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Badho Bahu 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat family agrees for Pragya’s remarriage

Badho Bahu 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Komal tells everyone that Pragya still loves Teji. Kamla ji says has she (Pragya) gone mad. Did you forget what Teji did to you last time? She asks her husband his decision. Kailash ji seconds his wife. I am not in support of Pragya’s remarriage. Rana says if it wasn’t for Lucky I would have broken his legs and he wouldn’t have been standing her in front of us right now. He does not deserve it at all! I feel like burying him in the earth. Titli hears them fighting and wonders why they keep on fighting always. This house is never quiet.

Lucky says you (Rana) know how much I hated Teji. I could not even bear to see him but he has changed. He has realised his mistake and has also paid for it. I have only followed what Babu ji has taught us. This is why I gave him one chance. I want you

all to give him one chance. He asks his mother if she would not want to see Pragya happily married and settled in her life. Wont you want to see her happy? I would accept whatever you all will decide. Jamuna ji gives her acceptance shocking everyone. Pragya has every right to get whatever she wants. I am sorry for giving my opinion but she is just like Komal for me. She is like my daughter. Now that it is about her happiness, how can I keep quiet? I believe she can choose whoever she wants to see as her life partner. I have faith in Lucky. If he feels Teji has changed then it must have happened. I have no objection with Pragya’s choice. I apologize to you for sharing my decision but I feel this is what will make her happy. Rest is up to you as she is your daughter after all.

Vardaan speaks his point of view. I gave her the nod to marry Teji ji before everyone else. I don’t know what you are thinking but her happiness matters most to me. I wont let it come in between my wishes. Raghubir ji is proud hearing his thoughts. You care so much about Pragya even now. Our world needs men / husbands like you today. Society has only thought of what men want but has never cared about what women want. They too have thoughts and feelings. It is very important to know what they want. Vardaan and Lucky have taken that stand. He requests his brother to think from this view too. Kailash ji tells his wife to agree with this decision. They care for Pragya and wont think ill of her. Malti ji adds that everyone makes mistakes. We should give everyone a chance to rectify their mistakes. Teji should also get a chance. Pragya has a chance to choose her life partner. Give her that chance. kamla ji says I still feel Pragya cannot get a better life partner than Vardaan. Pinki also speaks in Teji’s favour. He should get once chance surely. Kamla ji says she is my daughter but I would not accept it that she marries Teji. If you believe she should then I will keep quiet. I will accept it quietly. Malti ji suggests doing their engagement on Mahashivratri. It is a pious day. Shiv ji will bless them. Pinki says it is a great idea. Pragya and Vardaan’s divorce papers will also come by then. Everyone goes quiet. Lucky says Teji will stay in the house till then. we will all get to know each other that way. Kailash ji gives in. Vardaan notices Pragya and Teji’s happy faces and withdraws from there.

Titli is speaking to someone about testing Ahlawat family. Pragya comes there to thank her for saving her life. Titli says you fought the real fight outside and inside the sack. You did the right thing. Why be afraid when you have fallen in love? Everything is fair in love and war. There is nothing other than love after all. Pragya promises her she will fight for her love till her last breath. Don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t saved my life. Titli suggests her to forget all this and get busy in her engagement preps. Pragya smiles shyly. I came to request you to stay till my engagement. I am not sure if my family will be able to fulfil the challenge given by you but please stay till then. Titli agrees. Your family will give up to my challenge before your engagement. Pragya calls her mad (cutely). You are mad but cute. Titli smiles sweetly.

Komal tells Lucky why he dint tell her earlier. Swelling would have gone by now. What are you thinking? He shares that he wants Prgaya’s engagement to happen smoothly. I am doing it all because of Titli. If she hadn’t saved Pragya’s life then! Komal nods. We will do everything and pass every test. Lucky says she is as smart as she is naughty. Don’t know what all she will make us do. Komal assures him they will do everything. Right? He nods. When does our Badho say wrong? He looks at her as she applies spray on his hand.

Malti ji and Kamla ji come to wake Titli but she has put pillows in her place instead. Kamla ji says that girl dint use to leave bed but this Titli left bed so early. Don’t know what she is and what she is doing. Malti ji says she should have told before going anywhere.

Ex-sarpanch ji requests Ahlawat brothers to let do Shivratri at their house like every year. Villagers want Komal to make Shivlinga using dirt on her own. They like the idea. Ex-sarpanch ji goes. Kamla ji points out that this would be a difficult time to get Pragya and Teji engaged today on Mahashivratri. Villagers don’t know about it at all. We would tell them about it at the right time. Kamla ji agrees. Malti ji suggests doing it asap. We will do it tomorrow. Kailash ji supports her. It will finish off both the things together.

Titli hears them. They decided it so happily that men will handle the outdoor tasks while women will manage the house. She speaks too straight forwardly to Kailash ji on his way out of the house. She gorges on the parathas. Kamla ji points out that they have kept fast on Mahashivratri. Titli says I don’t come between your beliefs. Don’t come between my hunger. There is no point doing puja on an empty stomach. Kamla ji mumbles to herself. The ladies get up to go when Titli offers to help them too. Kamla ji says Lucky will dig dirt. Malti ji and Kamla ji get up to go. Titli asks Kamla ji to eat something. No one will watch. Kamla ji walks away. Titli thinks to trouble everyone and enjoy.

Precap: Titli gets to know that her father is unwell. She decides to go right away. Pinki tells Pragya tells everything to Lucky. I want to get engaged to Teji ji in temple.

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