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Yeh Vaada Raha 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Tai says whom did you show this hand? I am your relative. Meet me. She hugs her. Kamini coughs. Kamini says give me water driver. Tai says how I wanted to see Khushi how she looks now. Does she look good? Why are you here? Suddenly you wanted to meet relatives of you daughter in law? Tai says so you don’t like Khushi? Kamini says what else am I here for? Kamini says get home and get fresh. Tai says I am ready I got time to take a bath. Kamini says let’s go home. Tai says i want that first? Drink. Complete bottle. Kamini says let’s go. Tai says lets go to the bar. Kamini says I will get you what you want. I won’t go there. Tai says okay ask your driver to bring 2 bottles and it should be good one or I will through it. Also bring spicy dish for me. Kamini says let’s go hojme first. Tai says good bye jail.


Khushi is in temple. She says thank you God for all these happiness. I may not even deserve this. Give me enough power to fight all the power that enter this house. Like mama lost her life saving this house. Same way I save the base of this house from all evil eyes.
Tai says welcome to Kamini. Kamini says you should say thank you. Tai says I was sick of listening to your story for three hours. I have nothing to do with it. Kamini says I am giving you work and you are saying this. Tai says what you think I am? Contract killer? You will ask me to kill Khushi and I will? What has she done to me? I have been in jail for 15 years you wanna send me back there. If I do your work what will you give me? Kamini says I have some money. Tai says you don’t even have an answer for me. I don’t wanna innvolve in criminal case again. I will live this life peacefully now. I don’t wanna fight or kill anyone. I was in jail alone for 15 years. No one came to meet me. Why would someone? They all died. I don’t wanna do all this. I have problem from that Khushi too.

Khushi calls Abeer but he is cutting. Karitk says come have tea. Khushi says I have to go home. Kartik says no you sit here and have tea. I just came to check on you. Kartik says that tap in kitchen is leaking. Khushi says I will check. He smiles.
Tai says that night that Khushi and Kartik were safe. and Who died? My kids. and Kartik was taken care by Khushi. She promised Survi. Kartik is alive because of that Khushi. I did everything to control your Kartik but it didn’t work. My relation withhim is old, Whatever happened in my life was because of Kartik. The day my husband died because of survi’s father. I decided I will kill Survi and I did. but that Kartik never fulfilled his promise.

Khushi says tap is fine it’s not leaking. He says weird. Kartik says my TV isn’t showing Zee tv. Khushi opens and says its here. KArtik says all this stuff is scared of you. It fixes on its own. Khushi says what are you hiding? Karitk says sit here. Tell me how is everything? Abeer takes care for you? Khushi says everyone loves me there. I am very happy. Kartik says tell me when you need something. Khushi says are you hiding something? Abeer calls Khushi and says come home. She says you asked me to meet papa. He looks worried or maybe hiding something. I will come. Khushi says now tell me papa what is wrong? She reads Abeer’s text on Karti’s phone and it says thank you papa love you. You kept khushi there. I am prepared now. Khsuhi says what is it? Kartik says abeer wanted to surprise you.
Khushi comes home and flower falls on her. She reads a car, my love is true come upstairs you will find another surprise. SHe finds another card saying I like you in every color. She sees dress on bed with a card that says change and get fresh so your anger goes away.

Tai says even if I kill Khushi what will you give me? Kamini says I understand what happened with you. I can’t give you anything right now. But once Khushi is gone I will get my son back. Whatever I get I will give it to you. Tai says do you think I am fool? I won’t work for hopes. Kamini says you have animosity for her as well and so do I. Tai says I need money to live though. Kamini says you will get that. Tai says from where? You have nothing. You told me your husband gave you jewelry when you got married, give me that. Tai drinks and says I got an idea. It is because of this desi drink. You should drink too. Kamini says I don’t drink this. Tai says it will get your brain working too.

Scene 2
Door knocks, Kartik opens and says Khushi you.. Its Tai. Kartik is dazed. Tai says so Kartik how are you? Did you miss me? THe house is nice. Kartik sits in shock. Tai says you shouldn’t fall in this age. Are you scared to see me? Your tai is here to meet you Kartik recalls the accident and survi dying. Tai says does my face reminds me of your wife’s death. She has two thugs with her. Tai says I killed his wife. I spent 15 years in jail for that. Now even police forgave me. Why are you staring me? won’t you touch my feet and take my blessings? Is this what I taught you? You are like a son to me. So I will come to you. She comes near him and kartik shoves her. Kartik says I don’t need your blessings go from here. You stay away from my family.

Precap-Abeer and Khushi are out in rain. Abeer comes close to her and caresses her face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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