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Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani Part-10 (Destiny plans Dr.Kabir and Saanchi’s marriage Accidentally).

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The story starts :
Rahul left the place.
Pragya and Isha comes to Saanchi and Dr.Kabir.
Pragya : Thank u so much Dr.kabir.Thank u Saanchi.
Saanchi : No need to thank me.If u really want to thank,then thank Dr.Kabir.
Pragya : Saanchi u r right.Thank u so much Dr.kabir.

Dr.kabir : It’s ok Pragya.One thing u keep in ur mind.Actually what i did is wrong?I did all this for ur study sake.I don’t want any disturbance in ur studies.U must complete ur internship successfully in
Then i will accept ur thanks.
Actually in today’s generation every girl must have their own capacity to do their things on their own and must have the capacity to stand on their own legs.

My opinion is a Women/Girl must be like a spark and Independent not dependent? Before marriage or after marriage.

Then society will give u the respect which u deserves?Ok.Is everything clear.

Saanchi,Pragya,Isha : Yes sir.
Kabir laughs.
(Because he is laughing).
Dr.Kabir : Why u r all looking shocked?
Pragya : Wo…Actually sir u r laughing know?

Dr.Kabir : Oh God!Come on Dr.Pragya?I  am also a humanbeing.I too have some feelings and emotions to express!Any ways this is my off time.
Saanchi : Is it?
(Saanchi in mind : Thank God.He didn’t forgot he is also a human being?)
Dr.Kabir : What do u mean Dr.Saanchi?
Saanchi : Nothing sir.Actually……?

Dr.Kabir : I know,i am little bit strict in hospital.
Saanchi,Pragya,Isha open their mouths.
Dr.kabir : U trio please close ur mouths. Other wise mosquitoes makes their ways to enter inside ur mouths.
Saanchi : Sir it’s not fair!

Dr.Kabir : What Mosquitoes?
Isha,Pragya : No.Tell us u r little bit strict in hospital?How can u say this sir?
Dr.Kabir : Ok then!Shall i give u all record room duty punishment for 1 week?
Saanchi,Pragya,Isha at a time says NO DR.KABIR!DO ANYTHING BUT NOT THAT!
Dr.Kabir : Ok,then listen to me!Because for me” My Duty” comes first.Any other things matters me only after my duty.
Saanchi : Beauty next?
Dr.Kabir : What?

(I heart out my feelings and i myself give chance to match stick to burn?)

(Now u r out bae Saanchi?)

(Oh my god!Now Dr.Kabir will do brain wash of Saanchi?)

To the shock Dr.Kabir laughs and lightens the climate…from catching fire…

Dr.kabir : Yes Dr.Saanchi.Beauty next.
Saanchi smiles.
Pragya,Isha too smiles and takes relief breath.
Dr.Kabir : It’s not safe or good for us to stay here.So u two go back to ur hostel.
I will drop Dr.Saanchi.
Pragya,Isha left the place giving naughty smile to their friend Saanchi.

Dr.kabir : Dr.Saanchi we must walk some distance long because i park my car at the back of restaurant.I hope u don’t have any problem?
Dr.Saanchi : No problem sir.
Dr.kabir’s one of the shoe shoelace looks open.
Saanchi saw this,she bends down to tie his shoelace.
Dr.Kabir : Dr.Saanchi what r u doing?
Dr.Saanchi : Dr.Kabir i am tieing ur shoelace.

Dr.Kabir : No need to do all these things?
I can do my things on my own.
Dr.Saanchi : Please stay silent for some time.
Dr.Kabir : Ok fine.
Dr.kabir opens the gift presented by Rahul.
Just then 6 goons r coming towards them.
Saanchi is tieing shoelace and Dr.Kabir is busy in staring the mangalsutra written with Letters ‘KS’ mixing in one form.
So they didn’t saw the goons coming towards them.

Out of 6 goons,One goon came towards Dr.Kabir and stabbed him in his stomach area.
Dr.Kabir’s mind gets blanked for the second.Due to sudden attack and sudden changes around him.
The blood started bleeding,Slowly in the form of drops…to heavy flow just like rain.
Slowly the blood drops starts flowing down and Dr.kabir’s blood fills Saanchi’s hair line just like Sindhoor…
Saanchi seeing his blood drops,She looks up and shocked to the core seeing Dr.Kabir’s position.
Dr.kabir holds Mangalsutra in his right hand.He leaves that mangalsutra,it comes and falls in Saanchi’s neckline.

Saanchi stood up in shock.Her world become up and down for the

Saanchi loudly shouts Dr.kabir.And shouts for HELP.

Saanchi starts crying.Tears start falling from her eyes continuously like rain.Her eyes become red.Saanchi is breaking seeing Dr.Kabir’s condition.Why she don’t know?

One Goon stabbed Dr.kabir again twice in his stomach area.

Dr.Kabir shouts with pain.He shouts in air calling “MAA” word loudly.

There in home.Kusum starts sweating and worrying for kabir.

Dr.Kabir takes Saanchi’s duppatta and ties it tightly in his injured place to stop bleeding.He holds Saanchi’s hand and keep Saanchi safely at the back side of him.

Dr.Kabir fight with goons.He tries his best but the injury part starts giving him much pain.He slowly loosing his conscious and grip to fight.

Just then one tempo came and one oil tin falls on floor from the tempo.One goon is smoking at the same time.He throws the cigarette down.
Oil catches fire quickly.

Dr.Kabir again got his conscious.He hold Saanchi’s hand.Saanchi too hold his hand tightly.

The place totally catches ? fire.

They are totally puzzled.How to get out from that place safely?

Unknowingly they r taking vows around fire.They take these vows to become/stand as strength for each other.

Dr.kabir : I am with u Saanchi.I will be ur strength.He took one round around fire.
Saanchi : I have full trust on u sir.I will be ur strength.She took one round around fire.
Dr.kabir : What ever will happens?Let it be happen?All my wealth is your’s and my responsibilities are your’s?He took one round around fire.
Dr.Saanchi : Whatever will happens let it be happen?But i will share both ur sorrows and joys.I will share not only ur happiness but also ur tough times too. She took one round around fire.
Dr.Kabir : If any thing happens to me? Take care of my maa.He took one round around fire.
Saanchi : I will take care of ur maa as my own maa and i will be with u forever in each and every danger.She took one round around fire.
Dr.Kabir : We will remain as friends life long to know each other.He took one round around fire.

Finally they take all 7 vows and they r married as per customs and culture.Now they r considered as WIFE & HUSBAND for 7 births.

Some goons died in that fire accident. Some one called Fire service department. So the fire department arrived on correct time and save Saanchi and Dr.kabir.

Saanchi got some small injuries.

Saanchi and Dr.Kabir both r safe.Dr.kabir was admitted in hospital.

Destiny wants to bring them closer.
So their destiny make plans and unite them in unknown relationship OR Tie them in this life long relationship.

So my title name : Meri Manjil Maa Ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani.

Meaning : My Goal is to fulfill my mom’s dream and i strucked in unknown relation ship.

I hope now u all understand.Why i give this title name?

PRECAP : Saanchi gives her blood to Dr.Kabir and save her husband’s life.
Dr.Kabir gain conscious.Saanchi starts feeding him soup to recover him soon and feel him better/fresh.
Saanchi talks continuously to Dr.Kabir.
Saanchi’s lips attracts Dr.kabir.In order to calm her,Dr.Kabir kisses her on her lips.

Did u guys like it?

I hope u all love this part.I know this is worse part because kabir stabbed by goons.But every thing will be fine.

In many FF’s i saw kabir gave his name to Saanchi to fulfill her dream.I try some thing new.I hope u guys liked it.

Please give ur valuable comments.U can share ur feelings & u can give your own opinions & suggestions on FF.Any doubt just comment me.

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