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PAIN = LOVE – swaragini ragsan ss- 4

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Ragini fell on the floor with his intensity of the slap.

Sanskar’s eyes were red due to rage .

“What the f**k you are doing ???? Are u nuts ??? Can’t you think what u are doing ??? I thought you were only singing here and ur voice was extremely marvelous , but I never knew u are a bar dancer too !!! Why are you doing like this ???”

Ragini stood with the support of the wall.

Ragini raised her palm to indicate him to stop talking .

“What the hell is your problem mister ??? I know u saved me from that third rated b*t*h !!! I ‘m very thankful to you for it but u can’t decide what should I do or not ??? Why are you so concerned about me ???”

“Because I love u !!!”

Ragini was dumbstruck with his reply . She couldn’t get registered what is happening here . This is the first time I guy is proposing her . Tears were rolling down her milky delicate cheeks .

Sanskar neared her and kissed each and every drop and licked those tears .

Ragini couldn’t take it anymore . She pushed him with all her might .

“Don’t dare u do anything !!!! I know that love is a just a mere word for attraction and lust . There is nothing called love . Men ‘ll drool over you for ur body and once they have s*x they ‘ll throw u like a toy !!! So tell me  for how many hours do u want me ???”


Again ragini received a tight slap from Sanskar.

This time karan came for her rescue . He pulled sanskar with him and asked ragini to go .

He brought sanskar to an isolated place .

“What is your problem sanskar ???? Why are u too cruel to ragini ???”

“Oh u couldn’t see ur lover in pain haa??? That’s why you are here right !!! But don’t u have any sense ??? How could u see ur lover seducing other people???”

That’s enough for karan . He slapped sanskar repeatedly

“One for telling ragu my lover ”

” Second for telling her that she  is seducing people ”

Then karan fell on the floor and started crying !!!

“I ‘m not a very good brother ragu !!! I couldn’t save u from this lustful world.  I don’t know how am I going to pay  for your deeds !!!!”

Sanskar was shocked hearing karan as her brother . He neared karan and placed his hand on his shoulder .

“I ‘m really sorry karan . I really love ragini . I know the pain of leaving ur loved ones . Even I lost my loved one that’s why I’m asking you . Will u give ur precious ragu ‘s for me ??? ”

“Means ????. I couldn’t get u ???”

” I want to marry your ragu !!!”

Karan was extremely  happy . He was on cloud nine .

“But sanskar …….”

“But what tell me !!!”

” My sister has been here for a long time . Many guys tried  to make her as theirs but she wouldn’t go . So u know what they ‘ll do !!! They  bet here very badly . If u see her back u ‘ll get to know !!!!!”

Karan couldn’t speak anymore . Words couldn’t escape from his mouth .

Sanskar hugged him and he cried his heart out .

“So can I take it as positive ??”

“Yeah sanskar !!! My sister is too lucky to get u as her life partner !!!!”

Sanskar ‘s POV

” I know ragini !!! I ‘m really sorry !!! I don’t know What is bothering you but I ‘ll change you . Hereafter u are not miss Ragini , u are Mrs . Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari. I ‘ll get to know about u soon”.

A tear drop from his eyes fell on his ring on his left ring finger . His lips curved into a smile .

“I know kavitha  how u ‘ll be now !!!! I lost u and ur precious love like this only but I ‘ll never leave my ragini !!!!” Saying g this he looked at  the sky and smiled a bit .


Ragini was sitting near the beach and wiped her tears .

“I don’t know how I got trapped here.  I believed in love that too pure and true love that’s why I ‘m here !!! What was sanskar telling !!! He loves me !!! Impossible !!!! But what even I fell for him at first sight !!!! But the mistake I made before made me to suffer.  Sanskar is a pure soul . I don’t want him to suffer because of me !!!! I have to something before sanskar ‘s love increases !!! I should make him to go far away from me . Very far !!!” Wiped her tears and shook her head determinedly.

Sanskar neared her and slid his hand into her curve of her arm and pulled her up .

” What happened sanskar ???”

“I ‘m sorry ms. Sorry Mrs . Ragini !!”

“I ‘m only ms . Not Mrs. Sanskar !!!”

“No u are Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari .”

Saying this he carried her in a bridal style and reached their room .

He closed the room and latched it so that no one can enter.

“What are u doing sanskar ??? Leave me !!!!”

He switched off the lights except for a small bulb .

He took a box and neared her .

He kissed her lips gently and didn’t leave her. 

At first she was shocked but later she tried to escape from his grip .

He held her hands  with his left hand and hugged pressing her hands to his chest and with his right hand. He started removing her shirt buttons .

Ragini was too tired to fight . She already lost her life then what’s there she thought and left . He hugged her tightly and removed her shirt and thrown it down .

Now her chest and his chest were in contact . They both felt current waves passing through their body . He moved her bra strap aside and saw her back through the mirror .

He was literally in a helpless state as he couldn’t see his lover in such a pathetic state . Her back were full of bruises everyone were mostly fresh .

With his right hand he opened that box and and applied that ointment on her wounds by seeing through the mirror .

“Ahhhhh it’s paining sanskar !!!!!” Ragini was hissing in pain .

“Just for few minutes !!!”

Ragini lifted her head to see him . His hot tears fell on her lips .

PRECAP : Their love making !!!!

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