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Your Love – My abode (RagLak) Part 2

Hope, all have remembered this story..

This is what happened in previous part. Click Here

Part 2:


Diya is looking around the house they have just entered in. the architecture and culture is completely different. Satya comes inside after talking with someone.

“Take that left side room” he says.

“No. I want the right side one” Diya says and without listening to him goes to that room.

She shocks looking at the room, it has only one small window. “I can’t stay this closed..!!” Diya thinks and goes back. She looks at Satya’s room.

It is very big than hers. It has big balcony and beautiful scenery look.

“I want this room” Diya says.

Satya: I asked you to take this room first. But being stubborn you went there. That’s why, someone has to listen their husband’s words.

Diya: ok, fine. Now I came know.

Satya: no..!! I have already occupied this room..!!

Satya says and goes into washroom. Diya blows air out from her mouth in sigh.

After sometime, Satya comes out and amazes to see Diya is sleeping on the bed and all his things are not in the room. Diya has already arranged her things.

Diya pretends to sleep. Satya goes out in upset. Diya laughs as soon as he gone.

*Next Morning*

Diya is sleeping happily hugging her favorite teddy. Then, she feels a monster like face was approaching her. it goes out and reaches to Satya’s room and about to press the neck of Satya..

Diya opens her eyes suddenly and runs out of her room. She knocks Satya’s room.

“Satya.. open the door..!!”

Satya was in deep sleep. As she knocked the door that monster disappears. SAtya wakes up from sleep as she was knocking the door.

He opens the door annoyed. Diya looks at Satya silently. Then, she looks into room.. but no monster is there.

“Are you ok??” she asks.

Satya observes she was tensed.

Sat: what’s wrong, is everything fine??

Diya nods her head. She looks at Satya who was standing in bare top with only short. She turns other side getting shy.

“Ahh, wear something. Don’t stand like that..!!” Diya goes away annoyed.

Satya shocks looking at himself and closes the door.

Both are 18 and 21 so, they have childish behavior.

In India,

Mrs. Sajjan was worrying for Diya.

Ms:: satya himself is a boy. How can he take care of Diya?

Sajjan: I have trust on Satya. Don’t worry. That’s why we have send them to foreign, so that Bhuvan won’t get chance to attack them.

Ms worried: if he goes there too???

Sajjan:: everyone are thinking yaya went to US, no one knows that they are in Swiss.

The screen shifts to magician vikrit.

“Satya… just marriage can’t save you from my magical wrath..!! even if you crossed the seas, my curse will work on you..!!” he says and puts something in the fire..

The fire raises and a white invisible fog emegers and travels all the way…

It reaches Satya who was about to get down from the car…

That fog is about to touch him… but goes away far from him… Magician shocks why???
Then he looks into his magical chitra darshini..(image displayer)

Diya was beside him. And, the sindoor on her forehead was avoiding it.

“Her will power..!!” Magician shocks.

Diya was looking at the big university. She was in normal jeans but her hands have bangles and sindoor on her mang.

“Now, go to the admission block and get your admission complete. And, then go to your class room.” Says Satya and about to go away holding his bag.

Diya holds his hand… Satya looks at her..

“I’m not understanding anything. Please, come with me..” Diya says..

“I have the class too. I have to go..” Satya says.

“Please..” Diya asks… Satya nods his head finally.

They both goes into admission block.. and Diya’s hands will be shivering. She drops the pen down in nervous while she has to sign. Satya sighs and bends to take pen and at same time she too bends, both of their heads bump. Satya looks at her annoyed.

“Sorry” Diya says who’s eyes are looking worried. She finally signs and they both comes out.

Satya looks at the notice board and

“Go straight and take first left. Room no. 313, is your class room. Go now..” Satya tells her and about to turn back.

“Come with me please..!! just upto class room…” Diya asks again..

Satya gets annoyed..
“Diya, you have to handle everything on yourself. Don’t be dependant..!!” Satya says and goes away.

Diya stands there itself holding her bag and bending her head.

A boy from side was looking at Diya and smirks.. he steps towards Diya. He was about to come near Diya.. but Satya enters again..

Satya:: come, let’s go..
He says..

Diya(in pout) :: no need..!! I will go..!!

Diya starts going, Satya was following her slowly. She stops at the entrance of her class room looking at all the foreign students.

“Diya, life teaches everything. Go ahead without fear.” He says. Diya looks at him.. he smiles. Diya too smiles and goes into class room. Satya looks at her till she sits in a place and he leaves.

They have classes upto afternoon.

During afternoon,

Satya was standing at his car at parking zone and talking in skype with his parents.

“Everything is fine maa. But, Diya is little nervous. She learns everything by time.” He was talking.

Then he looks Diya is coming. She has three girls around her. they are foreigners, they are speaking in English and Diya too speaking equally with them..

“Not here maa, Diya can live even on mars if chance is given..!!” Satya laughs.

“Bye.. bye…” Diya says to them and comes near Satya.

Satya: hmm, you started your blabbering already?

Diya: I’m not blabbering..! Infact, you are a stone. Never speaks at all.

Satya laughs,
“Yeah, stone’s wife is also a stone..!”

Diya shouts on him annoyed.

Satya and Diya reaches house.

“Mrs. Cook ji, I want to eat delicious noodles. Please prepare it spicy..!!”

Cook: sure mam, what satya sir wants to eat? (imagine in foreign accent)

Diya: what I know? Haaaa.. he is stone know.. so prepare vegetable salad for him.

Diya goes into her room.

Satya comes to dinning after a getting fresh up and looks at noodles.

“Satya, salad is ready for you..!!” the cook serves him and goes away.

Satya: who will eat this??

He looks at noodles.

Diya comes out after taking fresh bath… singing. She shocks looking Satya eating noodles.

Diya:: they are for me..!! why are you eating..???

Satya smiles as saint and says philosophical, “poor diya, what is yours? What is mine?? Everything has to digest in stomach..!!”

Diya stamps her foot, “I will ask cook ji to cook something for me.”

Satya slurping noodles… “She has gone already..!!”

Diya sighs and looks at Salad.. “now, I have to eat that??”

Satya: you have the option to starve too.. don’t worry..

Diya glares at him.

Satya says philosophically again..
“See Diya, what we do.. that we get.”

Diya: you close your mouth and eat..!!

Satya: yummy..!!

Diya:: you dummy..!!

She says and sits in couch annoyed. After a while,

Satya gives her swiss chocolates.

“Eat them for now.”

Diya:: I don’t need..!!

Satya takes out the Toblerone chocolate.. Diya’s mouth starts watering.
“you.. don’t want it??” he asks unwrapping it..

Diya snatches from his hand and she starts eating it. Satya smiles and goes into his room.

Red color light falls on Diya’s face. “you have to face consequences for eating my noodles mr. satya..!!” she thinks.. and laughs evilly.

To be continued..
raglak aka yaya


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