goes and keeps his trishul aside on which andhkasura is there. Mahadev sits. Andhkasura says mahadev cant you see? I am in pain, leave me, do you want to show your disciples that you kept me alive for this? Mahadev says I haven’t kept you alive, brahma dev’s wish was that you die when each drop of blood would shed and to keep its decorum you shall die this way. Mahadev closes his eyes and starts meditating.
There parvati prays mahadev’s prayers. Ganesh and kartikeya go and kartikeya says mother, please listen to me, to be one family you need to talk to father. Ganesh says brother she cannot listen as she doesn’t even know we are here as mother’s prayers have gone to the final level when she wont even know we are here. There mahadev meditates and parvati’s mantras reach mahadev’s ears. Andhkasura listens and sees mahadev’s body shine, he listens to the prayer and says it is so freshening, it gives me peace. Andhkasura says I was blinded by my ego, I couldn’t see mahadev’s holy form. Andhkasura starts saying om namah shivay!

Precap: kartikeya tells mahadev father why aren’t you going even after mother’s harsh prayers? Mahadev tests parvati by leaving the water of ganga from his hairs onto her praying place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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