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Udaan 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor reveals truth

Udaan 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kasturi sending away Chakor. Suraj runs after Chakor. Imli comes to find Suraj. Kasturi says he has come to kill Chakor, I will tell everything to media and see how you win the elections. Imli asks the men to find Suraj. Chakor runs and recalls an old moment with Suraj. Chakor runs hearing Suraj shout. He reaches her. She gets tensed. He says you have run a lot, I would have reached you any how, you killed my dad, he will get soul peace when I kill you. He goes to stab her. She holds his hand and asks him to kill her. He says you have lied a lot, Imli has told me the truth. She says Imli had lied to you, she is a liar, ask me the truth. He refuses. She gets back. She finds a little doll and cries.

She says yes, I have killed Bhaiya ji, your dad, he was a devil, an animal,

he used to torture people, he bonded free people, he didn’t even leave children, he has broken our dream, he has killed our child, which was growing in my womb, recall our child, you were ready to buy everything for our child…. Suraj sees the doll and recalls the toys he bought. He lowers the knife. Goon hits on his head. He faints. Imli comes smiling. Chakor holds Suraj.

Chakor asks what did you do. Imli says I saved your life, forget him, his memory won’t come back, you wanted to play dangal with me, leave all this, I will go, I have to pray for my husband’s long life on Shivratri, I m so bad, I have hurt your weakness, Suraj doesn’t even want to see your face.

Chakor says thanks for reminding me about the Shivratri fast, I will keep fast for Suraj’s long life, I have total faith that he will get his memory back, then see what we do to you and Ranvijay. Imli greets her. Its morning, Chakor prays. Bhuvan asks her to go and have fast. Chakor says I have kept fast, I won’t have food till I keep bhog. Kasturi gives her an aarti plate and blesses. She says we have faith in you, don’t let this break. Imli does aarti. Suraj comes. She asks did you get medicine, I regret that my men have hurt you, I had no way to stop you, I know you want revenge, I know its tough to keep patience, you have to wait for right time, do you want me to lose this election. He says no. She says you will get chance to kill Chakor, I swear, you have to make Chakor lose in elections. He swears to not let Chakor win in elections. He goes. Ranvijay comes angrily and throws the aarti plate. He argues with Imli.

She says Chakor will die when I want, not you. She goes. He apologizes to Bholenath that he has thrown the aarti, but Imli deserves this. He recalls Imli’s words. He says Chakor has to die tonight. Chakor’s campaign goes on well. Suraj supports Imli’s campaign. Chakor and Suraj see each other. Suraj recalls Imli’s words. Chakor asks him to listen. He asks her to get away, it won’t be good if he loses patience.
Ranvijay says its Maha shivratri night, villagers would be busy, just get Chakor at the cliff. Suraj agrees and tears Chakor’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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