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Yeh Vaada Raha 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1


Khushi and Abeer are in shower. Abeer comes close to kiss her. Khushi shoves him and runs. Abeer says I think I am in love.

Kartik says you keep your shadow away from my family. Tai says nothing can keep you away from me. Either you the end today or mine. I was so used to living a lavish life style. I couldn’t forget that in 15 years in jail. I could wait to be back to my comfy life. Kartik says you are so greedy. Tai says yes I am greedy. I was greedy for my kids and they died because of you. You have to pay back for it.

Khushi wears the dress. She can’t zip the back. Abeer comes close and zips her back. He caresses her back. Abeer hugs her from back and kisses her face. Khushi kisses her hand.
Kartik says what pay back? Tai says I will remind you. 35 years ago you promised me something. The day bhao died you promised me before your family you will keep me and my kids. You didn’t fulfill you promise and this is all because of that. Kartik says I don’t remember anything ou go from here. Tai hits on Kartik’s head with an axe.

The song ‘sab tera’ plays in background. Abeer comes close to Khushi. They both sit on the table abeer has planned a date. Abeer says this is all could cook. Khushi says I love noodles. He says champagne. Abeer pours champagne for them. Abeer says cheers to our future. They both eat noodles. Abeer makes Khushi eat. Abeer says nice, whats in dessert? He says what could be a better dessert than me?
Tai looks at survi’s photo. Tai hits her photo and recalls when Survi died. Tai says you didn’t change. I feel like you will come out of photo and stop me from doing all this. I had so much fun fighting with you. Its no fun fighting with this mental. I made him this way. no one can stop me now. Your daughter can’t stop me. I will talk to her face to face. Kids have to pay for what their parents do. Now see how I make you daughter suffer and end her story.

Scene 2

Abeer holds Khushi’s han.d The song ‘tere bina’ plays. He caresses her face. He shoves Khushi in bed and takes off his coat. Abeer kisses her forehead. Abeer fondles her back. He holds her hand. Khushi hugs him.

Kamini and Tai arrive outside. Kamini says this is your house. Tai laughs and says my fate. I came back to this place. Kamini says if someone sees you there would be problem. Tai says I do everything up front. I don’t need to be scared. This house is mine.
I remember every brick of this house. I know what to do inside. She goes in with her thugs.
Tai breaks the gate and goes in.. Guard says what are you doing? Her thugs hold the guard. Kamini says wow. Tai moves towards the house.

Khushi says abeer I wish there are happiness in our house always like this. He says I won’t let anything happen. I would be there for you. She says we have to fix this before papa comes. Khushi says did you ask papa not to come home? Abeer says why would I? I just asked him to come bit late. She says what would papa be thinking of me. don’t talk. He says come on listen to me, Khushi sees out and says abeer someone is here. He says I know you are lying and you want to beat me. Khushi says no come here. Abeer says no one is here. Khushi says I saw someone. He says you must be imagining. lets’ go freshen up. No one is here. tai shouts hey Khushi.

Scene 3
kamini and tai come in. Kamini says I am very scared. Tai says I am experienced don’t worry. Tai says are they celebrating honeymoon here? We disturbed the love birds. Tai says Khushi come out. Have I disturbed you. Why are you not answering. Look who is here to meet you, you tai. Come I wanna meet you. Khushi says abeer please don’t go. He says what happened? Khushi says she is my enemy. She killed everyone. Please don’t go. Abeer says don’t worry. I am going. I will see her. You sit here. Tai says Khushi are you playing hide and seek? Abeer says I am coming. Relax. Don’t panic. You sit here. Tai says your son is out of your hands. Survi did the same magic on kartik. he did good decoration. He has good taste. Kamini says she has done not abeer.
Abeer comes and says mom what is all this? ANd who is this woman. Kamini says what is all this? You started your relation with khushi? Abeer says what is all this? Tai says I will tell you. tai says touch my feet. Okay I will give you blessings. Kamini get him married again soon. He will miss Khushi.

Tai says if survi comes in front of me again i will kill her again. I will cut her into pieces. Khushi says tai..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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