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Mahakaali 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 12th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sati is getting burned, Daksh angrily looks at her, Sati falls down after burning… flashback ends. Shiv says that was end of Sati but every end is starting of new birth and this is how Parvati was born, Parvati says how is all this connected to Mahakali? Shiv says every start and end is connected to Mahakaal.. flashback shows Shiv crying and screaming in anger when suddenly Mahakali appears infront of him, he is stunned and says I disappointed you, Mahakali says this is not time to regret but to take action before start of end begins. Mahakali grows in size showing her power, she says I am Kaali, I have come to kill evil, I reign over bad people and control them, I am wrath on injustice. Shiv takes on power from her, he screams and throws away clip tucking his hair back, he starts

fire, he burns in fire and creates fearful Veerabhadra that is shadow of him and Kaali. Kaali looks at him. Shiv says you are with Kaali and me, you have come here to end evils, go and finish them, Veerabhadra leaves.

Veerabhadra arrives at Daksh’s palace, he screams and whole palace shudders. Priest says to Daksh that this end of your ego and anger. Daksh says I am Daksh and nobody can put me down, what he thought that he can marry my daughter? I destroyed his ego, he took away my daughter so I finished his wife.

Shiv and Kaali are doing tandav.

Vishnu says to Daksh that Shiv’s wife was your daughter too, you failed as a father. Daksh says I did right thing, the daughter who puts her father down should be burned like that. Priest says Sati didnt insult her father but you have disappointed your father, if you have a little regret and fall in Shiv’s feet and ask for forgiveness otherwise the ego that made you end your daughter will get you killed too. Daksh says I am Daksh, I can never be wrong and nobody have guts to end me. Vishnu says you cant even hear whats coming for you, Shiv and Kaali’s creation Veerabhadra is coming to take your life. Veerabhadra comes out of Daksh’s palace, Daksh asks his soldiers to end him. Vishnu says if you want to save your life then apologize to Shiv for taking away Sati, Daksh says I will never bow down to him. Priest says then get ready to be killed, those who dont bow down, they get heads cut.
Veerabhadra starts killing Daksh’s soldiers. He doesnt let anyone go near him. One soldier comes to Daksh and says Veerabhadra has ended all army, I suggest.. Daksh says I dont want your suggestion, I have biggest power of this place. Daksh says to Vishnu that you promised to protect me so control Veerabhadra, you have to protect this place and society so stop that Veerabhadra, Vishnu looks on.
Veerabhadra is killing soldiers outside Daksh’s palace, Vishnu comes there. Veerabhadra says I know why you have come here but I have to fulfill Kaali’s order so dont come inbetween it, Vishnu says I am tied to my promise too, Veerabhadra says if I have to fight you? Vishnu says you do your work and I will follow my path. Vishnu attacks Veerabhadra and traps him. Kaali comes there and says who dared to stop Veerabhadra. Vishnu says I dont have any choice, I am tied to Daksh by a promise. Kaali says I have come to free to you too. Kaali frees Veerabhadra and says go on and punish everyone for Sati, tell them that whenever society tries to do injustice with a woman then they will have to bear the punishment, Veerabhadra goes in palace.
In palace, Daksh says I told you all that I have powerful person to protect me, there is no one who can finish Daksh like that. Daksh turns around and is shocked to see Veerabhadra standing there, he says to Vishnu that this cant be happening, you promised to protect me, Vishnu says I fulfilled my promise but there is a power bigger than me and she freed Veerabhadra from my trap. Priest says I told you Daksh that you will regret all this but time will not be in your favor then. Daksh says its impossible. Kaali arrives there, Daksh gets scared.

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