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You have to live without me( prologue)

#Prologue ( You have to live without me)

A boy sadly sitting in a dark corner, some rays flashes on his face. His face immersed with sadness and pain. He opened his eyes with difficulty and looked in whole room.
Whole room is messy, he stood up holding wall and went near window.
There was brightness everywhere, birds were chirping and some children were playing. Whole surrounding was filled with happiness. He turned toward his room which is yet filled with darkness which is saying his own story, like his room his life is also filled with darkness. Unlike outside there was no happiness in his room as well as in his life.
He closed the curtain and went from there. He was walking with support of walls, he stumbled due to stool which was lying on floor. Before he could fall two hands hold him. He smiled seeing that person but his smile soon faded away realising truth,no one was there expect him. He was already on floor, still not feeling any pain. That pain was nothing as compared to biggest pain which life had given him or yet giving him. His gaze fell on dairy.
” Diary, whose dairy is this” boy said to himself
He open it and become tearful seeing his name on it, which is beautifully written by someone.
” Sanskar, My sanskar, My life”
Which was written in bold letters.


He closes the dairy and some things flashes in his mind which makes him happy. He again open same dairy and started to turn pages, his gaze fell on some words.
That was not any mere that was wishlist of someone. Someone who is very special to him, who is his source of living, or who was light of his dark life. He started to read wishes of that person.
1. I want to give someone their smile back who had lost their smile.
2. I want to show someone correct path or I should say I want to make him/her human.
3. Umm what third let me first fullfill these 2 wishes then I will think about third one.
He smiled seeing those wishes.
” Jaan, how much you’re childish and crazy. But only due to my foolishness you’re not with me. Everyone says you had died but I know till my heart is beating you can’t leave me” sanskar said himself and started to read dairy or I should say started reminse his love which give him new hope of living. He lost himself in a beautiful journey of his life which was reason of his happiness.

Note: this is not any revenge, betrayal or misunderstanding story. This is full a love story, for further story you have to wait till my exams get over. Till then think who is sanskar’s Jann? And where is she? Is she alive or as people say she died?
As usual this is sudden idea as usual I can’t able to stop myself from writing it. Hope you like it. Should I continue or not????????
Well I only continue if I get good response or I will forget this story also as I already forgetten my previous storyline due to exams pressure ???????
Credit : To me only yr, expect me who can write such boring things……..

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