Episode 11

Swara is sleeping in her room!!! At that time her mobile ringed!! With half open eyes she took the mobile and saw who it is!!! Seeing the caller id she became happy and on the call!!!

“Gud mrng princess still sleeping???”

“Yes sanskar!!! Yesterday night u didn’t let me sleep!!!”(she is talking still laying in the bed!!! She kept her phone in her ears as she is sleeping sideways!!! She didn’t open her eyes!!!)

“Oiii i didn’t do anything with u then how come i didn’t let u sleep??? ”

“Yesterday night we were talking for more hours na!!! So i slept late only!!!”swara said with a pout!!!

“Ha ha princess what to do after ur proposal i can’t stay quiet!!! The only solution of this problem is lets get married soon!!!”

“Ya nice idea!!! Then talk to ur family soon!!!”

“Sure!!! I will tell to my family after chadurthi!!! And one more thing princess don’t pout when i am not around u okie!!!”

“Oii y i shouldn’t pout??? And how do u know i am pouting???”

“Ha ha the answer for ur second question is i knew everything about u!!! And the answer for ur first question is if u pout When i am not there then how come i will kiss u???”

“Sanskar y r u blabbering???” swara asked as she didn’t understand sanskar’s words in sleep!!!

“Ha ha princess i think u didn’t come out of ur sleep still???”

“Yes!!! I am very sleepy!!!”

“Okie princess then sleep!!! And don’t forget afternoon i am coming to ur house with shomi ma,shekar baba,bhaiya and bhabhi!!!”

“Aww shomi ma coming today???”

“Yes princess!!! Okie u sleep princess i will talk to u later!!!” sanskar said and swara said okie and cut the call and slept again!!! Sanskar too smiled and he went to cook breakfast!!!

Swara woke up after sometime and she got fresh up and went down!!! Pavithra is already angry on swara as she woke up late!!! Swara came and saw pavithra sitting and reading magazine!!! She wished her gud mrng and went to dinning table and sat in the chair and took the plate and opened the vessel only to see all are empty!!! Swara is shocked and shouted,”Maa what is this??? U didn’t cook today???”

“No i cooked today and we all ate!!!”

“Then for me???”

“From today if u come late i won’t give breakfast!!! Have that in ur mind and don’t think u will come in afternoon and have ur lunck straight!!! If u think like that then i am sorry i won’t give u lunch also!!! Still if u r hungry go and prepare urself!!!” pavithra said and swara became more shocked!!!

“Mom this is not fair!!! Wait i will complain u to dad!!!”

“Go ahead!!! He won’t support u!!! If he does then his food will also be cut!!!”

“Huh hitler!!! I will go out and eat!!! What u will do???”

“Simple will cut ur pocket money and close ur credit card!!!”

“Huh ma this is not fair!!! Yesterday i was talking to sanskar!!! That’s y i got late ma!!! And u also told this conditions now only!!! Pls ma i will follow this condition from tomorrow!!! Pls my sweet ma na!!!”

“Haan haan stop it!!! I know ur nautanki!!! Go to kitchen and see ur food is there!!! And remember if u didn’t wake up early tomorrow then i won’t give food!!!”

“Ha ha if u didn’t give food i will go and eat in sanskar’s house!!! He knows cooking!!! Oooo” swara showed her tongue out and thumbs down her hand and run inside the kitchen!!! Pavithra saw this and laughed!!!

Afternoon sanskar went and picked shemish and parish and came to his flat first!!! He told everyone that swara proposed him and he is very happy!!! Sharmistha is very very happy to listen this!!! After that they got fresh up and went to kulkarni’s house!!! Swara is all ready to welcome everyone!!! Everyone came there!!! Sharmistha hugged pavithra while shekar hugged sanjay!!! Even rachana’s family also came there!!! Then all had a family time and had their lunch!!! Sharmistha is very happy to see her daughter happy!!! She can see the old swara bose who enjoyed her life fully with some difference!!! Though old swara bose enjoyed her life she has an emptiness that is her father’s love!!! She was yearning for that love!!! But now sanjay loves her to the core like his own daughter!!! She felt good that swara lost her memory and she is enjoying her life!!! She will now even enjoy her marriage ritual with no worries as her previous marriage with sanskar she was worrying till the minute before her marriage!!! But now she can enjoy all the rituals!!! She had tears in her eyes and without anyone’s notice she wiped it but sanskar saw and understood her emotions!!! He felt happy and proud as sharmistha didn’t felt jealous seeing her daughter calling someone as ma and is also very close to her!!! Then everyone talked for sometime and all went to their home!!!

Next day is ganesh chadurthi!!! Swara came down in half saree gifted by sanskar as she was beautiful when she wore in janmashtami!!! So he decided to gift her a half saree on ganesh chadurthi too!!! All the ladies wore beautiful Saree while men wore kurta and dhoti!!! Sanskar,parish and shemish came to kulkarni’s house!!! Swara saw sanskar and asked through eye how is she and he too signed her showing she is beautiful!!! She too signed him saying he is dashing!!! He smiled seeing her and went to talk to nitin!!! Swara too went to help her mom!!! The preparations are finished and everyone gathered before ganapathy and priest did the pooja!!! Then sanjay-pavithra,rachana’s parents,shemish,parish all did aarti!!! Even rachana and nitin did the aarti!!! Then sanskar and swara did the aarti separately!!! After the pooja is finished pavithra made everyone to sit for breakfast!!! Sanskar told he will eat afterwards and sat aside!!! At that time he saw swara going upstairs!!! Without anyone notice sanskar went behind her!!! She went inside her room and tried to close it but before that sanskar went inside and closed the door!!! Swara is shocked seeing him!!!

“Sanskar what r u doing???” swara asked and sanskar went forward but swara stood still in her place!!! He went near her and wrapped his hands around her bare waist!! Swara is startled with this sudden proximity!!! She hugged him tightly to avoid sanskar seeing her blushing!!!

“Sanskar go from here anyone will come!!!” swara said but didn’t leave him!!! Sanskar smiled and asked,”Really u want me to go???” hearing this swara nodded her head in no and said,”Yes!!!” sanskar parted the hug and cupped her face and said,”Aww princess ur actions are saying one thing and ur words saying other thing!!! What will i do???”

Swara again hugged him and kept her cheek in his chest and said,”Don’t go!!! I want to be like this with u forever!!!”

“Ha ha sure princess!!! We are going to be together like this forever!!! For that we have to get the license first!!!”


“Ya!!! A black bead ornament should be in ur neck!!! Then only we can be like this forever!!!”

“Sanskar ma,dad and bhai know about us!!! They are okie with it!!! U go and talk with ur family!!!”

“Sure princess!!! Let this pooja gets finished then i will talk to my family okie!!!”

“Sanskar will ur family accept me??? I have seen it!!! Ur ma,badi ma,bhabhi,and ragini all are very traditional!!! I don’t know how to wear saree and all!!! I am not used to it sanskar!!! Will they accept me???”

“Princess u don’t need to worry about it at all!!! Even if u wear anarkali mom and ma won’t say anything!!! Bhabhi and ragini have been brought up like that only!!! And also yes i accept my family is a conservative family but someone came in our life and changed everything!!! Everyone’s view and u know what my bade papa who is very strict in his principles changed his view and also accepted that person as his own child!!! So u don’t need to worry about it!!” sanskar said and swara got some flashes of dp saying her as his daughter!!! But she can’t see the faces clearly!!! She got a little headache and hold her head and was about to fall but before that sanskar held her and is worried seeing her state and felt angry on himself for saying all this!!! He made her sit in the bed and gave some water!!! Swara drank it and told,”Sanskar i got some flashes!! A person is saying another person as his daughter!!! What’s happening to me???”

“Swara nothing!!! May be u remembered ur papa saying this to u!!!”

“No it’s not my dad!!! It’s someone else!!!”

“Uff swara don’t think much!!! Just think about our life okie!!! After pooja i will talk to my family and soon we will get married okie!!!”

“Okie!!!” saying this she hugged him tightly and sanskar too hugged her back and kissed her forehead!!! Then sanskar went down and all went to their home!!! After reaching home sanskar said to shemish and parish,”Ma swara wants me to talk to our family!!! She was hesitant about our family!!! Then i told her that a person changed bade papa’s view!! At that time some scenes flashed for her!!! I think her memory will come back soon!!!”

“Really sanskar!!! I am very happy!!b i want swara to remember everything soon!!! I am waiting when will swara get her memory back!!!” shekar said!!! Sanskar smiled….

“I am also happy beta!!! But i don’t want her memory to come back!!!” shomi said and all are shocked!!!

“Mishty what r u saying???”

“Shekar can’t u see my swara is happy in her new life!!! I haven’t seen her this much happily before!!! I accept she was happy before she came to know u r her father!!! But not this much happy!!! She was lacking her father’s love!!! She even felt bad that she didn’t have any siblings!!! She hasn’t shared that with me!!! But i saw that in her eyes whenever she saw any siblings playing!!! Even after her Marriage she got her husband love but still one by one some problem always comes in her life!!! I don’t want that!!! She is very happy in this new life!!! She got both her parent love!!! She got a sibling love!!! Her’s and sanskar’s love are true!!! That’s y again they are going to unite!!! Pls don’t do anything which will suffer her!!!” saying this sharmistha went inside making everyone shock as well as to think!!! Pari and shekar felt bad as they have also gave problems to swara!!! Pari had tears and went inside!! Adarsh went behind her to console!!! Shekar sat in the sofa thinking shomi’s words!!! Sanskar saw him broken but he left him alone to give him some time and went inside!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hope u liked it!!! And some asked to make swara remember the past!!! But don’t worry it will happen soon!!! Wait for it!!! And don’t forget to comment ur views!!!

Epilogue of YBFM is coming soon!!! ??


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