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Here is the next and the last part. So today no more pakau talks. Happy reading. The link for the previous part:
Episode 22

Morning arrived soon. anika woke up to see Shivay sitting beside her and staring him weirdly.

Anika: kya hua?
(what happened?)

Shivay: tum iss… mera matlab tumhe pata tha ki Chulbul mera matlab Gauri….
(you.. I mean you knew that Chulbul….i mean Gauri…)

Anika: bas bas mai samajh gayi…….. haan mujhe pata tha ki wo Chulbul nahi Gauri hai
(wait wait I understood…. Yeah I knew she isn’t Chulbul but Gauri)

Shivay: par tumhe kab kaise pata chala?
(but how and when you came to know?)

Anika:Soumya ki shaadi me
(in Soumya’s marriage)

Shivay: kya? Kya matlab?
(what? What do you mean?)

Anika: jab hum sab Rudra ko dhoondne me busy the tab Chulbul mera matlab Gauri aur mai hum dono back lawn me gaye the. Wahan par Chulbul ke nakli baal khul gaye bare baal nikal aaye aur usne sindoor bhi lagaya hua hai…… to maine usse pucha ki ye kya hai aur tab usne mujhe sab kuch bataya
(when everyone was busy finding Rudra then Chulbul I mean Gauri and me went to the back lawn to find him. There I saw Chulbul’s wig fell off and her long hairs came out. She has applied sindoor on her headline too. So I asked her about it and she explained everything to me)

Shivay: sab… sab kuch matlab ye bhi ki wo aur Om
(everything… that means you knew that she is Om’s…)

Anika: haan Shivay par usne mujhe kisi se bhi kahne ko mana kiya tha isiliye mai bata nahi paayi
(yes Shivay but she requested me not to say this to anyone so I couldn’t say it)

Shivay: aur mujhe laga ki tum usko…… kit…kitna pagal hu mai
(and I thought that you…. How… how much mad am i)

Anika: haan…. Aap bhi Rudra ke saath rahte rahte Duffer Singh Oberoi bante jaa rahe hai. Aapne socha bhi kaise ki mai kisi aur se pya…..
(yes… you also became Duffer Singh Oberoi as a result of influence of Rudra. How can you think that I can love som…)

Shivay put his finger on her lips and hugged her.

Shivay: I love you Anika

Anika: I love you too dumbo

They both laughed out after hearing the word dumbo. The scene shifted to hall where Rudra was instructing everyone to decorate the hall properly.

Soumya: ho gaya Rudra ya aur kuch bhi baaki hai?
(is it done Rudra?)

Rudra: uska favourite ice cream laya koi?
(anyone brought his favourite ice cream?)

Soumya: haan baba fridge me rakha hai
(yes yaar its kept in fridge)

Rudra: aur Sumo listen….

Soumya: hmmm

Rudra: kuch nahi

Soumya: duffer

Soumya turned to go but Rudra pulled her and she collided with his chest. They shared a deep eye lock and Rudra soon wrapped her in his arms.

Om: ahem ahem…… so mr and mrs couple this is hall

Rudra soon left Soumya who ran away from their after listening to her bare baal waale bhaiyaa’s comment. Rudra felt a bit embarrassed and shyed a bit but then being the great Rudy Singh Oberoi started instructing Om to do work as many are left still now. All decorations were done and everyone was waiting for the person who was to come. Only Rumya knew who is coming so everyone is eagerly waiting to see Rumya’s special person. The person entered.

Rudra: dekho wo aa gaya… dekho dekho…. Wo gaya
(look look he came…. Look he came)

Soumya: aa gaya
(he came)

Daadi: arre kaun?

Rudra (pointing towards the door): wo…

Everyone together looks towards the entrance and is very shocked to see Sahil standing at the door. Anika runs towards him and hugs him tight. Shivay too follows her and hugs them both and plants a kiss on Sahil’s hair.

Rudra: to ab shuru Karen?
(now let’s start?)

Everyone: kya?

Rudra: rakhi ka celebration….. aap sab bhul gaye?
(Rakhi celebration….. you all forgot?)

Everyone: arre haan aaj to rakhi hai
(oh yes today is Rakhi)

Rudra: Bhullakkar Singh Oberois…. Saahil inme se koi bhi humse pyaar nahi karte aa mai aur tu hi ek dusre ko rakhi bandhte hai
(Forgetting Singh Oberois…. Sahil these people do not love us so you come here we two will tie rakhi to each other)

Sahil got freed from his Anika didi and SSO and went towards Rudra giving a disgusted looks to everyone. Suddenly everyone burst out laughing leaving Rudra and Sahil in shock.

Rudra: kya hua?
(what happened?)

Everyone: happy Raksha Bandhan

And suddenly flowers starts to fall from up over Rudra and Sahil. Shivay and Om too joined them. After a while all the brothers stood in a line. Anika came at first.

Anika: Shivay haath aage kijiye
(Shivay extend your hand)

Shivay: kyun?

Anika: wo rakhi bandhna hai
(wanna tie the rakhi)

Shivay: kya?? Naaiiii….. mai lut gaya barbaad ho gaya
(what?? Nooo….. I got ruined and destroyed)

Everyone burst out laughing looking at Shivay’s condition. Anika moved forward to Om and tied rakhi to him and then Rudra followed by Sahil. All three of them hugged her and she reciprocated back. Now Gauri came forward and tied rakhi to Shivay, Rudra and Sahil. After her Prinku came and tied rakhi to three O’bros and Sahil. Lastly Soumya came forward and tied rakhi to Shivay and Om. Seeing Soumya moving towards him Rudra soon hid his hand inside his jacket.

Soumya: kya hua?
(what happened?)

Rudra: tumhara irada mujhe kuch achha nai lag raha
(your intentions are not seeming good)

Soumya: duffer

She moved towards Sahil and asked him to extend his hand

Sahil: wo Soumya aisa hai ki mera haath bhar chukka hai rakhi se to tumhari rakhi mai nahi baandh sakta
(actually Soumya my hand has full of rakhis so I cannot tie your one)

Soumya: koi baat nahi mai tumhare keft hand me baandh deti hu
(no problem… I will tie in your left hand)

Sahil: nahi… kkk..koi zarurat nahi hai
(noo… no..not needed)

Soumya: kyun?

Sahil: tum meri dost ho na so please meri bahen mat bano…. I am happy with those three(looking towards Anika, Gauri and Prinku)
(you are my friend right? So please don’t be my sister….. I am happy with those three (looking towards Anika, Gauri and Prinku))

Soumya: ohhooo to ye baat hai.. theek hai to tumhko mai friendship band bandhti hu… chalega?
(ohhooo… so this is the matter…. So can I tie friendship band?)

Sahil: haan…

Soumya soon tied Friendship band to Sahil and hugged him. LAFZON KA YEHH RISHTA NAHIN….. starts playing at the background and the screen freezes at their smiling and laughing faces of everyone. Everyone of the family was together thus completing the family. Everyone was happy. And thus the complete family became complete and contended for ever after.

Here comes the end to this story. How was the journey friends? Just comment below and let me know. And promise will be back with another story soon. and thank you thank you thank you to all of you for supporting. Thank you so so so so so so so much. LOVE YOU ALL. BYE-NILASH
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