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Mere Sai 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 6th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chivu gets angry on Bheema. Kulkarni asks him to say. Bheema says his wife will soon deliver the child and he has to go home. Chivu scolds him and says you went somedays back. Kulkarni tells that he needs mukti from Sai and says I am ready to give anything to that person who kills him. Bheema hears and gets thinking. Bayaza tells Appa that now they can do aarti and keep bhog in the temple. Bheema thinks if I kill Sai, then may be Kulkarni Sarkaar permits me to go to my family. He says God…I am thinking wrong. Mhalsapati is doing puja in the khandoba temple. Bheema thinks I have to go to my wife, she needs me. He thinks he will kill Sai to go home.


Appa and Bayaza also do aarti. Bheema picks an axe and thinks everyone must be busy in the temple now. He comes to Sai’s place and sees Sai holding a baby and calling him Gopal. He recalls his wife telling that they will name their son Gopal. He gets emotional and goes. Sai smiles.

Bheema runs from there. Appa and Bayaza see him. She tells Appa that Bheema was the one who threw stone on Sai. Appa says Bheema is helpless and says I wish when will this das custom will end. Bayaza says if someone takes initiatives. Bheema thinks he couldn’t kill Sai seeing the baby, recalls Kulkarni’s words that Sai is a magician and thinks to kill him to go to his wife.
He comes to Sai’s place and sees his body kept in parts. He gets shocked and thinks who has killed Sai. He thinks God saved him from doing sin, but he has to take this crime on himself to please Kulkarni to reach his wife and thinks Kulkarni might relief him of das custom.


Bheema goes to Kulkarni and claims to have killed Sai. Kulkarni is shocked to know that he has cut Sai into pieces, and asks why and for what? Bheema says you said that if someone kills Sai then…Kulkarni says I said that, but that doesn’t mean that I want that. I was fed up of him and spoke those words. He says atleast you would have asked me once. Bheema asks didn’t you feel good. Kulkarni says you are my Das and asks did you realize what Das means, and says you can’t take breath without my knowledge. Bheema cries and says I did this to go to my family. Chivu says you killed someone to go home.

Kulkarni asks if anyone saw you. He thinks his trouble is gone and thinks he will not let anyone know that his Das killed Sai. He asks Bheema not to go anywhere until police proceedings are done, and thinks if he is caught then he will punish Bheema. Rukmini cries and thinks whatever happened with Sai is because of Kulkarni. Rano ji wakes up and sees Sai’s body cut into pieces, strangely without any blood around it. He gets shocked and shouts Sai. He thinks who has killed Sai. He runs out informing villagers that someone killed Sai and snatched him from us. Madhav is shocked as well. Rano ji says someone has cut sai into pieces. Villagers think who hates me so much. Other villager suspects Kulkarni’s hand. Bayaza hears and gets shattered. Mhalsapati, Appa and others are shocked.

Bayaza says I will go and see him. Rano ji says you can’t see him. Bayaza runs and sees Sai sitting in his place and praying. They are surprised and shocked.

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