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Chapter 20

All were standing in a shocked state hearing pinky… As it was impossible for then to believe what she just said.

“And you all know whats shivaay too is ready for the marriage.” Pinky added.

“What…?? Shivaay is gonna to marry that girl…” Om said being shocked while entering the hall with gauri.

“Yass…and that too soon… I was thinking that this time I will simply do the wedding without any pre wedding rituals.” Pinky kept on adding fuel to fire.

Anika left hearing all the words of pinky with teary eyes. Slowly and gradually all left as soon as Ragini made an entry.

Seeing Ragini there all literally made a shitty face and left. Now just pinky and Ragini were left celebrating their victory in the hall all alone.

She was reminiscing everything that happened in past few days…or maybe past few months… From the moment she met Sso to the moment she left the house for his sake.

Everything was flashing in her mind when all four i.e. Rikara and Ruvya entered.

Anika rubbed her tears silently escaping the four pairs of eyes and turned to them…

“Bhabhi…” Om said with uneasiness as he wasn’t getting where to from and what to say to console her.

“I am fine Om.” Anika diverted them saying so.

“We know that… You will say this only… But we know the tattle going within you.” Gauri said keeping hand on her shoulder.

“And more than that… I wish I could do something of that NAGINI.” Rudra stated in disgust with an irritating look.

“Don’t worry… I will gather all the proofs against her…to teach her a lesson… We won’t let this happen.” Bhavya added.

“Relax guys relax… I know this won’t happen. Plz don’t take stress.” Anika tried to comfort the four.

“Exactly… Don’t stress yourself… This was what we were trying to tell you…but weren’t getting how to say so… Anika Bhabhi this won’t happen…and if it happened then don’t worry we won’t let it reach to the end.” Gauri explained and exclaimed.

“I trust you all… But more than that I trust Shivaay. I know he didn’t meant that. He might have said so in some frustration or tadi. He didn’t meant that. I know.” Anika tried to make herself believe the same.

“We hope that the same happens.” Om said agreeing to her.


Shivaay tej and shakti returned back from the meeting. And all the family members were there except for pinky.

All started questioning them about the deal…and what happened etc.

Shivaay with a bright cheerful face kept on looking everyone. But his gaze got stuck on Anika who wasn’t looking happy.

“We got the deal. Alabhya Sindhiya is gonna to invest and partner the whole new venture of THE OBEROIS.” Shivaay expressed his happiness but not without noticing the off mood of his lady love with whom he was really angry till few days back.

All congratulated him for the achievement while he was actually starring Anika and her blank expression…trying to figure out…what was she thinking…or what was she going through.


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