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Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 16

Back again ??
With infinite love ato you guys always ??? carry on ?

“God, i wish he doesnt remember anything once he wakes up” She prays and picks him up again. With his hand around her neck and him staggering, they both made way till the lift.

They had to go down 5 floors. But Anika was hesitant to go on a lift. She had earlier incidents in lift that give her the blues. However she cant move this drunk shivaay on the stairs, he’ll roll down instead.

With confidence building up, once the lift ‘ding’s and opens, they both enter the empty lift. She makes him to still still and she moves a bit away, for the friendship that she believed he was loyal to. Little was she aware that he had a thing too.

Once the lift started moving down.. 4..3.. and suddenly the light flickers coinincidentally.

Anika gets all tensed and clutches his hand. Even the drunk shivaay was corcerned about her.

He placed his other hand on her hand and started rubbing it.

“Kya … kya hua??” He asks with a sleepy voice.

“Im scared of elevators” She says gulping in.

“Arey bacho, dont worry.. meh hoon na.. ” He says and pulls her to a hug.

Now more than the fear of elevators the fear of losing his friendship started to haunt her. His hug was digging her feelings more. She was breathless. Just placed her hands on his back and wondering whether these were right.

The lift reaches down and ‘ding’ it sounds making her jerk away. Vicky was coincidentally waiting for the lift down.

“Hey you guys!!! How was your.. i mean his date??” Vicky asks.

“Ask him that” Anika says and pushes the drowsy shivaay on Vicky.

“This guy is drunk again?” Vicky asks as he grabs shivaay by his shoulders and wiggles him.

“It means, you know that he drinks..” She asked him cinfused.

“Yeah.. he drinks! but only when he is..”
Vicky trails but stops.

“When he is..?? Anika asks with a curious face.

Vicky hides a smile and gives shivaay back to Anika. “Let that all be aside. I have an important work. So you take him home safely. He’s totally high.. please bear all his nuisance and take him home safely no.. please please.” Vicky says grabbing his ears and without waiting for a reply he rushed inside the lift and went up.

Hesitantly placing one of her hand on his hip, she drags the staggering shivaay to the parking lot.

“Shit!! Car keys??” Anika shouts as she makes shivaay lean on the car engine.
“It’s in my pant pocket” He says followed by a hiccup.

“Then take it out.” Anika gives a ‘what are you waiting for’ reaction.

“I dont wanna go home. If you wanna go, take the keys and go” He says making Anika jawdrop.

“Ahhhh how do i take the keys from your pant pocket” She silent yells with her cheeks turning pink.

“Awww someone is blushing” Shivaay says as he bends down and takes a clear look of her face opening his drowsy eyes.

“Why aren’t you being the same badass girl that i saw two weeks back ?? You’ve changed! What happened?” He asks concerned. He cups her face and looks into her eyes.

She randomly moves her eyes in nervousness.

“Well, being handsome is not my fault. I cant blame you” he says and gives all those pride reactions.

Narrowing her eyes, she quickly finds the car keys on his front shirt pocket.

“Keyss! Yay!!!! Wait.. before that i should teach him a lesson” She thinks to herself and starts caressing his cheeks.

As if awakened from the alcohol effect, he became all breathing unevenly and tensed seeing her bold act.

She gently cups his face and tiptoeing she stands heighing upto his eyes. His eyes were fixed on hers.

She pouted her face and slowly calmly blew beside his eyes. While he shuts his eyes tightly and clutches his fingers.

She smiles seeing her effect on the drunk shivaay.

“Well, being hot and beautiful isnt my fault. I cant blame you for the effects i have on you” She says with a smirk and places her hand on his chest.

He jawdrops and was about to say something when she quickly pulled the keys of his pocket.

“Im going home. If you wanna come, come. If you dont want to come,..(looks around) see.. that cockroach will eat you” Anika says showing him the cockroach that was running below.

“Mummy… save me.. save me..” Shivaay shouts and jumps into the car soon. She chuckles and hops in the driver’s seat.

They reach home and she somehow drags him till his room. Making him sit on the bed, she rushes to the fridge. She takes out a lemon and runs back to the room.

“Here you go” Anika hands him the lemon. He quickly grabs it and chews it. He makes a disgusting face and fake-pukes.

“Yuckkk… fhat the wuck???” Shivaay says making Anika realise that his alcohol effect has gone.

” wo.. kuch nahi.. tum.. you were drunk, so i had to give you this.” Anika tells him.

“Okay… but ahhh (holding his head) i dont remember anything after the date” Shivaay says with a curious face.

“Even i dont know what happened during the date” Anika muttured. 
“What??” Shivaay asks.

With a tight smile she acts to stretch her hand and yawn. “Haawwww im sleepy bubbye” She says and runs to her room.

She thinks about their moments and secretly a smile escapes her lips.

Shivaay on the other hand, gets a sudden vision of Anika standing closer to him and humming a “hmm”

“Why would she humm standing so close to me?? Something serious has really happened” Shivaay thinks to himself and gulping in a headache tablet he slided down his duvet.

Anika woke up with a smile and sipped her green tea as she steps of out of the kitchen after freshening up. Shivaay comes out in his boxers without knowledge.

Anika turns around quickly after seeing him in that state. “What happened??” Shivaay voices from behind.

She points down without turning. He widens his eyes and runs to his room back to wear something more comfortable and less embarrassing.

Shivaay was still curious to know what happened.

“Anika??” He calls out.
“Hmm??” She replies.

“This ‘hmm’ doesnt have that intensity and huskiness that i heard in my vision” He thinks and narrows his eyebrows even more.

“Shivaay you called me!” Anika asks breaking him from his thoughts.

“Kuch nahi.. so green tea huh??” He asks diverting the topic.

“Yeah. New flavour added with honey” She reples with a tight smile.

“Did you like it??” He casually asks jerking Anika. She drops the cup to the floor gaining a million pieces of the porcelain.


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