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@PART 16…

Anika, Meher, Gauri and Bhavya come inside the house after 20 minutes almost sticking together to each other.
Om: What happened to four of you? Why are you sticking to each other like fevicol.
Meher: Nothing Om just like that.
Everybody gives them alien looks.

Anika teasingly: Sahil aren’t you missing someone.
Sahil: No di.
Gauri: Apki Vo girlfriend ko bhi nahi.
(Not even your girlfriend.)
Sahil who is somewhere or other sure that if he says yes then all of them will tease him to hell so he covers up as he is genuinely missing Varinda but in order to escape teasing says casually: No no. Why will I miss her.
Bhavya: So how is she good or irritating.
Sahil following his same previous mantra says: She is okay at times she is irritating but fine I can manage her.
Sukanya: Oh ho mamu manage and all.
She giggles, how much ever he may try escaping someone will find a way to tease him.
Sahil: Not that way.
Atharv: We never mentioned the way.
Atharv and Sukanya share a hi-fi after winking at Sahil.
Sahil: Okay there is nothing like that. We are just normal and I am not missing her, she is irritating and why will I miss her. I am happy that she isn’t with me. I have some peace in my life.

While he is saying all this Sukanya’s eyes become thrice it’s size.

Sahil: What happened Suk?
Suk signals him via her eyes to look back but he doesn’t understand.
Sahil: What are you doing Suk?
Suk again signals him to look back.
Sahil: Chuck these actions Suk you look just like Varinda a complete cartoon.
Sukanya hits her head: If you didn’t look back and kept blabbering like this I don’t know about cartoon but you will definitely be a headline in tomorrow’s BBC & TRIBUNE.
Sahil gets a little uncomfortable and take aback by her words and in slow motion turns his face to see what’s at his back and the scene shocks him.

The four ladies have shifted two to one side and other two to other side making way for a cute angry girl whose anger is at ninth cloud and she is none other then “VARINDA RATHORE” and seeing her Sahil jumps on his seat and puts a hand on his mouth mentally cursing himself for whatever he said.

Sahil murmurs: I am dead. (Maar Gaye beta.)

Manik chuckles and says: All the best mamu today babes made your mamu (fooled you.)

Sahil makes a sad face giving he is dead expression to himself only.

Kids from back: REST IN PEACE MAMU.
Sukanya: PEACE OR PIECE. That mami will decide.
All chuckle.

Sahil gets up and goes to Varinda with puppy face.

Sahil: Baby…
Varinda turns her face angrily making Sahil even more nervous.

While on other side OmRu who are sitting on either side of Shivaay speak teasingly to him with a cheeky smile: BABY…
Shivaay glares the duo in pendulum motion.
Rudra continues: SHIVU BABY…
Shivaay gives him a deadly glare resulting in OmRu to burst in fits of laughter everyone glares them and Sahil curses them under his breath.
Sahil to Varinda: Baby listen…
Varinda: Shut up you idiot.

Abeer, OmRu chuckle at his condition and continue their teasing session with Shivaay by repeating the word “BABY”.

Anya: What is baby… Baby bade papa?
Anika who herd this grows imaginary horns on her head ??: Shivaay did you just say baby.
Shivaay bring irritated and confused just nods not paying even a single percent heed to her words.
Rudra adds fuel, petrol, diesel everything to fire: Yes Bhabhi he said Shivu baby is such a nice name.
Shivaay glares him.
Anika: What? Shivu… Baby…
She emphasises on the words.
Anika: When I use to call you billu ji you had so much problem but now this Shivu baby is okay for you. You like all the names given by your girlfriends but whenever I give you a name you hate them.
Shivaay: But…
Anika: Don’t give me your rubbish excuses. Your missing Tia and Nagini. Go and sit with them don’t show me your face.
Shivaay: But listen to me. When did I say all this.

Atharv: One sec guys who is Tia.
Rudra: Lady baba.
Advik: Who is lady baba?
Rudra: Shivaay Bhaiya’s ex-girlfriend.
All the kids widen their eyes.
Anya sarcastically: WOW bade papa you have may “X” in your life. Even more then algebras book.
Amanat: This was lame.
Anya give who cares look.
Shivaay who was super angry on Rudra decides to settle scores with him: Bhavya this Rudra was remembering Saumya and Rumi today in the morning and was crying taking their names.
Bhavya’s eyes shoot up at Rudra who gives a scary crow look.
Aditi: Now who are Saumya and Rumi?
Om giggling: Rudra’s most prominent X’s.
Kids roll their eyes at elders.
Rudra: O you are saying as if you didn’t remember Riddhima.
Om shoots deadly glare at him.
Kids being irritated: Now who is Riddhima?
ShivRu: Om’s X.
Kids pat their head.
Manik: Dad did you also had any X?
Shivaay: Ya Sasha.
Abeer glares Shivaay who passes a cheeky smile to him.
Meher questioningly: So you were reminded of Sasha.
Abeer making a puppy face nods in no.

Gauri: Omkara ji are you really missing Riddhima.
Om being scared nods in no.

Bhavya: Rudra I will put you behind the bars then keep calling your prominent and time pass X’s to get you nailed.
Rudra looks at her making puppy face.

Gauri: Ek jhaap me dewaar par saat jaye be if you even think about my saut.
Om: No Gauri it’s nothing like that I didn’t even think about them.

Meher: Sasha you were about to marry her years back now do one thing go to her only. I am leaving you from now on and Manik will be with me.
Abeer widens his eyes: No Meher I love only you and I don’t remember anyone accept you. You are the best all the rest are useless. Please Meher listen to me.

Varinda: Sahil this is your love for me that if I wasn’t with you then you will do this to me. I hate you Sahil.
Sahil: No Varinda I did this just to escape all the teasing and all I seriously missed you and I love you a lot. Please forgive me please Varinda.

Anika: I was away from you for so many years so you forgot me and now you have fleet of girlfriends. This is what we had in our relationship. I hate you bagad bille.
Shivaay: No Anika I have no one in my life accept for you. You are the best for me. Look I am interested in none else.

Bhavya: Rudra I thought you will understand my helplessness of staying away from my family for sometime as I am busy but you did this to me I can’t even imagine.
Rudra: No not at all Bhavya you are misunderstanding. I have stopped flirting with girls also only for you.

Manik: So sad our dads are in such a mess.
Sukanya: I pity them.
Atharv: Seriously…
Three of them look at each other and laugh: Loving to see them like this.
Advik: Sts.

Shivaay: Anika.
Abeer: Meher.
Om: Gauri.
Rudra: Bhavya.
Sahil: Varinda.

The boys take their respective partners name as the girls move ignoring them.

Anya: So sad daddies.
Aise bhade bhade deshon me aise choti choti bataain hoti rehti hain daddies…
(She mimics SRK’s famous dialogue.)

Shivaay: Phail Gaya raita.
Sahil: Now lets convince them.
Abeer: Otherwise she will leave me.
Rudra: She will make me do 200 push ups in a go.
Om: And mine one will make me sleep in balcony.

Shivaay and Sahil look at the three men who were expressing their miseries. Both look at each other giving weird looks.

Abeer gives his muft ka gyaan: Sahil look at our condition after marriage and your condition before marriage if you have some sense then change your decision.
Saying so he leaves.
Rudra: Right.
OmRu too leave.
Sahil: Really.
Shivaay shrugs his shoulder and leaves. Sahil too follows.

In afternoon Sukanya, Manik, Aditi, Krish and Naira leave for their competition and they are selected for the final round for both solo and duet performances that mean they will be part of TOP 6 who will compete after two weeks in the CHALLENGE ROUND.

Coach: Okay good job all of you so now it’s time to explain the challenge round to you guys.
All nod.
Coach: So let’s begin with the solo challenge Manik you have to do crumping, Sukanya you have to do hip hop and Aditi you have to perform classical.
Three of them together: WHAT?
Aditi: But that’s not our form.
Coach: But that’s the challenge and I have given you these forms as you are second best in these forms. Plus as you guts stay together for most of the time you will get lots of time to practice as well.
They nod with gloomy faces.
Coach: For the duet round the challenge is your partners will be changed.
Manik: Are you serious sir.
Coach nods: So your new partners are. Sukanya with you is… Just a second I will make you guys meet them. I will call them. Wait here.
They nod.
Coach comes back: So Sukanya your partner is Mr. Atharv Singh Oberoi.

Sukanya’s eyes become widen seeing her brother leaning to the wall and passing her a mischievous smile.
Coach: Manik your partner is Miss. Jenny Olivier. Aditi your partner is Mr. Sandesh Shikhawat and Rahul you will be accompanied by Miss. Riya Fernandez.
So this is for the challenge round. Now you all may leave and be here tomorrow on time for the group performance and I want you all to win.
All nod and they leave.
Sukanya: Bhai how come you here.
Atharv makes a thinking face: Ummm…
Sukanya: Stop your drama and answer me.
Atharv: This was the reason I came early doll. I was to participate in this competition as student of this school.
Sukanya: How come?
Atharv: My admission was finalised here and princi offered me the competition and I said yes.
Sukanya: So you choose me as your partner.
Atharv: No that’s luck.
Manik being irritated of Suk: Shut up Suk how many questions you will ask him in a day. Athu you know that Jenny right.
Atharv: Ya she has also shifted to India a few months back.
Manik: So what does she she like. Tell me about her.
Aditi hits him: Bro have you lost it. She is your dance partner.
Manik: So. What’s the problem I can do chance pe dance.
Krish: Btw she is beautiful.
Atharv laughs: She isn’t your types you will get to know that soon.
Sukanya: Why is she intelligent?
Manik: What do you mean Suk?
Sukanya: Because only stupid and brainless girls get trapped by you.
Manik: Hahaha hahaha… Very funny.
Sukanya: Then laugh.
Manik makes faces.

Atharv and Manik sneak in the room carefully. As soon as they enter Sukanya throws two sweatshirt at their faces.
Manik: What?
Sukanya: Wear this quickly we need to go.
Atharv: Think once again Suk.
Sukanya: Come on Athu stop being such a scary crow.
Atharv: You know I am not scared but this is wrong.
Sukanya: Doesn’t matter now hurry up.
Manik: But how are we getting out of here.
Sukanya: Come with me.

Sukanya switches on the lights and music in the room and draws all the curtains and closes the windows. All of them come out of the room. While Suk attaches a thread to the knob of the latch and from above the door brings the thread out, then she closes the door and from outside pulls the thread carefully making sure it doesn’t breaks, finally the latch gets closed and she turns the knob with the help of thread closing the door. Both Atharv and Manik glare her in shock.

Manik: Oye tun toh chor nikli.
(You are a thief.)
Sukanya: Bakwaas band kar aapni.
(Shut your mouth.)
Atharv: You know Suk anybody can get curious seeing this thread.

Sukanya gives him do I look so dumb look and then taking out a lighter she burns the thread.

Manik: You are definitely a criminal.
Sukanya hits him on his head and dramatically says: Ouch.
Sukanya: come on let’s go.

Three of them reach the back side of the corridor and from their they go downstairs and finally reach the backyard but Atharv pulls both of them back.

Manik: Aab tujhe kya hai.
(Now what’s your problem.)
Atharv: CCTV.
Sukanya: Don’t worry I have looped them.
Atharv looks shockingly at her: How many thefts have you committed till date.
Manik: So finally your tube light got on Athu.
Sukanya: Shut up guys let’s go.
Manik: That’s alright but how because at front door Khana would be standing with his BSF and won’t let us to go to Pakistan.
Sukanya: Not from front but back. We will climb this wall.
Both Atharv and Manik give each other “she is gone” look.
Atharv: Suk don’t you like two of us in one piece why do you want to do our three four pieces.
Sukanya: Bad time big brother. This isn’t time to crack your pj’s let’s go.
Manik: I am going inside.
Sukanya making puppy face: You will leave me alone to do this.
Manik: Sukanya mera kema kun banana chahti hai tun.
(Why do you want to make my keema.)
Sukanya: Please guys lets go.

After a little more buttering Sukanya convinces them and three of them climbing the wall reach the other side that is outside the mansion.

Atharv: Phew… Finally we are out.
Manik: Now where to go.
Sukanya: Ten minutes of walking distance we will reach hospital.
Manik: You could have called cab.
Sukanya: Saath me Teri baraat na mangvaun.
(Shan’t I bring huge gathering for you.)
Manik makes faces.
Manik: At least you could have called an auto.
Sukanya: Kun tera pairoon me zang laga hua hai ya, tun chal nahi sakta.
(Why do your feet have some problem.)
Manik: Ek toh tera saath chal raha hun uspar se tun mujhe hi suna rahi hai.
(Firstly I am coming with you and above that you are taunting me.)
Sukanya: Chal tun aab vapis ja.
(Fine you can leave then.)
Manik: Thik hai fir. Bye.
(Okay bye.)
Sukanya nods: Lakin tun andaar jaye Ga kaise.
(But how will you go inside.)
She says with raised eyebrows and smirk.
Atharv chuckles seeing Manik being caught up.
Atharv: Let’s walk.

They start walking after ten minutes they reach hospital.

Sukanya: Guys first let’s go to the record room.
Atharv: Can we walk in straight please.
Sukanya: Yes of course. Btw the record room is on 5th floor last room in the corridor. But we will have to enter without coming in anyone’s eyes and make sure no one should see us.
Boys nod and all of them pull the hoods on their heads.

Ward boy: What do you guys want?
Manik: Umm… We were searching for a doctor.
Ward boy: What’s your problem.
Manik: Nothing.
Sukanya hits him.
Atharv: Actually we want to meet the doctor because (Sukanya hits Manik’s leg making him shout in pain.) ya… His leg is paining a lot.
Ward boy: Fine then go to 5th floor first room you will find Dr. Mehta there.
They nod and leave.

Manik: Moti pagal hai tun.
(Hye fatso are you mad.)
Sukanya: Sorry sorry sorry…
Manik: I won’t leave you for all this.
Sukanya nods.

They go to the record room which is completely dark and Sukanya holds Atharv and Manik’s hand tightly.
Manik: Relax Suk.
Atharv: It’s okay doll we both are here.
Sukanya nods and composes herself.
Manik: Shall I switch on the torch.
Sukanya nods. As the torch is switched on they see many racks and cupboards filled with files.
Atharv: How are we going to search 15 years old file in this mess.
Manik: Relax Atharv generally old files are kept quite away and in a separate place and years are mentioned just search the year you will find the file.
Atharv: Okay then. Manik you search in left side, doll you search in the right and I will search in the middle.
Sukanya: Okay.
Manik: Will you be okay Suk.
Sukanya nods and moves towards right side.

While searching continuously for a while she doesn’t finds any file but as she turns to leave one file catches her attention the file is named “PINKY SINGH OBEROI”.
Sukanya to herself: Pinky aunty’s file this is such an old one. Let me see.
She takes the file and opens it but with in two minutes Atharv and Manik come to her with Anika’s file.
Manik: Here you go this is babes file.
Sukanya takes it and opens to read but to their bad luck somebody opens the door of record room as they had heard some hustle and bustle.
Atharv: Shit now what.
Sukanya: You both take these files and leave I will distract them.
Atharv stopping: Her have you lost it you aren’t doing any such thing.
Sukanya: Please bhai don’t back off after coming so far you both go from that window till I distract these people. Take these files and leave please. Go.
Both Manik and Atharv look at each other and Manik nods.
Manik: Take care Suk.
Suk nods and both leave towards the window.

Guard: Who is there come out?

Suk takes a random file from the rack and holding it runs towards the door with her face completely covered. She pushes the guard and runs out.


Haan..mitté paan di gillori
Latta suit da lahhori
Hatté maar di fillori

Jugni mél mél ké
Kud phand ké
Chak chakoté jaavé

Maula téra maali yun
Hariyali junglé wali
Tu dé har gali pé taali
Uski kadam kadam rakhwaali
She runs throughout the corridor and then runs down the staircase as fast as possible but on 2nd from other side of the corridor the guards also start coming.

Ainvé lokh laajj ki soch soch ké
Kyon héi aafath taali
Tu lé nam rab ka, naam sai ka
Ali ali ali ali
Nam rab ka, nam sai ka
Ali ali ali ali

Zarf khuda ka, sharf khuda ka
Ali ali ali ali..
Zarf khuda ka, sharf khuda ka
Ali ali ali ali
Ali ho ali ho
Chali oh ré chali chali, chali o
She runs inside a ward and climbing from one patient’s bed to other she jumps and reaches the end of the ward and runs out to reach the main door.

Ali Ali téri gali
Wo toh chali
Ali Ali
Téri gali chali oh

Oh jugni oh patakha Guddi oh
Nashé main udé jayé ré hayé ré
Sajé kabbé dabbé killi oh
Pataka Guddi oh
Nashé méin ud jayé ré hayé ré
Sajjé kabbé dabbé kili oh
She reaches in front of the temple and prays for a second and then looks at both the sides and guards surround her she jumps from her place and rolls at one side while the guards collapse among themselves. On reaching at the side she again runs but as on the main door guards would be present she goes to back side.
Maula térra mali yun
Hariyali junglé wali
Tu dé har gali pé taali
Uski kadam kadam rakhwali
Ainvé lok laj ki soch soch ké
Kyon héi aafath taali
Tu lé nam rab ka, nam sai ka
Ali ali ali ali
Nam rab ka, naam sai ka
Ali ali ali ali

Mainé toh térré térré utté chadiyan doriyan
Mainé to térré térré utté chadiyan doriyan

Mainé toh téré téré utté chadiyaan doriyan
Mainé toh téré téré utté chadiyaan doriyan

A women holds her tightly but this jungle billi (cat) bites the hand of women and the women shouts. Sukanya climbs the wall but a guard holds her jacket and she falls down. The guard tries holding her but she punches him and hits him with her elbow and pushes the guard away and climbing the wall reaches the other side.

Tuh to pak rab ka banka baccha, raj dulara tu hi
Pak rab ka banka bacha, usska pyara tu hi
Malik né jo chinta di to, dur karéga wohi
Nam ali ka léké tu to, naach lé gali gali
Lé nam ali ali
Naach lé gali gali, lé naam ali ali..
Naach lé gali gali, lé naam ali ali

Ali oh.. ali oh.. ali oh oh

Tu lé naam rub ka, naam sai ka
Ali ali ali ali
Naam rub ka, nam Sai ka
Ali ali ali ali

Oooh, oooh

Jugni ruk bi pardha hoyi
Jis nu poojé taa har koyi
Jisdi phasal kissé na boyi
Ghar vi rakh saké na koyi

Rastha naap rahi marjani
Bhatti baarish da hai paani
Jab nazdéék jahan dé aani
Jugni maili si ho jaani
She reaches outside and guards run behind her but before that Manik and Atharv come with an auto and pull Sukanya in and they make an escape from there three of them huffing in fear and tiredness and smiling for their victory.

Tulé nam rub da ali ali
Chal khallé ran chali
Nam rab da ali ali
Har darwaza ali
Tulé nam rub da ali ali
Chal khallé ran chali
Nam rab da ali ali
Har darwaza ali

Manik: Are you okay Suk.
Sukanya: Ya.
Atharv smiling: This was fun isn’t it.
Both Manik and Suk look at him seriously and he gives a “what” look and finally three of them burst out laughing.

To be continued…

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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