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Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 42

CHAPTER – 42 – Water balloons and Rey



“Twinkle! Wake up” I heard Mahi’s loud voice and covered my ears getting under the covers again. “Let me sleep , you thickhead” I muttered angrily and she sighed , “I have been trying to wake you up since an hour”

She grumbled removing the covers and I tried to reach for the covers as my hand touched my thigh. I wasn’t wearing anything.

And last night Kunj and I.

And I’m naked!

“Shit!” I screeched covering myself before looking down at myself.

Oh , I’m wearing clothes.

I sighed looking up at Mahi and she raised her eyebrow at me , “Everyone’s already downstairs. And you are late” my eyes widened and I dashed into the washroom for a quick bath.

I changed into a peach crop top and black trousers. I picked up my brush only to find a note beneath it.

I had to leave early. Had an emergency meeting and sorry I couldn’t stay. And I had already dressed you up in the morning while you were asleep.

And I purposely turned off your alarm. Wouldn’t want my lovely wife to miss her beauty sleep. *smirks*

P.S Your dad saw me walking out of your room this morning while I was trying to close the buttons of my shirt.

I sighed shaking my head and headed out of the room towards the hall. “Good morning” I muttered to everyone in the hall but no one responded.

You literally whispered it to yourself

Shut up , conscience.

Yuvi and Maira were selecting some jewellery.

Dhruv and Mahi were arguing about the colour of the invitation cards.

Natasha was silently flipping through a book looking for some decorations with Rohan helping her.

And then there was Abhai going through the food selection.

I turned to see Rey grinning at me. “REYYY!” I yelled engulfing him in a hug and he laughed picking him up. “Finallyy , my best friend is here” I chuckled pulling away and he ruffled my hair smiling.

“I know. Finally , I’m done studying law and shit” I chuckled and I took a seat next to Rey on the couch. “So , where’s dad?”

“Out with my parents. Went to some charity organization” Yuvi mumbled from across me and I nodded looking around the hall , “What about Kunj?”

“Some meeting he said” Mahi mumbled back to arguing with Dhruv and I sighed frustrated making Rey chuckle.


I checked my phone seeing Kunj’s message.

Come to the backside garden of your house.


“What’s all this?” I smiled eyeing hundreds of balloons filled with water and buckets of water mixed with different colours with tow men filling some balloons.

“Let’s have a water balloon fight” he grinned as the two helpers around him adjusted the four huge baskets in the corner.

They were four huge baskets of each corner filled with water balloons and the rest of things were cleared by the two men.

“Kunj and Twinkle are having a secret water balloon fight” Abhai yelled from the entrance of the garden door and I rolled my eyes picking up one and it hit right on his forehead.

Kunj and I laughed but soon a balloon smashed against my cheek and I cried out , “Hey. That hurt”

Soon the others came out rushing and seconds later I was being rapidly smashed by water balloons. I picked two white balloons and saw black liquid in it. “What’s in this one?”

I asked trying to dodge from Yuvi and Kunj smirked , “Black ink” and with that I smashed it right on his chest and he looked on wide eyed as I smashed another on his head.

“That was for the cheek” I yelled as he ran after me but he slipped falling flat on his face. I looked on shocked before laughing at him and he glared at me before smirking.

He held my leg and pulled me and I slid next to him falling on my butt and then smash. Another balloon on my head.

“Asshole” I cried out tackling him and Rey passed a balloon but before I could hit him Kunj gripped my shirt and pulled me towards him and kissed me.

I smashed the balloon on the back of his head and he pulled back wincing only to be hit by one myself.

I looked back at a smirking Mahi but no before receiving one from Natasha. “I’ll be your knight in shining armour , wifey” Kunj stood in front of me and Abhai threw a balloon at him and he yelled , “OW! OW”

“pu**y,” I rolled my eyes coming in front him , “Me and Kunj versus uh make your teams” I shrugged and they went back to arguing about who they wanted to be paired with.

“SHUT UP!” I screamed and they instantly stood in a line. “Natasha and Dhruv”

“Mahi and Yuvi”

“Maira , Abhai and Rey”

“Why aren’t me and Maira in the same team?” Yuvi whined stomping his foot on the ground and I smiled sweetly at him , “That’s for helping Kunj to destroy my gums”

“But last night was wild…wasn’t it?” Kunj whispered down at me and I blushed picking up a balloon , “And the war begins”


“If you peek right now , they’ll hit you” I hissed quietly at Kunj for the hundredth time and he frowned , “I wouldn’t get hit. Just me let peek” I smacked a hand against my forehead groaning out loud.

“Why do you have to be so stubborn?” He said crossing his arms and I glared at him.

Kunj wanted to peak behind the car to see if Yuvi and Rey were there whilst I already told him a hundred times that I just saw them but he wouldn’t agree.

“Trust me. I wouldn’t get hit” he smiled patting my head like a child showing he was being ‘smart’ and trying to explain it to me.

Just as Kunj turned around and walked a few steps ahead I counted till three.




“Ow! Ow! Stop” I chuckled to myself hearing Kunj scream at them to stop throwing the balloons and headed out of my secret place…

You call hiding behind a car a secret place?


“Not my husband , you dimwit” I laughed throwing a balloon right at Yuvi which hit him on his nose.

“I’m your knight in shining armour , sweetheart. Don’t worry” I patted his head like he did back to me and he rolled his eyes smiling before reaching for a balloon and hitting me with it.

“Kunj?! We are a team” I screamed and he shrugged , “Team round , ends. And the war begins” he smirked and I ran inside the house screaming with Kunj running behind me.


“You wouldn’t hit me. I’m your wife , duh” I gave Kunj a wide smile with taking slow steps backwards and he grinned wider , “Exactly , you are my wife. That’s why I should hit you”

I turned back instantly only to hit my knee on something sharp. “Shit..” I cursed jumping on one leg while holding the other. I turned around rubbing my knee only to find Kunj crouched down.

“Sit” he gently held my hand making me sit on the couch and rolled up my trousers. He looked at me pointedly and I sighed , “I didn’t knew I would get hit , okay?” I touched the wound and hissed loudly.

“Idiot” he muttered taking out the first aid box and quickly cleaned the wound doing but rest of the procedure.

“You look cute” I blurt out randomly and Kunj chuckled lightly resting his hands on either side of me , “Really? With blue and black ink covered all over me and my face?”

“Yeah..” I looked down embarrassed as I was the one to hit Kunj with the balloons containing ink in it.

A lot of times..

“Then you deserve to be punished” he muttered kissing the corner of my lips. “How?” I whispered back and he smiled.

“No kissing me until the wedding” I nodded mindlessly and he looked at me boggled before smirking , “Alright then. See you later”

He started walking towards the door and that’s when I realized.

“What?! No kissing you until the wedding?” I speak out loud and Kunj looked back through his shoulder smirking , “Yes , love. And you nodded to it”


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