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My love life:Meghnal and Nairan (Intro)

Intro-Two beautiful girls
Meghna Malhotra -An elder sister of Naina owning a company loves her sister and brother a lot
Naina Malhotra-A very beautiful girl working as personal assistant to Kunal loves her sister and brother a lot.
Vishal Malhotra-A doctor and guardian of Meghan and Naina owns a hospital.
Kunal Chauhan -Owns a company. Elder son of chauhans.
Karan Chauhan-A rockstar and a doctor. Works with Vishal and doesnt have any skin allergy.
At Kunal’s office:
Kunal calls Naina…. And Naina is seen there after few minutes. Kunal flirts Naina and asks her about the project file.
Naina-Ohh… I forgot the file in the house sir….. But don’t worry sir.. I will call My di and ask her to bring it immediately.
At Meghna’s office:
Meghna shouts at a manager for not buying tickets for our Rockstar Karan’s show…
She then calls to Vishal..
Vishal:Hello Meghu!
Meghna:In a high tone…. Hello Bhai…. I couldn’t get tickets for the show…. I lost the chance again… Pls… Do something and get the tickets.
Vishal :Calmed down Meghu…. And the price of tickets will be no outside food for a week.
Meghna:Ok Bhai… Pakkaaa… Love u
Karan to Vishal:
Karan:Who is it??
Viahal:My sister is a big fan of u. She wants your concert tickets.
Karan:Oh sure! I have two with me. I can give them to you.
Vishal:Thanks yaar.My sister dies for you.
To be continued…….
Lots of love:
Chandana _hari

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