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Vani Rani 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Vani Rani 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Chirag packs Jia’s stuff. KAki says what are you doing. Chini says don’t stop him. Arjun says what re you doing. Nisha says he is removing the memories of the girl who killed babasa. Kaki ma forget it all. I know she came as light but she killed babasa. She wanted your property. Kaki says I can never think against Jia. Arjun says in heart I need to keep pretending. He says what are you here for? She says when babasa was with me he was alive. Jia killed him. Arjun shoves her out. Nisha says to Chiragh wont you do anything. Nisha says I will live in this house. she played this game for property so I have challenged babasa’s bail in the court. Till they announce verdict I will live here. She goes to her room.


Arjun is drinking. Babblu says stop drinking. Jia killed babasa thats sad. He says no she is trapped. I had to give proofs to police so I can pretend in front of Nisha.
Jia is upset in jail. She says I feel so alone. She recalls her moments with Arjun. Arjun says I am with you jia. I will get you out of jail. This is my promise.

Nisha comes to jia and says you look so weak in jail. But you killed babsa. Jia says don’t worry. The truth wins away. You are the real killer. Nisha says your game is over. Jia throttles Nisha and says I will kill you. I know you killed babsa. Nisha shoves her and says you are an idiot. Yes I was there when babasa was murdered. He died in front of me. WHen you came there I was there. Jia says you killed babasa. Constable comes. Nisha says you killed our babasa, I hope you get punished. She leaves. Jia says I have to do something but what?
Nisha calls someone and says come to jail you have to kill someone.

Kaki says my heart knows jia is innocent. Her pally catches fire. Arjun saves her. Chini says I can take care of my dadi you stay away from us. WE were living before you and Jia as well. Please leave us alone. Chini says to Kaki don’t listen to him. Kaki says bhai sa trusted you. I want you to do his arti. Arjun says please trust me. I remember everything. Nisha comes in. She says you trusted jia and she killed your family. I am bad but didn’t kill babasa at least.

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