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Saranyu (Episode 13)

Shani please forgive me.i was blind in my vanity said sandya.
No DEVI sandya…I don’t want to hear anything I just want my mother back said shani.

Shani…. you’re crossing your limits said surya dev.

No nath,if he want his mata back I’m ready to create her again said sandya wiping her tears.

She again used her all powers and created chaaya again.she was exhausted and fall down.surya dev holded her.
Sanjana wake up please wake up priye said surya dev.

Swami…let me help said chaaya stepping ahead.

No needed said surya dev.

Swami please…I’m her chaaya and only I can get her back in conscious said chaaya.

Surya dev stood beside while chaaya healed sandya.

Sandya woke up and said thank you chaaya you again….
…No didi you again created me said chaaya with smile.

Mata said shani while walking slowly towards chaaya.they both hugged each other.mata you’re back I’m really happy.yes son and I’m sorry for leaving you alone.but now you don’t worry I will be with you said chaaya.

Surya dev!will you please accept chaaya as your wife too said Sanjana looking towards surya dev.

What are you talking sanjana said surya dev.

I’m talking right naath.just think in my absence how much chaaya did for you and your lok.she should get her right.and after all she is mother of your son too said sanjana while having tears.

Surya dev thought and said,you’re right Sanjana chaaya did so much for me and my family.so…
‘i Surya dev accept chaaya as my second wife’.celestial flower showered on chaaya and Surya dev.

Chaaya welcome to surya family said sanjana hugging her.again please take care of this family.

Again? Asked chaaya.

I…I mean now again you should take care of everyone but this time including our childrens said sanjana and left the room.

She came out of surya lok and walking thinking…I did wrong,i ignored chaaya’s son.how much she did in my absence.and me…oh mahadev please forgive me.
Shani is right I’m not a good mother.i think i should end my life…she ran towards the hill and tried to jump but at a time Hanuman saved her.

Guruma…what were you trying to do.

Wo…wo mai…she said everything.

Guruma… everyone do mistakes in life.but if person feel guilty and apologize then she/he should be forgiven.i think shani should learn this said Hanuman and came to surya lok with Sanjana.

Sanjana where were you gone asked Surya dev.

Yes mata we searched you everywhere said yama and yami.

…. guruma was trying to end herself said Hanuman leaving everyone shock.

Didi…but why asked chaaya.

Because shani didn’t forgive his mata said Hanuman pointing shani.

Shani…when guruma asked apologize to you and accepted her fault then why don’t you forgive her.i know how you gone throw when she avoided you.but that was past today she is feeling bad for her deeds and being karmafal daata I think you should forgive her.if she was not really sorry then she must not have brought back devi chaaya said Hanuman.

Shani thought and said you’re right.devi Sanjana did wrong but she asked sorry for her deeds.so I’m forgiving her but our relation won’t be as it been years ago.i will call her mata sandya he said and left.

Sanjana felt relieved and smiled.
Shani now you won’t stay here said surya dev.
You’re going for education to mahadev.
Mahadev please accept my son shani as your sishya(student) and give him right education said surya dev.

Surya dev you yourself enough to give all knowledge.when you can teach my ansh then why not yours.

Mahadev you know the relationship between me and shani…so please accept this request.

Mahadev nodded and accepted shani as his sishya.

Days passed and chaaya gave birth to savarni manu(next manu),tapati-vishti.

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