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You are the best thing ever happened to me (RagSan Few Shots) sneak peek

Hi guys! I’m totally messed up with ragsan broken souls. It may take time to update. Till then I am giving you few shots on ragsan. Enjoy! Have Fun!



I was listening to the songs in my headphones and enjoying crazily in my boring flight trip. All are giving me weird looks and I ignored everyone as nothing happened. Life is full of mystery and suspense but you know I hate suspense. I am crazy modern girl who enjoys life to the fullest and a big devil who never let anyone live peacefully. I’m master in finding faults in everyone. Okay I forgot to introduce myself I’m Ragini Gadodia the only child of shekhar and janki Gadodia. Papa’s princess and mama’s doll.

On other side,

Two boys are sleeping in the bed. One boy is snoring and his leg is on another boy’s face. Alarm starts ringing and the second boy fell down the bed with a bang. ‘Ouch you idiot why you pushed me! The second boy said. ‘So what? Ha it’s your fault you fell down you could be more careful mr boring you talk big words and listening an alarm’s sound you fell down. I’m laksh maheshwari the coolest boy you ever saw! The first boy said. ‘Hey! You coolest? In your wildest dreams yuck! The second boy said. ‘Oh so you are coolest ? Mr Jobless/mr boring ! The first boy said. ‘Haw you call me jobless how dare you! I am Sanskar maheshwari the most successful businessman who is not scared of anyone! The second boy said throwing pillow on him. They both had pillow fight and the room was in a mess! Sujatha came there and saw the room with wide eyes ‘hey Bhagwan! Tum dono chore ne kamre ka kya halat bana diya! Sujatha said. ‘Chachi/Mom don’t worry we will clean the room! The both said unison. Sujatha left from there giving up. They cleaned the mess.

To be continued*******

So guy’s how was it? It is was just small sneak peek. From next episode I will give long episodes next one will be on Saturday.

Hopefully you liked it ????
Love ❤️
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