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My Desries for my jaunty girl by Subi (shot 2)

My Desires For My Jaunty Girl 💖

” when two souls get along…..it’s not love.. It’s friendship  ”


SHOT 3 :

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Episode starts……

Next morning both swasan got ready… To roam the city……

And Both being shopping Manics……  to mall today… Then some  random movie.  and returned home as they planned to spend their evening with their parents……

By evening they went to park with their parents…….where they used to spend Time during their childhood…..

Their eyes caught the sight of two kids playing in slide..making their remember the past  ….

The park ( Flash back)

The sight is filled with green and children everywhere….   cute Children are playing while their parents are watching them……

A girl and boy of 6 years were playing slide..  joining their hands together……

A boy ran behind the slide  while the girl ran after him ..both climbed the stairs while singing rhymes…..

The reached the top first and he sat down to slide… while his parents hooted…  ” comeon sanskar ” while he sat still not sliding… later the girl too sat beside him and both intertwined their hands ..  and slided together…😍 making their parents smile and adore their friendship ..   obviously those kids are  swasan….

Both started playing in water  enjoying their time. …

” dad  we want that ”  said swara and sanskar pointing to the shop of cotton candy ….

Shekar and ram..bought it and gave them….. after getting it in their hand….they were about to eatit..but stopped for a moment..and exchanged the candy and ate with a laugh….. 😚😚

It was their habit since childhood…..

Flashback ends

Both SwaSan laughed out loud making their parents confused……swara explained them what made them laugh..  earning a sweet smile from their parents….

what can make them happy if not their children’s happiness???

Later they returned home after completing their dinner in a restaurant.   

SwaSan Room

After changing the dress swara  is lying in bed checking her mobile….while sanskar is checking something in the wardrobe.   

After sometime he too joined in the bed with her…seeing him she immediately crawled to him and slept on top of him.. sanskar happily took her in his embrace ….

After few minutes swara started making patterns on his chest with her fingers …..

Sanskar: you want anything wifey???

Swara: Ha first get up….

Both sat on the  bed …. swara was thinking how to say while . Sanskar was waiting for her to say .  After sometime she finally gathered courage and spoke   

Swara: sanskar….  I want something…  Will you please give it.   ( cutely )

Sanskar: awww my baby girl…… I will surely…. 💏 ( pulling her cheeks)

Swa: pakka promise na. .

San: ha pinky promise My Jaunty Chairman…. 😍

Swa: ummm I want……. hmmmm i want a baby  …. 😶😶

Sanskar: what… ..( shocked)

Swa: yah i want a cute little baby of us..i want to be a mother….I want to play with the child.. i want a baby of ours   … 😊😊

Swara said making sanskar shock later smiled seeing his wife….

San: acha why suddenly….

Swara: today we went to park na…i saw many children playing… seeing them with their parents..even i want … it Will be cool na   …. a baby with us always. Please sanky…👪

San : had i ever said no to my wifey….your wish my command sweetheart….💏

Swa: wow really

She jumped in his lap excitedly ….. while he pulled her closer with her waist  …

San: ha baby…you are my life na darling..and if you can handle the responsibility.. I’m ready to support you… 👫

Swa: you know what??

San: no i don’t know…

Swa: i love you… 😚😚

San: haha i know this and i love you more….😚

Swa: acha ji.. .

San: haan ji … btw baby shall we start the production of baby from now????😉😉

Swara blushed hearing it and nodded her head… making sanskar chukle at his jaunty chairman….And lay her on the bed getting on top of her….

Both got intimate…… screen blurs..  

Next day

Both SwaSan bidded bye to their parents and took the first flight and landed at Kolkata by 11 am….. so they thought to take rest at home and ordered food at restaurant….

Swara: sanskar I’m planning to organize freshers party for 1st year students.. this weekend….

Sanskar:  that’s a great idea love ..   I’ll see after the decorations…..🤗

Swara: perfect…I’ll do auditions for programs …..

Sanskar: yah and don’t forget about the competition list and staff in charge..

Swara: ha ok baby  .

Sanskar: acha are you hungry now????, shall i bring the lunch???  😚😚

Swa: ha baby please…. let’s have movie lunch.    Say the movie.. I’ll put it.   .🤔🤔

San: anything you choose…..

Sanskar went to take their lunch while swara started the movie…sanskar came back and signed seeing her watching the movie….🤣🤣🤣

Sanskar’s pov

I should have known it .this girl is seriously crazy .. ..she is watching TANGLED a disney movie..as far as I know she have watched it more than 100 times… Huh she is a 25 year old kid. … haha but my kid….. i went to her and  started feeding her while eating for myself…… since childhood i love feeding her more than getting feeded by her….. yesterday she said she wants to be a mother….but I don’t know if she can manage it…but whatever  .  I’m there to support her.  … i can do anything for her.   Her happiness is mine.   .and her smile makes my day..   and

i love my jaunty girl sooooooo much.  But definitely not more than she loves me  …. ❤❤❤

Sanskars pov ends…..

Both passed the day  enjoying with each others😘😘

Screen freezes……

Next Episode:

Swara: what was that ( shocked)

Sanskar: arey it was a mistake. ( trying to cool her)

Swara: what the ( angry)

Sanskar: listen swara.  Cool.. I know I did a mistake. But please cool down. .  ( mind voice) oh god..sanskar YOU ARE GONE TODAY….

Tada…. To Read further.. Wait for next part…  😈😈😈😈

Till then it’s subi signing off ❤❤❤❤❤
  Love you
  Great Time…

My Desries for my jaunty girl shot 2 by Subi

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