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Ha sikha meine jeena mere humdam…… [part 1] [THE FRIENDS CORNER] by neptune…

Hellllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everyone….
Thanks to all those who commented.. am glad you people liked the prologue.. thanks to all the silent readers too.
I hope that you people like the story too… ‘fingers crossed for that’.

Ok so without wasting any time further lets start with the story…..
And here we land in SWASANLAND…….

St joseph school…….
The school was one of the most famous school in the entire Mumbai. It was not only famous for its academics performance and good teaching skills but also known due for the extra-curricular activities as well.
The infrastructure was vast and beautifully constructed.
It was 7:15 in the morning and the students were just arriving at the school.
The school assembly would start at sharp 7:30 am.
We could see a great hustle-bustle going on the school.
The students playing on the playground. Some of them running in the corridors.
Some sitting in the class and talking.
Amongst all these things we can see a cute girl running behind a boy shouting at him.
While the boy was running with all his might to save himself.
Girl : [running] kheluuuuuuuuu… ruk tu.. abhi tujhe mazaa chakhati hu…. [kheluuuuuuu.. just wait and see how I teach you a good lesson…..
Khelu or we better say khelan was just running with as much as speed as he can.
He was fat guy.. well not so fat but a little golu….
Khelan: arre shonu sorry yaar.. tu itni chotti si baat pe itna zyaada kyun bhadak rahi hai… [arre shonu am sorry yaar.. why are you being angry at such a small thing haa…]Shonu…. Hmm I guess I don’t need to introduce her to you all she’s none other then our dear SHONA or we can say SWARA MEHTA…..
Swara was running behind him to catch him and she was so close to him…..

But.. but …. But at the end time he entered his escaping place where swara could not enter even if she wants too… any guesses abou the place……

Well well well….. no need to stress all your brains too much..

He entered into the BOYS WASHROOM…
While swara just fumed in anger seeing this….
Swara : [stamping her foot] huh!!! Fir se bach gaya…. Agli baar to mein use chodungi nahi… [Huh!!! He escaped again…. Next time to I will definitely not leave him……
While swara was cursing him under her breath.. khelan was dancing there in the washroom.
When all this akdam-bakdam was going on 1 girl and 2 boys came near her…
They all were none other then swara’s besties.
They were 5 people in the group.
Swara Mehta.
Vedant parasrampuria.
Shrutu joshi.
Vaibhav kumar. And khelan shah…..
Shrutu : [chuckling] kya huva shonu… Khelu phir se bach ke bhag gaya….. [what happened shonu… Khelu escaped again]While swara just glared at her angrily….
Vedant : ha ha to abhi bhag gaya to kya hua use assembly mein to aana hi padga na tab dekhlenge use…. [haa so what if he ran away now. He will have to come in assembly naa, we will see him there only]While vaibhav who didn’t know what was going on as he came late to school today was just going to ask them what’s going on but couldn’t as the bell rang and they all moved towards the assembly ground.

so let me introduce all the characters…
SWARA MEHTA : a cute chubby, bubbly girl. Very talkative, active. A bundle of energy. The DISCIPLINE HEAD OF THE SCHOOL…. Well many of them laugh at that…. Loves her friends very much… her father died when she was hardly 3 and since then it’s her mother who has bought her up… but her mother and her crazy friends filled all the empty voids in her life so she never felt the void of her father’s death. She’s the topper of the class with many tough competitors. Over all a full on crazy and ready to live life type girl.
SHRUTU JOSHI: a sweet, cute, girl. She talks really less with unknown people and other classmates so all of them assume her to be reserved. But only her friends know how she is in real…. Always teases swara and never takes her side when she and khelan fights….. a topper but sometimes goes down.
VEDANT PARASRAMPURIA: a sweet, handsome, calm boy…. Very much matured. Always takes swara’s side when she and khelan fights.
VAIBHAV KUMAR : a sweet, simple mastikhor [mischievous] boy. Always becomes pissed in between the 2 fighting pairs formed in the class.
KHELAN SHAH: acute, naughty, golu boy.. teases swara a lot. They both fight a lot.

So guys these are all swara’s friends soon going to be sanskaar’s friends too.
Their group is known as FRIENDS CORNER… 4 totally crazy people can be seen here.

In the assembly.
Everyone were standing in a queue. Different for boys and girls.
Swara and shrutu were standing parallel to vaibhav and vedant and they were signalling something to each other.
Khelan came there peeping and hiding carefully. He was behaving like he hasn’t seen them and was going to stand on the back of the line but as he passed them vedant and vaibhav caught him and made him stand between them. when the prayer was going on everyone were praying with closed eyes while khelan was just praying for his safety.
But as soon as the prayer ends vedant who was standing at his back kicks him tightly on his leg.
Khelan’s eyes pop out from his sockets and he hardly suppresses his screams.
At the same time vaibhav who was standing on his front kicks him back on his knee.
While khelan just suppresses his screams and makes a crying face.
While swara who was seeing this suppresses her laugh and signs thumbs up to them.
Yes guys you are right all this was swara’s plan. They were taking care that no teacher spots them doing so or else they are gone……

After the assembly ends.
All the students were going to their respective lines.
They all were going in a queue but as soon as they come out of teachers site they start running and walking in groups and start doing masti.
Swara again began running behind khelan, as she was running behind him she hit someone.
The other person was also looking somewhere, she strike with him but didn’t turn to look at him.
She just shouted a sorry and ran away behind him.
While that other person was just giving her an angry look and was murmuring that how arrogant she is.
He saw her catching up that fat boy [khelan] and beating him up….
He became more shocked and murmured : huh!!! Weird girl but soon went away from them.
Class 9th b.
All the students were sitting on their places as teacher was present in the class.
Swara was sitting with her bench partner [as teacher gave them their places]A new boy was standing along with her. Everyone in the class were busy examining him while swara was busy doing something in her notebook.
Teacher : students this your new friend SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI.
As soon as the teacher announced his name swara looked up from her book and saw him.
Her eyes were examining him carefully. She found him a nice, cute decent boy.
After examining him she again looked into her book.
While Sanskaar who was seeing her movements found her quite different. While girls would just be lost admiring him, or checking him out this girl saw him just not more than a minute.
This thought irked him a lot. It literally did hurt his ego. While the teacher just finished introducing him, he went and sat beside khelan.
They both introduced themselves and soon became friends.
The classes went on.
SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI: a new boy who just shifted to Mumbai… a handsome, dashing, smart guy… girls die for his one look. Hi father had an extra marital affair due to which he lost love on love. Remains silent, slightly egoistic.
During the lunch break khelan introduced Sanskaar to everyone in the group.
While everyone said a hi to him and talked to him, swara just gave him a small smile and shaked hand with him.
Small talks were going on and swara went to washroom with shrutu.
Just then Sanskaar realised something.
Sanskaar : [to himself] wasn’t this the same girl who collided to me in the morning?? [to khelan] she was running after you in the morning right??
Khelan : [almost making a crying face] yup she always does like this.. she always tortures me…..
Vedant : ohoo!!! Mr Khelu… it was your mistake only okay.. first you tortured her.. no not only us you tortured all of us and then she ran behind you.
Sanskaar was just shocked hearing them.
Sanskaar : what did he do??
Vedant : he told that stupid joke.. you know I was almost crying hearing his joke.
Sanskaar : [curios] achaa. What was the joke…..
Khelan : [excitedly] you wanna hear it.. you know this is the first time someone wants to hear my joke.
Ok then listen….
Ek diwaar ne dusri diwaar se kya kaha?? [what did one wall tell to another??]Sanskaar : [confused]………..[thinking deeply]………. [not getting anything] kya kaha??
Khelan : usne kaha …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… chalo kone mein milte hain…[lets meet in a corner]Saying this he began laughing loudly.

While Sanskaar just didn’t knew how to react, vedant made an angry face and vaibhav made a crying face.
Seeing vedant making such faces khelan turned hastily to run away from them but as soon as he turned he collided with swara…
Swara : [irritatedly] khellllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuu kya kar raha hai…[what are you doing].. tujhe maujhe pareshaan kiye bina chain nahi aata jya..[you don’t get peace without troubling me]While khelan just made faces listening her.
After sometime.
We can see a lot of girls surrounding Sanskaar as he was standing in the corridor.
All the girls were flirting with him, while even he was busy replying them back.
Swara who was passing from there saw him, she was shocked seeing him openly flirting with all of them.
Yes, she was open minded but still she didn’t like this flirting and all.
She did believe in love, but not flirting and all this useless things.
Just as she was about to leave her eyes caught sanskaar’s eyes and she looked at him with eyes full of pain and complains.
Sanskaar was confused seeing both the elements in her eyes.
Even she herself was confused that why did it hurt her to see him with other girls.
Sanskaar looked at her with his eyebrows raised in a ‘what’ expressions.
Swara just saw him with anger and disgust and went away from there.
Sanskaar generally didn’t mind anyone’s expressions or thoughts about him but seeing her angry with him he felt a pang of hurt in his heart.
His dark brown eyes turned a shade darker with hurt.
The whole day swara went ignoring him not understanding her own behaviour and Sanskaar examining her carefully.
How feisty she was, always ready to fight, her cute chubby cheeks which almost everyone of her friends would pull at least 2-3 times.
How she gave answers to the teacher’s questions confidently. How mischevious she was eventhough she didn’t look so…….
How she fighted with khelan for silly things, how cute she looked in the school uniform with 2 plaits……
Over all he slowly began admiring her without his own knowledge……

Precap : SWASAN………
Huff so guys I end here.. I know that there are no swasan moments in this epi but I wanted to show the friendship bond too so………

Am sorry if it didn’t reach upto your expectations and if it was boring. I promise that the next epi will be full of swasan moments…..

Do give your reviews….
Meet you all in the next part… till then bubye…..

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