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Let’s talk about love (kanchi saga…. Few shots by abhilasha) shot 7 (special episode of confession)

Hello guys ….this journey is near its end and really without you all I am nothing ….thank u to all of u for ur support and love.ur beautiful cmnts enlighten me and made my day….so lets not waste more time of u people with my senti talks and lets start with the second last shot!!!
As both sanchi and veer agreed though unwantingly for marriage their marriage was decided in 2 days.
One day was about to over . at night sanchi’s room-

Sanchi’s pov
Am I doing right ? I love kabir but……….he don’t loves me ……but veer ….i wont be able to give him love ………..hey kanhaji plz help me. No sanchi u cant be weak …u have aalready hurted ur mom too much now if she wants something than u have to do this .i will marry him.
On the other hand kabir was deeply engrossed in his thoughts or sanchi’s thoughts-
Why I m not happy ?? My frnd is marrying then???? Why its hurting …no kabir don’t overthink . u should concentrate on ur work .

Both slept thinking about each other .
Next day-
Veer came to sdch to inform his friends about his marriage. He then collides with swara and swara was about go fall but veer hold her with her waist and both shared an eyelock . Both parted.
Veer- swara I m marrying .
It was a thunderclap for swara ..her heart …her world were broken ?…….she wanted to cry but calmed herself and fakely smiled.
Swara- congratulations veer.
Veer- are u happy?

Swara- ofcourse yar its my bff marriage.
Veer- swara you always took me as ur bestie?
Swara- why are u talking like this dumbo….now inform garv or he will kill u.
Swara leaves while veer was upset due to her behavior but himself was confused.
Swara went to store room and cried bitterly.
Sanchi too came to isha and pragya at a restaurant.
Sanchi was not eating anything …ishagya knew the reason.
Isha- sanchi why r u doing this?

Sanchi- what r u saying?….its my decision and I m happy.
Pragya- abe oo madam we know that u r unhappy so…
Sanchi cuts her…
Sanchi- plzz yar I just want that my mum becomes happy.

She left ……
Lets skip to marriage day-
Mishra mansion was lightly decorted as it was a private marriage where only family and close friends were present….
Sanchi was geeting ready for the marriage but still was lost in kabir’s thoughts……
At kabir’s home-
Kabir was locked in his room whereas kusum was banging the door continuously…
Kusum- kabir beta open the door …ur love is going to marry someone else save it …..kabir open the door.

Here kabir was in floods of tears …yes ge was crying…
Kabir to himself – yaa maa u r right I lve her but its too late now …..she don’t lves me either … love was not meant to be complete…..
He after long duration opened the door …..

Here veer was sitting in the mandap but he was really unhappy….he was reminiscing the moments spend with swara.
Then sanchi came in red bridal lehenga with a veil on her face.
Scene shifted to kabir’s house
Kusum- beta she loves u …atleast try once to confess ur feelings or u will be too late ….true love is something which we get after doing millions of good deeds …go beta go.
Kabir- u r right maa….i will go whatever consequences maybe I will go.
He left for sanchi’s house …he was driving his car at a fast speed…sanchi’s face was revolving around him.
He finally reached to sanchi’s house-

But he was dumbstruck to her te words spoken by the priest-Marriage is completed u r husband and wife now.
His dreams were shattered…he had lost his love …his life…his soul…
He was about to go then savitri called-
Kabir wont u give best wishes to my son an dil ….
veer- wont u meet my wife?

The bride unveils …to kabir’s shock and surprise she was swara not sanchi.
Kabir – swara!!! …..if u r married to swara then sanchi…where is she?
Flashback starts-
Veer was not feeling good..he realized that he loves swara….he stood up ..
Veer- I cant marry u sanchi…I love swara ….
Bride stood up and unveils and revealed to be swara……
Sanchi came from behind-
Sanchi- I saw the first day only that u both love each other truly …..who am I to come in between…nor everyone in world get his/her love.
Veer- thank u so much sanchi ….i just wish that u too get ur love.
Swaveer hugged each other tightly .
Veer asked how it happened…..swara narrates him how savitri jaya and kusum along with ishagya narrates her about kanchi’s love and also sanchi told her that she is perfect for veer and she wanted to make him realise his love. Sanchi and swara exchanges their dress and swara sat on sanchi’s place .

Veer was so happy …both sat for marriage.
Flashback ends.
Kabir was surprised that it was the trio mother’s plan to make their children accept their love.
But kabir again asked-
Where is sanchi?
Suddenly lights went off….

A spotlight came on a pretty girl in pink and golden simple elegant lehenga with large golden earrings.
She was ofcourse sanchi-
She started singing-

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon
Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Haa.. Aa..
Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke

Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke
Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar
Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Haa.. Aa.
Kabir’s world was at rest ….he never ever imagined that someone can love him this much…
Sanchi came near him
Sanchi bent on her knees- I know you are hitler but for me you aree the bestest person …..you are the reason for living my life ….will you give me right to be called ur mrs hitler?…will u marry ur ms tsunami?
This was the best moment for kabir in his life ….life which gave him only pain an made him emotionless ……he realised his value ….meaning of life…
He too bend on his knees and said-

Yes ms tsunami I want to be ur kabir …betterhalf………I want to capture u in my heart in my life …not only this one but for my all births…..will you marry me?
Sanchi- ofcourse yes ….love u kabir….
Kabir-I love u sanchi …my each breath has ur name….my life is urs.
Both hugged each other.
Lights came.
All clapped for the lovely couple.
Both came and took blessings of their mothers and elders.

Sanchi hhugged swaveer.
Ishagya- oye u missed us afterall we were the script writers of this drama.
Sanchi- how can I forget u my sweetis …love uh both a lot…
Kanchi- thank u maa and aunty.
kusum- no need of thanks …infact we wanted it from starting to marry both of u.
Jaya- yaa kabir and sanchi …..my main motive was this only … training was just excuse.
Both were little bit shocked of this but smiled an hugge each other.
Ishagya and swaveer- so this calls for a grand wedding.
All cheers.


Precap- a grand wedding along with all rituals and some romantic moments.

So done with these guys and be ready for last shot and bid a cheerful good bye to this.love uh all …….and please give ur lovely cmnts.

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