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Tu hi hai – shivika part 2

Aditya : Anikaaa
Anika : donot shout on me i am not afraid from you and what you think you will shout and i will come with you Then No you are wrong Mr. Aditya pratap Rathore
Aditya : Donot forget Anika i am your father
Anika : oh common Mr. Rathore i donot care who you are who not because my father on that day when you leave it there is not point talking to you so go away from here this is my house and i donot want any drama
Bhavya : So Mr. Rathore Go away from my dii life what you want why cant you see her happy first you snatch her love now you are behind shivaay bhayia cant you see her happineess
Aditya : Atleast bhavya try to understand she is a love sick fool first she get mad in that blo*dy middle class boy now he shivaay singh oberoi who used to manhandle her everytime he insult her cant you see bhavya make her understand and come back home with her
Someone shout dont you dare Mr. Aditya partap Rathore to shout on my sister
Aditya : Adarsh donot forget they are my daughter i will talk with them whtever i want who are you to talk between us you are her cousin so be in limit
Anika : i love him more than you he is more better than you he is best brother in this world but you are a worst dad in this world
Aditya anger on its peak he try to slap Anika but someone held his hand its swadheenta

Swadheenta : donot dad she is your daughter how could you slap her

Aditya : Atleast you make her understand she is your freind tell her come back what she is doing here leaving her buisness she is busy in solving her ex husband house matter
Swadheenta : dad i will talk to her now you go house
Aditya left from there giving angry glance to Bhavya ADITYA and Anika

Swadheenta : Anikaa
She hug her
Swadheenta : oh god Anika i am meeting you after really a long time you married and divorce also what is this
Anika hug her
Anika : i will explain you later
Anika hug Adarsh bhavya also join them
Anika : Arey bhabhi why are you standing there come join us after all he is your husband
Swadheenta blush
Swadh : shut up and how many time i have to tell you call me my name i am your freind
Anika : okk
Adarsh give angry look to obros
Adarsh : Anika okk i am going i ahve really importent work i will meet you later
He hug her
Anika : okk Mr. Is
He give smile and swadheenta cone home you come with car and leave
Obro in shocked condition they are shockd to see Aniya swadheenta
Swadheenta : waise who is your so called husband (saracastilly)
Anika : its ex husband point toward shivaay
Swadheenta go to shivaay
Swadheenta : what you did with Anika is wrong how could you do this are you human or not Anika bear so much in her life and that time she is going through a bad phase but you make it worst you know what you are not even human
Anika shout swadheenta
Anika : its enough now i agree with you he did bad with me but he regret also he also does so many good thing with me you cant judge him with his one mistake everyone do mistake in our life you also did i also did then he is also why acnt we forgive hima nd you donot know about that situation so leave all this come with me

Anika bhavya drag swadheenta to her room
Shivaay is teary eyes looking at Anika

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