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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: A Plan For Aditya.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Baby D/Kanak continues walking on skywalk holding her mom’s photo and threatening to suicide to go and meet her dead mom. Aditya nervously shouts not to suicide. Harpreet/Uma asks Baby D not to jump, Aditya can let her speak to her mom’s soul. Aditya nervously says yes. In hospital, Maasi asks Palomi to look at her face once final time as her face will be changed after plastic surgery, she will not be able to prove Uma innocent after that.

Kanak continues acting and pulls up Aditya. Aditya shivers in fear. Harpreet gets baby D down and silently says their plan is working. Kanak drops photo on floor. Uma asks Aditya to pick Baby D’s mom’s photo. Aditya picks it and is shocked to see Palomi’s duplicate as Baby D’s mom’s photo. He tells Harpreet that he knows same faced girl and runs to stop Palomi’s operation. Uma tells Kanak that their plan is working well.

Aditya rushes to hospital reminiscing Harpreet telling to act as calling Baby D’s mom’s soul and present his friend as mom. He sees Nanda outside operating theater. Nanda says Palomi’s face is changed to this new face, showing photo. Doctor brings Palomi out. Nanda sees Palomi’s face intact and scolds doctor why didn’t he change Palomi’s face. He says he got a call to stop. Nanda asks who called him. Aditya says tell her whole story. Nanda says he is being fooled, the way Diana appeared in front of him suddenly and Harpreet’s similar face, Diana is fake and he is being trapped. She orders doctor to start surgery again. Aditya points scalpel at his neck and warns not to. Nanda says she will give him 1 day to prove himself right and orders doctor to perform surgery tomorrow.

Payal yells at Vansh that only 3 days are left for Uma to prove his innocence and Ved will lose his job after that, she will not forgive Vansh for helping Uma and Kanak. Vansh says Uma and Kanak are also her dear ones. Milkman delivers 50 liters milk and gifts handmade gajra/flowers for Saras. Payal gets jealous and thinks Vansh and Saras are getting successful each day, she has to do something. She spoils milk.

Precap: Kanaka and Uma hurriedly get busy disguising as Baby D and Harpreet when Aditya enters.

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