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Fall again (episode 17) – Telly Updates


I am so sorry guys but had to learn for my exam in future also I am extremely sorry if I won’t be regular. I am also getting very less comments. Maybe many aren’t liking but never mind. Enjoy it.



Screen starts in Swasan room
Ran: Now tell me Princess.
Swa: Bhai I want you to give my shares in your company and my position to Rajveer Bhai.
Ran: What are you talking princess? That is your right?
Swa: But he is your brother. It’s his right.
Ran: No it is your right. Because of you we both are alive and on the right way.
Swa: But he is your brother.
Ran: And you are my sister.
Swa: Will you give him the shares?
Ran (angry): No I won’t.
Swa: Here is my resignation letter.

She gives him the paper. He tears the paper and she gets also angry.
Ran: Forget it.
He goes out angrily and she follows him.
Swa: Bhai you have to do it.
Everyone looks at them confused.

Ran: Remember I also have 50% right on the company.
Swa: I don’t care. If you won’t do what I want then I will ruin your company completely.
Ran: You won’t.
Swa: I will.
Ran: Swara if this is again one of your pranks than you will see the worst of me.
Swa: I am serious Bhai.
Ran: Rajveer let’s leave and Swara I will see you tomorrow in the office.
Swara goes to him and takes a paper which she she puts in his pocket.
Swa: Forget it.
Ansh: Ranveer, Doll what happened?
Ran: She has gone nuts.

They all were shocked as they never saw Ranveer angry on Swara.
Ran: Rajveer are you coming or not?
Rajveer just nods. They go after saying bye to everyone and slowly everyone leaves. Swara also went to her room without saying anything. All left the matter thinking it is a problem between siblings. Next morning everyone was having breakfast and the men left to office. Swara was busy in household work. After a while Swara took Parineeta to a side.
Pari: What happened Swara?
Swa: Bhabhi get ready and come with me.
Pari: Where?
Swa: Just come.

Parineeta and Swara gets ready and leave for somewhere. They arrive at a hospital.
Pari: Swara why are we at the hospital?
Swa: Bhabhi my friend wanna do some tests of you and maybe she will be able to start your treatment.
Pari: What are you talking about?
Swa: I know Bhabhi that you also want to become a complete woman.
Pari: But….
Swa: Please for me.

Pari: Okay.
Later they go inside and some tests of Parineeta were done and doctor informed that they can do the treatment. Afterwards they went home. They decided not to tell anyone about it. Soon the day also passes and it became evening. Swara hasn’t done any prank today. She was doing her work without talking much with anyone and the rest of time she was in her room. In the evening Ansh,Aditya, Arjun,Neil,Nikhil,Uttara and Rajveer came along with Sahil and all. Youngsters were sitting in hall that time. Even Swara was sitting there. They came and sat there.
Lak: Where is Ranveer?

Raj: Bhai didn’t wanted to come.
Ansh: Doll did something serious happen between you both?
Arj: He was quite angry today.
Swa: Then he should be. I don’t care. Until he won’t complete my wish I won’t talk to him.
Adi: I just can’t believe. Behind a wish you both have a this much big fight.
Ada: What did you asked him?
Swa: I just asked him to give my shares and position in his company to Rajveer Bhai. But he didn’t listened to me.
Raj: Swara why you asked him? I don’t want all that like this.
Swa: Because I wanted it.

Arj: That’s great. Now I can get a chance.
Swa: Ask your useless brother also to do something.
Ansh: So bad Arjun but Doll I don’t have any brother that means you are gonna work with me.
San: Salle sahab she can also work in our company.
Arj: I was first. She will work with me.

Ran(from entrance): She won’t work in any company of yours as she has to work in S&R ltd for at least 6 months.
Swa: Even I won’t. And what are you doing here? I thought you don’t want to come here!
Ran: Kiddo you have to work for 4 more months as the owner. And I didn’t wanted to come but just wanted to give you your contract. Read it well.
He gives her some papers. Swara reads it and gets angry while Ranveer smirks.
Swa: You can’t do this. I will ruin you completely.
Ran: You won’t and if you do so or won’t come to office tomorrow then I will send you to jail in case of fraud.
All are shocked on hearing their threatenings.

Swa: You can’t do anything like this.
Ran: Kiddo you don’t know my anger till now.
Swa: You also don’t my anger and stop calling me Kiddo. I am not your Kiddo.
Ran: I will. Kiddo, Kiddo, Kiddo.
Swara tears the contract.
Swa: I don’t believe in any contract.
Ran: I have many copies my Kiddo.
Swa: Go to hell.
Ran: Such nice prayers.

Swa: Only for you.
Ran: So nice of you Kiddo.
Swa: Mr. Ranveer Singh stop calling me Kiddo or..
Ran: What will you do dear Kiddo.
Swa: Go to jail after doing your murder.
Ran: Oh really then have fun.
Neil: OH MY GOD! Breaking news. The great Ranveer Singh and Swara Sanskar Maheshwari have a serious fight.

Ranveer and Swara glare him.
Ranveer,Swara(in unison): Shut up.
Sah: Swara we didn’t knew you can also become serious.
They start giggling.
Swa(angrily): You all also go to the hell.

Swara leaves to her room.
San: I think she is really serious.
Lak: I don’t know why but I think she took Maa words serious.
Rag: Even I think so. Today also she silently did whole work and the rest time she was in her room.
Nik: I have an idea to find it out.
Arj: Will you take years to tell it?
Nik: Look if we play a prank on her then she can do two things. Whether she will prank us back then everything is alright but if she won’t that means she took Maa serious.
Kavi: But what are we gonna do?
Lak: Simply drench her again.
San: Who is gonna drench that lioness?
Kar: She is your wife. You go.

San: I won’t. Nikhil you go.
Nik: Never. I don’t wanna die so soon. Laksh it’s your idea you go.
Lak: No ways. Ranveer she won’t say anything to you.
Ran: She will kill me and you are saying she won’t do anything. Rajveer you go.
Raj: Bhai she is already upset with you so you go na. Why do you want to make her upset with us also?
Ran: Rajveer I have a doubt. Are you my brother or enemy?
Raj: What I did?
Sah: Let’s go together.

Rag: I can’t believe you all are scared of her.
Arj: Right now she is a angry lioness. That’s why we are scared of her.
Kavy: Let’s do one thing. We girls will bring her outside and there you boys will drench her.
Kavi: That’s better.
The girls go to Swasan room and knock there. Swara opens the door.
Swa(without seeing): What is? (looks at them) You all here?
Man: Swara come with us!
Swa: Where?

Rag: Outside!
Swa: Why?
Kavy: Why are you asking this many questions?
Swa: Because I know the boys must have sent you.
Pari: Swara they didn’t sent us.
Soya: Come na please.

Swa: Okay fine.
They all together go in the garden. As soon Swara is outside they throw water on her which they filled in a bucket and they start laughing.
Swa: What the? Are you all mad? Can’t you see the water temperature?
Lak: Why was it to warm?
Swa: Langoor it was too cold?
Their laughter stops as she starts sneezing. They all surround her.
Swa: If I…(sneez) catch cold…(sneez) I won’t leave (sneez) you.
San: Oh god I think it’s too late.

Swa: Duffer.
Swara runs inside to change her clothes.
Rag: Can’t you all check the temperature?
Kavy: Leave it they all are good for nothing.
Kar: From where we should know she is this much sensitive.
Man: At least you should have took normal temperature of water.
Nik: It wasn’t this much cold.
Pari: I will go and check on her.

Parineeta goes to her room and the others also go in. Meanwhile Swara changed her clothes. Parineeta knocks on the door and Swara opens the door.
Swa: Bhabhi you?
Pari: I came to check whether you are alright!
Swa: I will come in some time downstairs.
Parineeta goes downstairs to the others.
Ada: Is she fine?
Pari: She said she will come in some time.

At that time Swara comes down. She sits near Ragini.
Swa: Bhabhi why you lied to me?
Pari: What I said?
Swa: You said the boys didn’t sent you!
Kavi: We came to call you because Kavya said it.
Swa: You all are gonna repent your mistake.

Lak: Swara we are 20 and you are alone.
Swa: I am alone able to compare you all. But you are only 17.
Raj: I think you forgot to count.
Swa: Ragini, Zain Bhai, Soya are you also with them?
Manrajlak: Why they shouldn’t?
Swa: I don’t mind. Just wait for the outing then I will show you what I can do. Guys let’s go in two days for one week.
Sah: Swara we are gonna plan a big outing for around 30 people. It’s not so easy.
Swa: We are 20 people to organise. And two days are enough. First we must decide a destination. After that nothing is difficult.
Ran: We can go to Hyderabad. It’s really nice there.

Raj: Bhai how do you know it?
Swa: He lived there for some months. Even I was thinking to go there.
Arj: We can live in your farmhouse. Right Doll?
Nik: Swara you have a farmhouse in Hyderabad?
Swa: Nikhil it’s not only mine it’s mine, Ranveer Bhai, Neil Bhai, Aditya Bhai, Ansh Bhai and Arjun Bhai.
Adi: It’s only yours.

Swa: Why do you need to discuss about everything? It’s our.
Ran: Princess it’s your gift.
San: Swara you never told that you have a farmhouse.
Swa: It’s actually that on my 18 birthday Bhai together gifted me the farmhouse. First I didn’t accepted but later we decided that it is our farmhouse. You know they always gift me something on every occasion.
Rag: Does Ma know about it?
Swa: Only Dida and we 6. Anyways let’s plan the outing. We will leave the day after tomorrow. We will go to Hyderabad with a bus. Means more family time.

Kavi: We will roam for one week with a bus?
Ansh: No we have many cars there.
Raj: Swara you continue.
Swa: There we will stay in the farmhouse. The rest we will plan there. One more important thing in this outing there are no rule. We are gonna enjoy fully and there is no limits of prank. You all against me.
Ran: Doll you know we all are prank masters.
Swa: Even I am not less.
Nik: We will see how you will compete us!
Swa: Will see.

Lak: By the way Swara wasn’t you angry with Ranveer?
Ranveer glares him.
Swa: You know I realised that we should keep professional and private life apart.
Ran: What a thought. Now you at least don’t have to go to the jail.
Swa : And you don’t have to kidnap me!
San: Why should he kidnap you?

Swa: If I won’t appear tomorrow then he will come and take me forcefully.
They talk for a while then everyone leaves. Next morning everyone was doing breakfast when Swara came from kitchen with a dish. She keeps it on the table. She was going to her seat when she felt unconscious.
San: Swara.
He runs to her. The other’s also surround them.
Screen freezes on unconscious Swara

Precap: Outing, Fun but one accident
Guess whose accident is gonna happen and what happened to Swara?
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