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Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 67)

Episode 67

Pearl art gallery

Some one called Ishana from back

Excuse me Mam
Ishana no reply
Again the man called her dis time with little loudly Excuse me Mam.

Ishana who was standing look toward the man …….there she come out from dreams ( ya guys she was dreaming all that happened in episode 66)

Ishana- yes?

Man – Mam sir is really busy right now so it will take more thn 2 hours …..so if u want u can leave and come aging later and will fix ur appointment with sir thn their will be no problem.

Ishana – but !

Om secretary – Mam its waste to wait Here right now u already waiting from last one hours.

Ishana think for a while and thn she agree

Man- Mam what’s ur name?? I will fix the appointment .

Ishana- ish…….( mrs Oberoi) that will be fine .

Man -k
And sorry .

Ishana- pass a smile and leave ……..she was all lost in her thought that how again she will find courage to face om and so on.

Other side om cabin meeting is going on.

Om – I am very glad that I like ur work and u r planning to invest too.

Client- ya I am very much impressed with ur work mr om……well one think I want to see!

Om- ya what is it?

Client- I have heard that ur art gallery is very beautiful so can I have a tour.?

Om- smile and replied ya sure come .

Both head towards the cabin door.

Ishana was near the gate all lost ……..Rohan saw Ishana from distance I called her name but as she was lost she was not able to listen.

Now Ishana was almost in the middle of main road ……so many cars and truck r moving.

rohan now shout more loudly but no use….and he can’t call her as his phone was in car

other side om was showing the art gallery.

om art gallery was fully glass made

So from inside the view of the road was all clear.

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