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Samarth keeps shivering in his sleep and suddenly gets up with a jerk. He sees his surroundings and looks at his body that’s under the cooling system.

Samarth: This is all done by that Ishaana. I won’t leave her.
Voice from the door: You will leave me when you will be that capable.
Samarth shocked: Ishaana.
Ishu: What happened got scared? Hows life going?
Samarth: How dear you burn me?
Ishu angrily banging her hand on his side table shouts: HOW DEAR YOU TOUCH ME? THAT NIGHT YOU BURNT ME. HOW DOES IT FEEL.
Samarth helplessly crying: Kill me if you want to but don’t harm me anymore this hurts a lot.
Ishu: Really. Don’t tell this to me I know it better then you. Things haven’t ended between us the journey has just started. WELCOME TO HELL MR. SAMARTH KHORANA I HOPE SO THAT YOU WILL LIKE THE TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE.
Samarth scared and shivering speaks fumbling: Wh.. What..What… Do you…mean… W… What…. Are y..yu…you… Going to… D… D… Do.
Ishaana grabbing his collar: You will know it soon.
Let’s take him.
She says to Shivaay and Karan who were standing at the door. Both nod and take him to the car.
Karan: Ishu you leave.
Ishu: Ya. But be careful about the security.
Shivaay: You don’t worry about that.

Shivaay and Karan in disguise of ward boys take Samarth out after injecting him carefully hiding from everyone’s view.

Ishaana sits in her car and leaves to the stadium.

Today I need a lot of strength. Strength to hold myself I can’t back off today these people will learn their lesson at any cost.

RuMaya had gone to Rampur Village between Mumbai-Pune highway and after excusing themselves they start looking for the accident site. They click many pictures and send those pictures to everyone. After a week of their trip they go to a farther place from highway named Rajgarh.


Rudra: Saumya do you think we will find something here.
Saumya: I don’t know Rudra but we will have to search.
Rudra: Saumya this place is so isolated who will stay here accept for lions and cheeta.
Saumya: Shut up Rudy.
While walking they come across an old withered out workstation with few security guards.
Rudra: There is nothing here.
Saumya: Wait Rudy.
Rudra cribbing: Yaar Sumo my legs are paining let’s sit here.
Saumya gives in to his melodrama as he was getting highly irritating.
Rudra takes out his phone and begins to click selfies.
Saumya in irritated tone: What the hell are you doing Rudra?
Rudra: Clicking selfies you too come. We will click together.
Saumya makes not so pleased face but Rudra clicks the selfie and posts on facebook.
Saumya: Rudra you are mad.
Both of them leave the place.

Prinku sees the pics and comments: Are you guys Sur about choosing them for searching.
Karan: Why so?
Prinku showing the pics: Because of this.
Karan smiles: They look good together.
Prinku: Very funny.
Ishu snatching the phone: Let me also see.
She sees the pics smilingly but soon something strikes her head and her expressions change to utmost serious one.
Anika: What happened Ishu?
Ishu: Is this Rajgarh.
Karan: Yes that’s what is written. But what’s up with you.
Ishu: Wait a second.
She gets up and gets a laptop after connecting the mobile with laptop she projects the pictures.
Ishu: Are you all seeing that building.
All nod.
Ishu: When for my documentary I had gone to Rajgarh at that time this building was in worse condition completely deteriorated like khandar. But now this seems to be improved to great extent plus these guards.
Shivaay: Maybe somebody had adopted the place and maybe they would be working on it.
Ishu: Impossible because when I went there this place belonged to scientists who was doing some research work here and when I asked why doesn’t gets this place renovated then he said that he will never do that as this place looks best like this only.
Everybody looks at her curiously.
Anika: Is it possible that…
Ishu: I think so.
Om: I will call Rudy and ask him to check the place.
Ishu: Ask him to be careful.
Om: Don’t worry he will be alright.

Rudra: Did you see Sumo the ideas you were calling flop only helped us.
Saumya: Whatever.
Rudra raises his collars flauntishly.
They both after reaching the old workshop move towards the main gate but guards stop them.
Guard: What are you doing here?
Rudra: We want to go in.
Guard: Do you have permission.
Rudra: Why do we need permission?
Saumya covers: Actually we got lost here in jungle and we are really tired just want to spend some time to get relaxed then we will leave.
Guard: Then sit outside on benches.
Both look at each other and nod.
Saumya after few minutes: Can we get some water.
Guard nods and asks the other one to get water.
After a while as they found no way they decided to leave.
While walking back Rudra keeps cribbing.
Rudra: Yaar Sumo what were you doing I would have talked to him.
Saumya: Are you mad Rudy we do not have to come in anyone’s eyes.
Rudra: Fine. (after a while of thinking ) I have an idea.
Saumya: No thanks.
Rudra: Hye don’t insult my brilliant idea without listening to it.
Saumya to avoid further argument gives in: Speak.
Rudra: No speak only action come with me.
Saumya: Have you lost it.
Rudra: Not me but these guards will loose it.
They both go to the other side of the building hiding from the guards.
Saumya: What will we do now.
Rudra: Wait Sumo.
I will climb and go inside and then I will check.
Saumya: Idea is good but it’s dangerous.
Rudra: No problem we can do this much at least.
Saumya nods.
Rudra: You stay here I will go.
Saumya: Okay be careful.

Rudra climbs the wall but sees a camera and hides back.

Saumya: What happened?
Rudra: CCTV.
Saumya bangs her head: Shit. Now what.
Rudra: No idea.
Saumya with Rudra’s help climbs the wall and to their luck the camera was just on the wall they were climbing. Saumya sees a fire extinguisher on the same wall.
Saumya: Rudra get that fire extinguisher.
Rudra: There is no fire here.
Saumya: Just shut up and get it.
Rudra: But how. I am not a spider man.
Saumya: For what have you made this body. Useless burger.
Rudra: Fine I will get but don’t hurt my ego.
Saumya nods, with much difficulty Rudra hangs on the wall very carefully and gets the fire extinguisher.
Saumya: Are you okay.
Rudra nods.
Rudra: Now what.
Saumya hits the fire extinguisher on the ground opening it and then sprays it in the front of the camera.
Rudra: What will happen because of this.
Saumya: Camera is gone now. Go inside.
Rudra: True we both are body with brain combo.
Saumya angrily: WHAT?
Rudra: Ya my body and your brain we can be the best detectives in the world.
Saumya nods her head in disbelief and signs him to go inside. He leaves and after going inside with his mobile he makes video and with his camera he clicks pictures.

Once they are done they move back but get caught by the guard. Both of their eyes widen with shock.

Guard: What are you both doing here again?
RuMaya look at each other nervously right now all they wanted is to run away from here.
Saumya fumbling: Act… Actually w… We…
Rudra speaks quickly: We again got lost.
Saumya having a brief sigh: Ya we again missed our path.
Guard who was in no mood to buy their lie this time questioned them: What are you both doing here?
Saumya: We are here for our college workshop.
Guard: Show me your phones and this camera.
Rudra tries to resist but the guard snatches the camera and checks it. He looks at them angrily, both RuMaya entangle their hands murmuring prayers.
Guard finally returns the camera as he didn’t find anything.
Guard: Your phone.
RuMaya give their phone. First he checks Saumya’s phone on not finding anything returns it back then he begins to check Rudra’s phone.
Guard: Password.
Rudra takes the phone and opens it. But this time also the guards do not find anything.

Om: But how come he didn’t find anything
Om asks as RuMaya narrated them their brief adventure story.
Rudra raising his collar: Because I am really smart.
Shivaay: Stop this self praising session and answer what has been asked.
Rudra making bad faces answers: I just opened the app corner and that duffer guard thought that I had given access to my entire phone.
Om: What’s app corner?
Rudra: My phone is windows so it has a customized app corner to give access to limited apps of phone to intruders I used it when my friends use to interfere unnecessarily in my phone.
Everybody gives him highly impressed look.
Saumya: But how did camera’s chip came in my pocket.
Rudra: Because duffer I kept it. I knew maybe those guards do our checking. They won’t touch you as you are a girl so I kept it in your pocket.
Anika: WOW Rudy you are so smart.
Rudra nods gleaming happily.
Karan to ShivKara: He has actually grown up.
Both nod smilingly.
Om: I don’t know how much more is he going to surprise us.
Everybody looks proudly at him.
Rudra: Bhaiya I am feeling hungry lets cook something today it has been long for our O BRO moments.
ShivKara give each other “he will never change” look. Both smile at him and nod.

Ishu reaches the stadium with her crew and they set their positions and as soon as Khorana enters they start with their news session too.
Khorana comes to Ishu first and whispers: Good luck sweetheart.
Ishu who was giving a stern look to him smiles and says: Better luck next time.
Khorana feels taken aback by her words but doesn’t pay much heed to it and walks to the centre of the stadium followed by Priyanka who leaves giving a meaningful smile to Ishu who returns the same.

Priyanka: Please sit sir. I will give a last minute look to all the arrangements.
Khorana a little scared: No no no stay here with me.
Prinku nods and sits besides him.

Shivaay who sees this smiles and thinks “do whatever you want Khorana but today your end is intended keeping my sister with you isn’t going to protect you anywhere because the blast which we will do will reach you only and not my sister.”

Slowly the entire stadium fills up and as everybody is sitting on the stands Prinku takes the dice.

Prinku: Namashkaar aap sab ka iss samarho mai hardik swaagat hai.
(Good morning, I extend a warm welcome to all of you for this campaign.)
As many of you may know that this is first digital Indian campaign and here we will welcome your problems and questions not only from the people present here but from the people of all around India by connecting with them live via facebook. So let’s start.

Abeer is standing leaning on the car when Meher comes there.
Meher placing her hand on his shoulder calls him: Abeer.
Abeer looks at her with pain beaming in his eyes: Say.
Meher: I choose my side.
Abeer nods.
Meher: Will you stand by me.
Abeer: I don’t know.
Meher: But I will.
Abeer looks at her as she smiles brightly. Abeer pulls her in a hug.
Abeer: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am sorry.
Meher: No Abeer you weren’t wrong ever it was me who was at fault. Now forget all this.
She wipes his tears.
Meher: Today is a big day for all of us. Just be with me.
Abeer nods and kisses her forehead.
Abeer: Meher it needs guts to raise your voice against injustice but it takes away your life to stand against your own father. Thank you.
Meher holding Abeer’s hand: We are passengers of same boat.
Abeer nods and hugs her trying his best to comfort both of them.
Abeer: Will we succeed.
Meher: Yes TOGETHER WE WILL. And you don’t worry all of us are with you. Everytime they can’t use us like puppets and play with us this time it’s us on their side of fence and they are on our side. We will show them the game changer.
Abeer: Yes.
Meher getting out of the hug: It’s time for the big bang. Let’s go.
Abeer nods and both go inside the stadium with Karan and sit on the stands. While on other side Kuber who reached the stadium after doing security check goes and sits with Khorana.

While Om is with Ishaana all the while who is busy with live telecast but his presence is the best assurance to her. Without him she would have never been here why only him without her entire family she is nothing completely nothing.

For Rudra he is with Saumya at the back stage managing the projector for a big bang.

While Shivaay and Anika are outside the stadium with Samarth in ambulance waiting for the right time to come.




Stay blessed
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