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Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar Episode 8

Episode 8

Kavita is vomiting since morning. She is not feeling well.

Sanskaar(shouts): “Aj apun ko khana milega ya na. (Would I get breakfast today or not?)”

Lucky: “Bhai, Kavita is not OK today.”

Sanskaar: “Kavita…”

Kavita comes inside the room.

Kavita: “Ji Bhai.”

Sanskaar: “Come let’s go to hospital.”

Kavita (thinks): “I know the reason. What if Bhai came to know he will kill me.”

Kavita: “No, Bhai I’m alright.”

Sanskaar: “Apun tere se punch na raha, bata raha h. (I’m not asking u, I’m telling u.)”

Kavita can’t say no to Sanskaar so she leaves with him.

Manshi Nursing Home

Sanskaar: “Doctor apun k naam Sanskaar h aur yeh Kavita h. (Doctor my self Sanskaar and she is Kavita…)”

Doctor: “Tell me what happened?”

Sanskaar: “She is vomiting since morning…”

Kavita holds his hand and whispers in his ear: “Bhai u go outside, I need to talk her something personally.”

Sanskaar: “But Kavita…”

Kavita(in low tone): “Please Bhai, I have some personal problem.”

Sanskaar: “Doctor ji, apun abhi ata h. (I’ll just come.)”

He leaves. Doctor checks Kavita.

Doctor: “Is he ur husband? Call him.”

Kavita: “Doctor am I?”

Doctor: “Yes u r pregnant. Tomorrow I’ll give u report. But still I’m sure, go give him good news too.”

Kavita: “Doctor I’ll tell him with report till then U please.”

Doctor: “OK, I understand. U fill this form, in case u can’t able to come we will directly send report to ur home.”

Kavita fills the form.

Kavita (thinks): “Sorry Sanskaar I’m using ur name but, I don’t want anyone say my child illegitimate.”

Doctor calls the Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: “Doctor, yeh theik to h? (Doctor is she alright?)”

Doctor: “Ya, but now Sanskaar u have to take care of her. Give her proper rest.”

Sanskaar: “OK doctor apun ap k bat manega. (Ok doctor I’ll follow ur instructions.)”

They returns back to home.

Swara’s home.

Dida: “Shona, I called Shekhar here. When he will come here we will talk him about Sanskaar.”

Swara: “Thank you Dida.”

Dida: “Shona, what this does? I mean his job?”

Swara: “Dida, he is a warrior. (How could I tell her. What I saw yesterday night.) I mean Dida he is an army officer. Like Nanu he got many marks of war.”

Dida: “Shona I am So happy for u. But before that. I want to meet ur Sanskaar.”

Swara: “Sure Dida.”

They keeps talking.

Ram’s house.

Sahil is so happy after knowing that he is so rich. Ram takes him his big house.

Sahil: “Wao, so big house.”

He starts searching, he jumps on bed…in simple language he becomes mad. Ragini comes there.

Ragini: “Oh God how many times I have to say dad not to bring begger home.”

Sahil: “Hey what r u doing in my house?”

Ragini: “Oh begger it’s my house. Ragini Maheshwari’s house.”

Sahil: “It’s my house. Sahil Ram Parsad Maheshwari.”

Ragini: “Shut up u begger…”

Just then someone slaps her. He is no other than Ram.

Ram: “He is my son so talk to him politely. Sahil my son sorry for her behavior. U come today I’ll show u my hotel in Kolkata.”

They leaves.

Ragini: “Who is he???? I can’t divide my property with him. All money is mine.”

Sanskaar’s home.

Sanskaar: “Kavita u ja aram kr. (Kavita u go take rest.)”

Kavita: “Bhai, food?”

Sanskaar: “Woh Apun dekh lega. Tu ja aram kr. (I’ll see it. U go take rest.)”

She leaves.

Lucky: “Bhai, what’s plan for today.”

Sanskaar: “Aaj Apun pura din Apni Shona k sath rahega. (I’ll spend my whole day with Swara.)”

Lucky: “Not bad Bhai, yesterday night u came home without shirt.”

Sanskaar (blushes): “Woh apun k Shona… Yeh sab chodh apun k ek kam kr. (My Swara… Leave it do my one work.)”

He tells something to Lucky. Lucky gives him ring.

Sanskaar: “Apun iska kya karega?”

Lucky: “Bhai u have to purpose Bhabhi.”

Sanskaar: “Woh to Apun bolega. Shona apun se shadi kr. (I’ll say Swara marry me.)”

Lucky: “Yuk, is this marriage proposal? It’s seems u r ordering her?. She will definitely say no.”

Sanskaar: “Woh apun ko mana nahi kr sakti, kia to apun usey utha lega. (She can’t deny me, if she does I’ll kidnapped her.)”

Lucky: “Offo Bhai, no need kidnap her. Just propose her in English. See sit on ur knees, then extend ur hand and say. Swara will u marry me.”

Sanskaar’s sits on ground crossing his legs, then extends his hand.

Lucky: “Bhai, r u going in some Pooja. ?? not like this. (He shows him.) See like this.”

Sanskaar tries to sit like him but can’t able to balance and falls down.

Lucky: “Bhai r u OK?”

Sanskaar: “Hut sala, dimag k dahi kr rakha h. Sala itna mehnat to apun ne kabhi ladne mai bhi nahi kia h. Tu ja apun dekh lega. (This much of hard work I haven’t did for fights. U go I’ll manage.)”

Lucky: “Don’t be sad Bhai, u don’t want impress bhabhi. I think u don’t love her.”

Sanskaar: “Oye Apun bahut pyar krta h Shona se. Apun usei se shadhi manayega, bol kya karne k h. (Hey, I love Swara a lot and I’ll only marry her. U tell what I have to do.)”

Lucky helps him to understand the position and at last he succeeds.

Lucky: “Now say will u marry me Swara?”

Sanskaar: “Bhill u…”

Lucky: “Bhai, it’s not Bhill it’s will… (Sanskaar nodes his head in yes.) Now do it again.”

Sanskaar: “Bill u marry be Swara…”

Lucky: “What is this Bhai, I think u like ‘B’ letter most… It’s will ‘W’ replace ‘B’ with ‘W’.”

Sanskaar: “Will u marry we Swara.”

Lucky: “Arey Bhai it’s not we, it’s me… Replace ‘W’ with ‘M’. Ok now try again.”

Sanskaar: “Mill u marry me Swara.”

Lucky: “Arey Bhai, not Mill it’s will. ‘W’.”

Sanskaar: “Sala apun ko pagal bana rakha h. Kabhi bolta h W, Kabhi B, Kbhi M. Itna A,B,C, D apun zindagi mai kbhi na padha. Dimag kharab kr rakha h. (Sally r u making me fool. Sometimes saying it’s W, sometimes, M, Sometimes B. I haven’t learned this much of Alphabets in my life. U ate my mind.)”

Lucky beats his head in wall.

Lucky: “I think I’m fool. Bhai, first W then M… Remember WM. Will u marry me Swara?”

After lot of try Sanskaar says.: “Will u marry me Swara?”

Lucky teaches him few more words.

Lucky: “Yes, finally Bhai u did it. Now go Kavita will make u ready. All the best Bhai.”

Sanskaar hugs him and Sanskaar goes Kavita’s room.

Kavita calls Sahil.

Sahil: “Don’t u dare call me?”

Kavita: “Sahil, I’m pregnant…”

Sahil: “What?!!! R u sure?”

Kavita: “Yes, today I went to Manshi Nursing Home with Sanskaar…”

Sahil: “U told him everything. He will kill me.”

Kavita: “Not now, for now I wrote his name as my child’s father but soon he will come to know. Sahil u have to marry me.”

Sahil: “OK, u don’t worry I’ll do something.”

He disconnects the call.

Sahil: “Shit, I should use protection. I need to get rid of this baby. Abortion is only choice.”

Here Sanskaar comes inside the room.

Sanskaar: “Kavita, ab tu kaise h. (Kavita how’s u now?)”

Kavita: “I’m good Bhai u need something.”

Sanskaar: “Apun ko decent bana de. (Make me decent.)”

Kavita: “Anything especial.”

Sanskaar: “Apun kal batyega. (I’ll tell u tomorrow.)”

Kavita makes him ready. Then Sanskaar leaves to meet Swara.

Dida’s home.

Swara’s head is in Dida’s lap. Dida is caressing her hairs.

Dida: “Shona, after ur marriage don’t forget me.”

Shona: “Dida, Y r u saying like this? U know ur Shona loves a lot.”

“Beep beep ???”

Swara goes towards window and see Sanskaar’s car, Sanskaar waves his hand from inside the car. She becomes over excited.

Swara: “Dida he came.”

She immediately runs to meet him.

Dida: “Easy Shona.”

But her legs doesn’t stopped.

Sanskaar comes out of car. Swara’s jaw drops seeing him. She blinks her eyes twice. With brown shoes followed by his fitting tuxedo black suit and at last his black goggles ?. He is not less than a Greek God. Her mouth remains open in ‘O’ shape?.

Before she could recover from shock he pulls her and she lands on his chest. His one hand is on her waist and with other hand he holds her chin and smoothly kiss on her lips. Swara isn’t in the state to react. After kiss he holds her hand and kiss their.

Sanskaar: “Good Morning my lady love.”

Swara is still standing with open mouth. He closes mouth.

Swara: “What u said. Lady love.”

Sanskaar: “Tere ko acha nahi laga, shit yarr apun bola tha par woh lucky apun k sunta nahi h. (U didn’t liked it. I told Lucky but he doesn’t listen to me.)”

Swara: “No no, Sanskaar I like it. Actually I was shocked that u didn’t said Apun. But I loved it. (She pulls his cheeks.) And my cutie pie is looking hot today?.”

Dida: “Ahem ahem. (SwaSan looks towards Dida.) I’m also here.”

Swara: “Sanskaar she is my Dida.”

Sanskaar: “Dida Apun Sanskaar, Apun Shona ko lene aya h. Chalo Shona. (Dida I’m Sanskaar. I came here to take Swara.)”

Dida feels weird listening his tapori language while Swara is smiling seeing him.

Dida: “U should ask permission from me! Or Swara?”

Sanskaar: “Apun ko kisi k nahi sunta. Shona apun k sath chalegi warna apun usey utha lega. (I don’t follow anyone’s, Swara will come with me else I’ll kidnapped her.)”

Swara: “Wait Sanskaar I’ll just come.”

Swara is about to go Sanskaar holds her hand and pecks one her lips.

Sanskaar: “Jaldi ane k, apun wait kr rela h. (Come soon I’m waiting.)”

Swara: “OK?.”

She leaves for her room.

Dida: “Come inside.”

Inside the room. Swara is selecting the dress.

Swara: “I don’t have anything to wear?. Sanskaar is looking so hot and I’ll go like this.”

After half an hour.

Sanskaar: “Apun Shona k pass ja raha h. (I’m going to Swara’s room.)”

Dida: “She will come.”

Sanskaar leaves towards her room.

Dida: “How do u know her room?”

Sanskaar: “Kal ràat ko apun aya tha. (Yesterday night I came.)”

He leaves.

Dida: “I’m still shocked, how this tapori can be an army officer. Is he lying? Swara became blind in his love. Even he kissed her before me. Something is wrong.”

Sanskaar enters inside the room and shocked to see Swara who is surrounded by clothes and she is crying.

Sanskaar: “Kisne apun k Shona ko rulaya. (Who made my Swara cry?)”

Swara: “I don’t have anything to wear. These all clothes r bad.”

Sanskaar: “Koi bat nahi, apun pehle kapde lebe jayenge. Chalo ab rone k nahi. (No worries first we will go for shopping. Now don’t cry.)”

She smiles and Sanskaar takes her out.

Dida: “Shona, I need to talk u something.”

Swara: “Later Dida.”

She leaves with Sanskaar.

Dida: “Shona became so mad in his love. God? please don’t hurt my Shona.”

Here Sahil is tense regarding baby he calls in hospital.

Sahil: “Dr Manshi speaking?”

Doctor: “Yes.”

Sahil: “I’m Sanskaar I came with my wife in the morning.”

Doctor: “Oh, yes Kavita.”

Sahil: “Ya, actually we don’t want this child. So can u fix abortion date.”

Doctor: “But sir. She perfectly alright to give birth to a baby.”

Sahil: “Look we don’t want this baby, ur work is to abort it and if u r not ready we will to other doctor.”

Doctor(in mind): “I need to talk Kavita. Now I’m busy but in the evening I’ll talk.”

Doctor: “OK, I’ll tell u the dates.”

Sahil disconnects the call.

Sahil: “Thank God. Now let’s inform Kavita.”

Just the Ram calls him.

Ram: “Sahil, come I’ll show u ur new hotel. Blue Whales??.”

They goes inside the hotel.

Swara and Sanskaar are in full mood to enjoy.

Shopkeeper: “This one see mam, it’s best.”

Swara nodes her head in no. He shows other but Swara rejects everyone.

Swara: “See na Sanskaar he is not showing us good dress.”

Sanskaar looks towards him with blood shoot eyes??.

ShopKeeper(begs): “Sorry Bhai, ???sorry please forgive me.”

Swara: “Uncle chill, u r afraid is my Sanskaar going to kill u. Sanskaar let’s go to mall please.”

Sanskaar: “Jaisa tu kahe. (As u say.)”

They leaves.

Blue Whales hotel.??

Sahil: “Dad he is the same manager. Because of him I washed utensils here.”

Ram slaps him.

Manager: “Sorry sir, that time I didn’t knew he is ur son. Sir was doing my job.”

Ram: “Next time be careful.”

Sahil: “Dad what is this? U don’t love me. He insulted ur son and u… Wait let me show u. U play the CCTV footage of that day.”

He plays the footage. And Sahil see SwaSan kissing each other.

Manager: “Sorry sir wrong footage.”

Sahil: “Let it be…”

Ram: “What happened Sahil?”

Sahil: “Dad, I want to marry Swara only. If u love then promised me that only Swara will be my bride. Else I’ll not talk to u not even mom.”

Ram: “Don’t say like this Sahil. Everything u want I’ll get it for u. Even it’s Swara.”

Ram fired the magaer from the job

Sahil( thinks): “This is the right time for revenge Sanskaar. Earlier I was week now I have power. U love Swara but now I’ll marry her marked her mine then I want to see defeat in ur face. (He remembers how many time Sanskaar humiliates him, beats him.) Swara be ready to be mine now u r my weapon against him. Only ur love can break him, allow him to cry, to beg before me and my dad will protect me.”

Ram: “Where u lost son?”

Sahil: “Nothing dad, I talked with mom. She will soon come. Now I have some important work.”

Vijay Mall Kolkata.?

Swara: “Sanku see I bought too many dresses. Which one is ur like?”

Sanskaar: “Apun ko tu pasand h, dress nahi. (I only like u not dress.)”

Swara(blushes?): “I’ll wear red one.”

She comes out after changing dress Sanskaar fully mesmerises seeing her in red dress.

Swara: “Let’s go.”

Sanskaar pulls her and about to kiss her but she stops him.

Swara: “Not now.”

Sanskaar: “Par apun k mann kr raha h. (But I want to.)”

Swara: “U r so shameless.”

Sanskaar: “Kaise, apun to apne Shona ko kiss krna chahta na. (How, I just want to kiss my Swara.)”

Swara: “Sanskaar u don’t understand. See I applied lipistik? and don’t want ruin it.”

Sanskaar nodes yes and they leaves from there.

Swara: “OK where we r going?”

Sanskaar: “Surp…surperize…”

Swara (smiles): “It’s Surprise.?.”

Sahil went to meet Dida.

Dida: “How come Sahil?”

Sahil: “Dida, how can u fix Swara’s marriage with a tapori.”

Dida: “Tapori, but Shona said he is an army officer.”

Sahil(oh this Sanskaar lied.): “No Dida, he is big rowdy of Kolkata. Sanky Dada…”

Dida: “What??!!! Oh God Shona went with him!!!”

Sahil: “I love Swara a lot. She is my life. I sacrificed my love for her but I can’t see her with that rowdy Sanskaar. Dida murder, girls is his passion.”

Dida: “But Shona loves him, she is completely blind in his love.”

Sahil: “Dida u don’t know him. He don’t love Swara he just use girls. Kavita, she is his personal… Oh I can’t even say. Girls are just object to play with him. I know how cheap is he.”

Dida: “Let me call her… I can’t let her ruin her life. ?God save Swara.”

Sahil(thinks): “Sanskaar now time to suffer, this will directly attack to ur heart…”

Dida: “She is not lifting my call.”

Sahil: “I’m going to search her.”

He leaves.

Here SwaSan r soo happy. Sanskaar is closing her eyes.

Swara: “Sanskaar I can’t wait for surprise. Tell me na what’s it.”

Sanskaar: “Apun apna hath hata raha h, the dheere dheere akheen kholne k. (I’m removing my hand u slowly slowly open ur eyes.)”

Swara Opens her eyes and Stunned to see the beauty before her eyes.

Swara: “Sanskaar is soo beautiful… It’s just like HEAVEN.”

There is a small house at some height from ground and there is a bridge to go there. The house is surrounded by red colors flowers, everything is red and the rays of sun is adding enhancement in the beauty. Sanskaar hugs her from back.

Sanskaar: “Apun aur tu yaha rahenge. (U and me will live here.)”

She turns and kiss on hsi cheeks.

Swara: “I’m so happy Sanskaar. So happy. (She hugs him.) I haven’t dreamed about this, u made my life so beautiful.”

Sanskaar: “Shona Apun tujeh se kuch bolna chahta h. (Swara, I want to say something.)”

He sit down onnhis knees, he thinks what Lucky said to him. He takes out ring from his pocket. And holds her hand. But he forgets what to say?.

Sanskaar(in mind): “Abey kya bolna tha. (Oh, what to say?)”

Sanskaar: “Bill u marry me Swara.”

Swara (laughs): “Haha??, yesssssss.”

Sanskaar gets up and hugs her.

Swara: “Sanskaar but it’s will not bill.”

Sanskaar: “Tu smjh gai, apun k lie wahi kafi h. (U understood it’s enough for me.)”

Swara: “Love u.”

Sanskaar: “Apun bhi love u.”

Precap: Swara: “I hate u Sanskaar.”

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