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Kasam 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in. Kasam 19 June 2017 Written Episode Update.

Tanuja catch Abhishek flirting with a girl. He poses innocent as girls are flat after him. He gets a call from his manager, he says it’s interesting for him to hear about Rishi Singh Bedi and asks for more information about him. He throws the cell phone towards Tanuja and goes to take shower.

There, Manpreet appreciates Rishi as the best dad who had brought Tanya back from school. They get to lunch. Naitra takes the file from Rishi as no work at home, he sends Naitra with a request of a sauce and takes advantage of reading the file. It was Abhishek’s file, he discuss with Manpreet that he must give a warning call to Abhishek Khorana. He dials the number.

There, Tanuja calls Abhishek in the washroom. He tells Tanuja to pick up the call, it might be important. Tanuja and Rishi were shocked to hear each other’s voice, Tanuja doesn’t reply any further. She trembles after the call. Abhishek comes to hand her a glass of water. There, Manpreet asks Rishi what it was about. Rishi says it seems it was Tanuja, but how can she be there. Manpreet tells him to call again.

The phone bell rings again in Tanuja’s hand. Abhishek takes the call and scolds the manager badly. Tanuja says it wasn’t the manager, she asks him to apologize and leaves the room. Abhishek apologizes to show to Tanuja but scolds manager later. The manager tells him to come to office soon.

Naitra calls Rishi and Manpreet for lunch, Rishi leaves saying he isn’t hungry. There, Tanuja cries remembering Rishi. In the room, Rishi smiles thinking about Tanuja.
Tanuja says she wish it was him on phone, she wish she could speak to him on phone for once. She then thinks about him with Naitra in bed, gets enraged and forbids herself for any such wish. Rishi thinks about Tanuja’s hatred for him in their last meeting, he ceases smiling and says it was nothing, there is no love and even there was any, and he would end it right away.

Rishi calls Abhishek. Abhishek answers the call, he says its good Rishi called. Rishi offers Abhishek for an offer, he bought 20% shares of his company. He says if two lions fight in the forest, it brings destruction. It would be better for him to collaborate. Abhishek says there is only a single lion in the forest, he offers Rishi to be his MD after he takes over all the companies of Rishi.

Rishi laughs saying he knew collaboration needs a mind that Abhishek might not have, he will soon get a news from Bedi Industries but Rishi Singh Bedi would never meet him. Abhishek takes it a challenge and says he must reply Rishi now, he will now make Rishi’s file. Rishi was determined not to spare Abhishek. Rishi calls his manager and tells him to make purchases and begin with 25%. He wonders why he thought it was Tanuja earlier. He tries not to think about her and turns the television on, he visualizes himself with Tanuja in a similar romantic sequence as was being played. He thinks it has been 7 years, she isn’t there, she forbid him to look for her.

Naitra brings milk for Rishi and asks him to drink it for her sake. She notices Rishi was upset. He forbids her to become his wife, as she is only his wife in the eyes of the world. Naitra leaves apologetic. Rishi apologizes her for being rude.

He says it’s been 7 years but he can’t forget her, she is nowhere in his world but is there in the heart. He asks her for some time to let go of her from his mind and heart. Naitra allows him all the time, she named her whole life after him. She will wait for the place and position in his heart. Rishi thinks he is doing wrong with her.

PRECAP: Tanuja decides to go to Mumbai. She says she won’t care if she confronts Rishi, because her feelings for him have died.

Update Credit to: Sona

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