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IshKara OS : Happy Birthday PranNaath By Fenu

Ishana’s Pov

I hid behind the door with a cake in my hand, just then Omkara enters I attack towards his face with cake and I screamed happy b’day PranNaath and starts laughing he is shocked what happened right now , then he pulls me towards him he is coming closer and closer , I closed my eyes and he applies cake on my cheeks with his face and I opened my eyes this time I was shocked and he is laughing like hell. “how dare you” I screamed . he starts laughing more loudly and I leave in frustration. With a jerk I woke up and realizes that it was a dream I slowly starts laughing and looks towards my love who is sleeping beside me oh my god he looks so cute, a thought come in my mind that I should take a bowl of whipped cream and apply it all over his face like a facemask and sprinkle some colorful sprinklers over his face aww how cute he’s gonna look with a cake face I started laughing on my silly thought .

Ishana stupid it’s already 11 just get out of your silly thoughts, I have to do something for him cause tomorrow is party for him from tomorrow he would be busy cause everyone gonna wish him so I thought of something.

Omkara’s pov

I was sleeping very comfortably , just then I heard the sound of ghungrus . I open my eyes to see what’s happening and I saw my Cham Cham dancing in front of me , I’m amazed to see her like this she is dancing like this after so long . her open hair coming on face making her more beautiful . I can’t take off my eyes from her she’s looking damn pretty. She started coming towards me , “Happy b’day Zulfi Singh Oberoi”, she whispers slowly in my ear . I smiled , she took my hand in her’s and tie a piece of cloth on eyes and started walking leading the way.

“Ishu hum kaha ja rahe hain?”,I asked while walking .” (Ishu,where are we going ?)

“Om sabr karo sabr ka fal meetha hota hain”,she replied.(Omkara , wait for some time,your wait will give you sweet fruits.)

And we reached there she removed the blindfold from my eyes and ask me to open my eyes. I slowly open my eyes and what I saw literally amazed me. the place was decorated very well . there’s a very beautiful cake which is kind of like a dancing queen giving her heart to Painter ,oh my that’s so awesome and another thing that I noticed there was seven different areas the first named “where we met” and she decorated it like place where we met for the very first time. the second is named “where you held my hand”.” where you confess your love for me” the third one named, the fourth one named “where I confess my love for you “.”when we get married” named the fifth one. “when we become ISHKARA ” named the sixth one. But the seventh one was blank , I was curious to know why , so I asked her.

“Om this one is blank because we gonna fill it with the memories we gonna make the time we gonna spend together will fill it ” she replied with a smile.

I smiled , she took me the centre table we cut the cake and I fed her she did the same. I pulled her towards me but she pushed me and I fell in the pool , she started laughing standing at edge of the pool .

so I pulled her she also fell in the pool , I pulled her towards me we are having an intense eye lock , her dripping hair making her more beautiful.

“I love you” she said.

“I love you too”, I said .

Then we eat cupcakes which she made . they were so cute. I really love my Cham Cham . then we dance on “Baarish” very romantically .

“Thank you wifey for making this birthday so memorable “, I thanked her every birthday she does something special for me.

“Your welcome hubby” she said And she kissed my cheek , being with her makes my each and every single day so special. I love my Cham Cham ,My Ishu.

~~~~THE END~~~~

Hello Friends !! Fenil here. Its small and simple OS. Hope you liked it.
Keep Loving IshKara

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